I take back my comments from 'Seven Days' when I said I wouldn't have any new ideas for a while. I've got something, but it will come in lengthy and spread-out installments. This will have a mystery element present. Plus, Yusei is still anchored with the twins in this tale. It's also told in his point of view.

People often say there's a mystery to solve in every life. I seem to think that's true. My life has been one big question for as long as I can remember.

This night, however, was the first step into something deep for me. I was looking out my window at the full moon. Usually a full moon says that there is something going to happen. I didn't come to that conclusion at that time. "It's a pleasant sight," I said to myself. Then, the quiet atmosphere I was enjoying was shattered by a woodpecker-paced knocking.

"Who is it?" I yelled. "It's me Yusei," a small male voice echoed through the door, "but the door is locked." Since it was in my nature to be courteous, I opened the door and Leo tumbled down in front of me. "What is it?" I asked the boy. Once he stood up and dusted himself off, the boy answered, "Sorry to disturb your personal quiet time, but Luna told me to tell you that dinner is ready." I looked over at my clock, and it displayed 6:30pm as the time. "So it is," I conjectured, "I'll be down in a few minutes." Leo then scurried down to the kitchen to relay my response to his sister.

These children, Luna and Leo, are a marvel to me. Even though they're twins, they are different from each other in more ways than one. The boy is the more hyperactive one of the two, while the girl is the voice of reason. I've never met any other twins before them, and I'm glad to have met these two. Their parents are never around, and they've adopted me as a big brother to them. Plus, I see them as the kid brother and sister I've missed since my days in the Satellite.

I made the short journey from my room to the kitchen where a delicious aroma wafted through the air. "What smells so good?" I asked between sniffs. "That Yusei," Luna recited, "is the smell of lasagna. I kinda got the idea after reading one of Leo's Garfield books." I couldn't help but chuckle at her. The boy, on the other hand, was salivating as the foil was peeled off of the pan. "Come on, come on! Dish it already!" he demanded. "Hold your horses," the girl scolded her brother, "I can only go so fast." Leo started banging the table like a monkey, upset by the fact that he had to continue to wait. Luna carefully divided the pasta into six even squares. One would be enough for me and Luna, while Leo would gobble down the remaining three.

As I scrubbed, rinsed, and dried the pan and dinner platters, the twins were going about whatever they do any old night. The boy was viewing some show, the name of which I didn't bother to learn. The girl was listening to her iPod. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening here.

Perhaps I spoke too soon. The doorbell rang and an envelope was slid under the door. Leo, trying to be helpful, retrieved and brought it to me. "What is it?" I asked him. The boy didn't answer right away, as he smelled the envelope for some reason. "I have no idea what this is," Leo answered, flapping the envelope in his hand, "but it has your name on it, and it smells like….strawberries." Not completely grasping what he just said, I snatched the envelope from his hands and examined it. The boy was right. My name was inscribed on the front, in magenta red ink and written in a fancy stylized handwriting. As for the scent, it was strawberries. "What do you suppose it is?" the boy asked, peering onto the envelope.

The three of us gathered around the living room table, our vision fixated on the envelope. "Well, aren't we going to open it?" Luna finally asked, breaking the silence around us. I exhaled, flipped the envelope over, placed my left hand on the lower left-hand corner, and opened the sealed flap with my right index finger. Once I opened the flap, an even stronger concentration of the strawberry scent burst through. "That is strong," I commented. I pulled the letter out in the same way I draw cards from my deck. I unfolded it, and the twins came closer to me so they could read it as well.

"Yusei, I've been watching you for some time now," the letter read, "and I see you are a man of mystery to the average eye. To me, I see someone who likes cracking challenges. You managed to traverse the only connection between the city and Satellite. You built a deck out of cards no other duelist deemed worthy to be in their deck. You even constructed two duel runners, the first of which was taken by the great Jack Atlas, out of New Domino refuse. That's what I call ingenuity. Now I pose this challenge to you. First off is a riddle: What circulates continuously but stands still at the same time? Solve the riddle and the next part of the challenge will be revealed. I'll be watching with great interest, and you'll find out my real name when you finally track me down. Signed, Strawberry Rose."

Right below this person's fake name was an imprinted kiss. So I guess whoever wrote the letter has to be a woman. I was still puzzled at what she mentioned in the letter. How could she have found out everything I've done? She found out regardless, and I had to find out who she was.

"Hey Yusei," Leo interrupted, "there's something else in here." The boy pulled a transparent plastic slip, which contained a long strawberry-red hair. I picked the slip out of his hands and held it up to the light to see it more clearly. "What do you suppose it is?" Luna asked. I didn't answer her right away, as I continued to look through the slip. "Whoever this mystery woman is, her hair is this color," I inferred, referring to the strawberry color of the hair strand.

After the twins had called it quits for the day and went to bed, I was still pacing back and forth in my room; still in thought on this challenge I've been issued. I had to start on this riddle: what circulates continuously but stands still at the same time? What did this riddle want me to do? More importantly, who was this "Strawberry Rose"? How did she find out so much about me? Maybe she wants to test my skills. The riddle would have to wait until morning, as I slipped into a deep slumber.

I have a few questions to pose to you all. Can you crack the riddle? How long should this tale go? Why do you think I used the strawberry as a reference point? Keep the guesses coming, as well as ideas for the upcoming parts of Yusei's challenge. It will be intricate. Stay tuned for the next part.