Chapter 3

Crowfeather quickly drew back from Leafpool, sucking in his breath with a hiss. "Leafpool, we have to go. Now."

"Why?" Puzzlement lit her amber eyes.

"Firestar—" That was as far as the WindClan warrior got before a snarl came from the undergrowth behind Leafpool. Green eyes pierced the shadows, and Crowfeather knew what it was like to be prey under a hunter's claws. StarClan help me!

Leafpool gasped and whirled around, claws unsheathed, as the ThunderClan leader emerged from the bushes on her six. "What are you doing here?"

His flame-colored coat gleamed in the half-light. "What do you think?"

She didn't have an answer. Crowfeather, pelt bristling, took a step forward. "You killed Swallowtail, didn't you?" he accused.

Firestar's tail-tip twitched and his brilliant green eyes narrowed. "I mistook her for you. However . . ." His teeth bared in a snarl, the ginger tom leapt without warning, aiming for Crowfeather. The dark gray tom sidestepped, raking his claws down Firestar's side as he landed, skidding on the forest leaves.

"Why did you kill her—besides a case of mistaken identity?" Crowfeather demanded, pouncing on Leafpool's father.

Firestar rolled, crushing the WindClan cat underneath him, and scrabbled to his paws, watching the tom in front of him struggle to stand upright. "Can't you guess?"

Leafpool spoke up, but it was only to screech, "What did you think you were doing? You're not Tigerstar!" Her voice softened and became scathing as she went on, "I can guess. You were trying to stop me from seeing Crowfeather by killing him—or rather, Swallowtail, since you mistook her for him."

Firestar hardly noticed when Crowfeather left a v-shaped nick in his ear, so much like the scar he'd given Longtail when he first joined the Clan. "They're both dark gray and WindClan. It was an easy mistake to make."

The WindClan warrior's blue eyes narrowed. "How about we make a deal: You leave us alone and we'll forget this ever happened."

"Not bloody likely," Leafpool muttered under her breath.

Her father didn't appear to have heard her. Finally, he meowed, "Deal. Just watch your step, Crowfeather." The warning was clear, as the dark gray tom told him. When Firestar was covered by the thick foliage, the WindClan cat sighed with relief and pressed up against Leafpool, rasping his tongue over her ear. "Thank StarClan that's over."

"Are you going to tell Onestar?" she asked. "He deserves to know, and so do your Clanmates."

He sighed and was silent for a few heartbeats. "Yes, if I have to," he meowed. "Until then, let's just keep quiet for now. This could cause a war if we're not careful. I'll see you soon." On that happy note, he waded through the stream back to his own territory. Leafpool watched him go before heading back to camp. It wasn't long before he was invisible, his dark pelt blending in with the moor's earthy tones and the dark of the night.

All the while, the warriors of StarClan looked down from Silverpelt, watching the cats of the Clans they'd left behind.

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