A/N: Leafpool doesn't have a mate in this songfic, but Crowfeather is still with Nightcloud. *shudders and makes a face at Nightcloud* The song is "The Night Will Only Know" by Garth Brooks. (And, yes, I am a fan.)

Disclaimer: Don't own Warriors. Sorry. If I did, Leafpool and Crowfeather would still be together.

That night will live forever
Their first time to lie together
THey were finally where desire dared them to go
Both belonging to another
But longing to be lovers
Promising each other that the night will only know

Leafpool rose from her nest in the warriors' den, careful not to wake any of the warriors, and crept out of the den. She hugged the shadows on the edge of camp until she found the secret escape route. The light brown tabby she-cat made her way up it easily, and raced for the WindClan border. With any luck, the cat she was hoping to meet would be there soon.

Near the WindClan -- ThunderClan border, a dark gray tom crouched in the shadows, his blue eyes searching the undergrowth on the other side of the stream for the cat he loved--even more than Feathertail. Suddenly the bushes rustled and Leafpool stepped out. The moonlight shone on her white chest and paws, turning them to silver flame, and her amber eyes shone in the cold light. Crowfeather thought she had never looked more beautiful. He splashed through the border stream, water droplets spinning away from his fur as he pulled himself out on the other side. The dark gray tom pressed his muzzle into Leafpool's light brown fur, purring. Leafpool purred back and started winding her self around him.

Parked on some old backstreet
They laid down in the back seat
And fell into the fire down below

But they would pay for their decieving
For a deadly web was weaving
Why they picked that spot that evening
Lord, the night will only know

Well within the innuendos
Just outside the steamy windows
The night was shattered by a woman's scream
Motionless and frightened
The grip of fate had tightened
And with trembling hands they wiped away the steam

Leafpool and Crowfeather were sharing tongues. The quiet of the night was broken by a yowl of fear. The two cats leaped to their paws, pressing their pelts close together. Trembling, they peered out of the foilage where they were hiding.

They saw a woman pleading
Stumbling, begging, and retreating
'Til she became the victim of her foe
They watched her fall in silence
To save their own alliance
But the reason for the violence
Just the night will only know

They saw a she-cat pleading, stumbling, begging and running away as she tried to escape from something the lovers couldn't see. Then they saw a black shape leap from the shadows. The she-cat fell and they didn't move, hoping the creature wouldn't see that they were there.

"We'd better go," Crowfeather mewed softly in Leafpool's ear. She agreed, and they slunk away to thir camps. Tomorrow night was the Gathering, so Onestar and Firestar could report it then.

Every paper ran the story
She was stripped of all her glory
And they told exactly how the woman died
Abandoned and forsaken
Too many pills were taken
And they ruled the woman's death a suicide

The next night, Leafpool jumped down from the tree-bridge and made her way over to Crowfeather, who was a few fox-lengths away. Without speaking, they headed for the clearing where the Clans held Gatherings. The Clan leaders, Blackstar of ShadowClan, Onestar of WindClan, Firestar of ThunderClan, and Mistystar of RiverClan were already in the Great Oak. Cats from all four Clans mingled together, sharing Clan news and exchanging gossip.

Suddenly a yowl rippled through the clearing: "We gather beneath Silverpelt. . ." In other words, the Gathering was starting. Blackstar, the leader of ShadowClan--a large white tom with huge, jet-black paws--was speaking.

"ShadowClan will go first," he meowed. "Prey is plentiful, and we have little to report." He sat down and motioned with a flick of his tail for Mistystar to speak.

"RiverClan is well. We have a new litter of kits born to Duskfur. The apprentice Mossypaw has recieved her warrior name of Mossypelt."

"Mossypelt! Mossypelt!" the Clans cheered. Mistystar sat down and motioned for Firestar to go next. The flame-colored tom mewed, "ThunderClan has little to report," and sat down. Onestar went next.

"We found Swallowtail dead on the ThunderClan border!" he announced, staring at Firestar with his hackles up. The ThunderClan leader bristled.

"We had nothing to do with your warrior!" he spat. "Don't even try to accuse us of murdering Swallowtail."

"He didn't," Ashfoot mewed, looking up at Firestar from where she sat at the base of the Great Oak.

Crowfeather and Leafpool glanced at each other and quietly slipped away.

"How did your warrior die?" Mistystar asked.

"It looked like she fell over something and broke her neck."

Blackstar shuddered, then meowed, "Well, this Gathering is over."

And on that happy note, he leaped down and began calling his cats over to him. The other Clan leaders did the same

"Crowfeather, what are we going to do?" Leafpool asked once they sheltered in some bushes on the edge of the island. No cat would overhear them there.

"I don't know, Leafpool," Crowfeather meowed. "I don't know."

Leafpool pressed her muzzle into his dark fur, reassuring him. "I'd better go," she murmured. She stood up to go. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yeah, sure."

Leafpool vanished into the bushes, leaving Crowfeather staring after her for a few heartbeats, then he went to join his Clan.

Bound by their behavior
They could have been her savior
Now guilt becomes the endless debt they owe
But another crime was committed
Though it's never been admitted
Have the guilty been acquitted
Lord, the night will only know