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Chapter 6

Two weeks had passed since that conversation in the Navy Yard parking lot and the things were still awkward between Tony and Ziva.

Of course, if they had tried talking about the subject the following day or sometime during the week, then they wouldn't be uncomfortable around each other the entire time. But neither of them showed any signs of interest on the matter. Though they should.

The team had had two cases during those two weeks and it wasn't pretty to investigate and follow leads with the married couple glancing at each other every five minutes but never meeting the other person's eyes.

McGee and Abby obviously, and quickly, noticed the situation and, even though they didn't completely understood why their co-workers were acting so cold and uninterested in everything that wasn't case related, they tried to make Tony and Ziva talk a bit more and smile more frequently. Why? Because they didn't like seeing their friends like that; and what could be the main reason that crossed their minds: Gibbs was, definitely, noticing.

And how could he not do it? The whole building knew by now that something was going on between two members of Gibbs' team.

Tony just threw his movie references and jokes at McGee or someone passing by once in a while. That was not normal at all. DiNozzo Jr. always had a joke under his sleeve but no, not this absent Tony.

Another thing that caught people's attention was the fact that Ziva was barely taking, and snapped at almost everyone. Yes, everybody knew she wasn't as chatter as her unwanted husband, Abby, or Ducky, but the change on her attitude was acknowledged by everyone.

It was two weeks and five days later after the conversation that made Tony and Ziva so strange, that Abby decided that it was enough.

The goth called the two persons causing the awkwardness in NCIS down to her lab and then hid behind the door that lead to the staircase while they arrived.

Not one minute after she hid, the elevator's doors opened and the two agents walked out of it.

"What would Abby want?" Ziva inquired, making sure she wasn't too close to Tony.

"With Abby you never know" Tony attempted to say nonchalantly but the worried tone on his voice was noticed by the forensic scientist.

"Yes, she is unpredictable, but not that much" she responded and entered the lab.

"Abby? Where are you?" Tony called and went to check the back of the room.

Abby rapidly got out of her hiding place and stood at the doorway, the remote that controlled her lab in hand "I'm right here" she said and smirked. "Now, I, well, the whole place knows that something's up with you two so you will not leave this room until your problem is sorted out"

"What?" they both asked.

"You heard me"

"Abby, please" Ziva said and took one step toward her friend.

"Nope. You two need to talk" the goth replied and with one click on her remote the door closed, leaving husband and wife trapped inside.

"Awesome" Tony said sarcastically and ran his fingers through his hair.

"What? You think I want to be here?" Ziva snapped at him and sat down on the floor.

"Whoa, don't take it out on me" he responded.

"I'm not"

"Sure" DiNozzo said and let himself slid down the wall, facing her.

Silence invaded the room for a few minutes in which Tony occupied himself by hitting his shoe with two of his fingers, as if they were drum sticks.

"So…" Ziva began.

"So maybe we should call Abby and ask her to let us out so you can go home and rest. Good idea, Ziva" he interrupted and pulled out his cell phone.

"That was not what I was going to say" she complained.

"So, what? You were going to tell that we should talk about what Abby expects us to be talking about but we're not actually doing it because someone decided to go and not feel 'well'?" he snapped at her.

Ziva frowned and sat up "Why are you angry? It is not my fault that we are here!" It's yours for not saying the right thing a couple of weeks ago, she completed in her head. And it was, partly, true.

"I know!" Tony replied and stood up, Ziva following afterwards.

"The why are you acting like this? You are the one who -" she cut herself in middle of the sentence. He's the one that's indecisive about his feelings? Did that mean that she felt something for him? Loved him?

"What?" he asked, stepping closer and looking down at her, their noses inches away.

Ziva focused on his green, beautiful, eyes for a moment before letting out the words "..doesn't know if you love me".

Tony sighed. She was so wrong. Of course, he knew how he felt; he'd known since that day when they were heading home from Las Vegas, when he got that flashback, when he saw how happy he was, even drunk, with her.

But, it was different; different than when he was with Jeanne. Ziva was difficult to approach; yes, she'd let her guard down more often but, when she was with him she would lift some of those guards, and he wasn't sure why. But he was sure that he loved her.

So there he was, standing right in front of her, wondering if he should do it, tell her the truth. He had to choose, it was now or maybe never. "I… you're wrong, Ziva. You couldn't be more wrong"

She looked at him in disbelief "What does that mean?"

"That I do… love you" he answered and leaned in to meet her soft lips. He felt her smile as she finished processing the words and put her arms around his neck, responding to his sweet kiss.

Right outside the door, with her ear pressed to it trying to hear something and McGee on her cell phone, was Abby. "Tim, I'm telling you, they stopped yelling! What if one of them is killing the other and I'm right here doing nothing?" she whispered.

"Or maybe they're solving their problem, Abbs. It might be important, you can't go in there" McGee replied.

"Alright, I won't but if that door does not open on the next five minutes- oh, hey guys, I was just coming to… see... if you had…umm. Are you fine now?" she said as the door opened to reveal a smiling Tony and a giggling Ziva.

"What?" McGee's voice was heard and Abby shut her phone.

"Yeah, Abbs, we're good. More than good" Tony said, lightly touching Ziva's hand.

The forensic analyst grinned and rushed to hug them both "Yay! I'm glad 'cuz I was getting tired of that boring and awkward mood!"

The couple chuckled at her but their grins faded when they heard a voice that could only belong to a certain Special Agent in Charge.

"Yeah, I was getting tired of that too"

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