A/N: Hey, I noticed that nobody has written a Metroid/Star Wars crossover yet, so I figured "why not?" This story will base mainly around Galen Marek (Starkiller), and Samus Aran. I don't plan on revealing any information on how he survived, except that he did. Maybe I'll also later explain how he wound up in the Metroid universe. Right now, I expect you (the readers) to speculate. I'd love to hear your theories while I work. Who knows? Maybe one of your ideas might alter my original intention.

Anyway, this takes place shortly after the events of Force Unleashed, and after the events of Metroid Fusion. Samus has been given one last mission, to search out why the Pirates were suddenly massing on Tallon IV.

Without further ado, please, enjoy Metroid Unleashed (Yeah yeah, not creative... so sue me.).

"Lord Ridley!"

"What is it?"

"The captive... He's coming to."

"Excellent. Make sure he's... well taken care of."

"Yes, my lord."

Ridley turned from the comm panel, his merciless eyes glowing. This person was found floating in space. Yet, he was still alive. There had to be some power that this human had, and he intended to find out, even if it meant dismantling him.

"We have detected unusual Space Pirate activity once again on the planet of Tallon IV. You are to investigate why they have returned, and, if necessary, shut down their operations once again." Admiral Dane looked at Samus, garbed in the Fusion Suit. "Your pay will be the same as always. With that, you're free to begin." and turned away, attending to other matters.

Samus nodded. "Understood. I'll be heading to Tallon IV, then." and left for her ship.

As soon as she boarded, Adam booted up from his sleep. "I take it we have another mission, Lady?" he asked. The bounty hunter nodded. Adam grumbled, "Jeeze, I'm still trying to get used to being alive once again, and they want to send you on another mission. No rest for the weary, eh?"

Samus let out a small laugh. "Well, actually, before I can do this mission, I need to make one small side trip." she said.

Adam groaned. "Not another shopping trip, I hope?" he whined. Samus didn't answer. I just hope they can restore my suit. I really don't feel protected with that Zero Suit-like configuration.

When Galen Marek awakened, the first thing he noticed was the blinding headache. It felt like he was assaulted by a Gundark, sat on by a Hutt, then swallowed whole by a Bull Rancor. Every inch of his body hurt. He tried to move his arms to regain some feeling.

That's when he noticed that he was restrained to a table. He let out an inward groan. He was once again upon a medical frigate, probably revived by Vader, to be yet another tool of his evil plans.

But, why would Vader have revived him? More importantly, if he was in an Imperial facility, why were there no Stormtroopers?

Galen noticed that the room was also unfamiliar. It didn't have the same efficient design of the Empire.

That could only mean one thing: somehow, his allies at the Rebel Alliance to Restore the Republic had rescued him.

But, one thought perturbed him. There were no humanoids around, only a strange insectlike creature stationed as what appeared to be a guard. Perhaps these odd beings were medical personnel?

Galen cleared his throat, startling the being, who immediately pelted him with questions in a strange tongue. It sounded hoarse, like Geonosian, but not quite the same. Of course, he never studied Geonosian, so Galen figured he wouldn't be able to tell a lisp from an accent.

After several minutes, the creature walked off, seemingly losing interest. Galen leaned back as well as he could, and began to meditate, reaching out with the Force.

He frowned. While he felt the Force, the region they were in was different. He didn't feel Vader, Sidious, Kota, or even Juno here. But, he did feel millions of lives, all living on a few select planets as colonies.

He returned to himself, just as another of the strange buglike beings entered. It spoke in the strange language as well, waiting for a response.

Finally, Galen spoke, "I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're saying."

The creatures turned and procured two small voice boxes, affixing it to their necks. The new one, smaller than the guard and, therefore Galen presumed, the medical expert, asked in perfect synthesized Basic, "How do you feel, Prisoner?"

Galen was thrown off by this. If I am in the Rebel Alliance, why would I be a prisoner?

The guard looked over the young Jedi once again, and asked the medic, "Are you sure this is the one Lord Ridley wanted? He doesn't look all that powerful..." forgetting that his voice translator was still equipped.

So, Lord Ridley... hmm... Probably another Sith Lord or something. He thought.

"I am just fine." Galen finally stated.

"Good," the medical bug stated, before turning to his associate. "We're ready for dissection and analysis."

Galen's eyes widened. Surely these were not the Rebels he was looking for.

"Wh-who are you?" he stuttered, now fearful.

They both looked at him, and said in perfect unison, "We are the Space Pirates, your worst Nightmare."

"I am sorry, Hatchling, but to reconstruct the Armor would take incredible resources. Resources that we don't have at the moment." a small, older Chozo said to a frustrated Samus Aran.

She replied by kicking at the nearby rock, stubbing her toe in the process. As she jumped around, cradling her injured foot, she asked, "Is there anything you can do?"

The Chozo stroked its beard. "Well... we might be able to recreate it, but it will require quite some time to gather the alloys necessary to build the armor. But, it just might be possible."

Samus recovered, and said, "But, how long will that take?"

"About six months," the old bird replied.

"Alright, I guess I have no choice. Thank you, Old Bird." she hugged the Chozo, and left to her ship, leaving for Tallon IV.

Old bird looked as his Hatchling departed. "Good Luck, Samus Aran." he turned around and walked back to the hidden colony he founded. How am I going to recreate that suit?

"Have you erased our trajectory from the Federation Archives?" The Bounty Hunter asked Adam.

The computer replied, "Are you kidding? I've seen Zoomers with harder shells to crack."

Samus leaned back, relieved, "Good. I don't want the Federation to find the new Chozo colony... not yet at least."

Without another word, The two headed for Tallon IV, unaware of what the Pirates were trying to unleash.

Galen continued to struggle with his restraints, as the medical Pirate came close to him with a cutting laser. This monster meant business. But he couldn't move, so there was no way to attack... unless.

He turned his head ever so slightly, and noticed the pile of medical instruments on the table. That will do nicely... he thought as he reached out with his mind towards the scalpels.

The knives shifted slightly, drawing the attention of the large guard. "Hey, what's-" was all he could manage before his body was perforated by the instruments, causing the corpse to collapse on top of the medic, whose arm knocked the cutting laser into the wielder, killing him instantly.

Using the Force again, Galen guided the laser to cut his restraints, freeing him. He rubbed the feeling back into his wrists as he reached for his lightsaber, only to feel air.

Sithspit, they must have taken it from me when I was incapacitated. Well, no matter, I'll just find it on the way out.

With that, Galen stepped out of the medical bay, leaving the dead Pirates where they laid.

"Samus, I'm detecting some very unusual readings." Adam commented, as the ship approached Tallon IV.

"Yeah, yeah. It's because of the Phazon still present on the planet." she replied, looking at the once-beautiful planet.

Tallon IV was beginning to regain some of its former beauty, but the impact crater caused by the Leviathan could still be seen from space, a dent in an otherwise perfect world.

Adam interrupted her thoughts, "No, it's not Phazon I'm detecting. It's... I'm not sure how to describe it." He was silent for several minutes before he spoke again. "It appears to be a life sign, but I'm also detecting some kind of energy wave."

Samus raised an eyebrow. "An energy wave? That's the best that your sophisticated sensors can detect?"

The computerized CO let out a sigh, and explained, "No records match this energy field. It's... almost like a completely different entity. Not like a ghost or spirit, but some kind of... force."

The Bounty hunter merely shook her head. Great... Adam's losing it. She thought as she inquired, "Where is it coming from?"

"The old research facility in Phendrana Drifts."

"Very well. Drop me off there. Keep the ship in orbit."

"Understood, Lady."

"Nothing again..." Galen sighed as he tore apart another armory. The Pirates took his lightsaber, but didn't leave any discernible information on where it was taken. He was surprised that he hadn't come across anymore pirates in the process. But, he knew that wouldn't last for long.

As he rounded a corner, showing a small map of the system, Galen quickly ducked into a corner. There stood two more of the Space Pirates, armed this time with some kind of laser weapon on their right, and a gauntlet of sorts on their left. He didn't want to alarm them, not yet at least. He looked around the room for some kind of weapon, growing frustrated until he looked up in exasperation.

And he saw it. Perfect. All I need to do is encourage a little... instability. He thought as he reached out towards the fixture.

The first Pirate looked to his comrade, and asked, "So, how long have you been around.

The second glanced at the first, and said, "Not very long, 81104-C, in fact, I was recently assigned this mission as my first about a half-hour ago."

"That's good to hear. I'm not really experienced myself. I guess that's why we're guards, huh?"

81104-C nodded, "Yeah. And, hey, what's that noise?" They both looked around as the noise of creaking metal was heard.

After futile searching, the 81104-C said, looking up, "It's above us, isn't it?" As the metal platform suddenly crashed down, killing the two Pirates instantly.

"Samus... Can you hear me?" the CO asked, albeit a little loudly.

The Hunter winced slightly. "Loud and Clear, Adam. Please, turn it down a bit." She momentarily removed her helmet and massaged her ear, trying to clear out the ringing.

After she put her helm back on, Adam replied, "Sorry, it's just that, well, you need to exercise more caution now. It seems that this... force is moving through the base. What's more, I've managed to hack into the sensors and have determined that this energy signature is a human's life signature, albeit much stronger than the norm."

Samus sighed. "Great, just what I need... a powerful human being. Is he working for or against the Pirates?"

Adam was silent for a few minutes, before answering, "I'm unable to determine at this time. I'll try to hack into their security footage. For now, continue onwards, I'll update your map with the tracking of the target. So long as it remains in the base, you should be able to track it down. Any objections, Lady?"

Galen walked over to the two dead Pirates, and scavenged the corpses for usable weapons. He tossed the armor aside. It wouldn't fit his anatomy, anyway. He lingered over their laser weapons a bit, but also tossed them carelessly aside. He didn't need laser shooters. Besides, he wasn't trained for gunfights, except with a lightsaber.

That's when Galen pulled off the gauntlet of one of the Pirates. He looked at it for a moment, before placing it on his right forearm. He looked at how one of the buttons sat on his index finger, making a glove of sorts. He quickly clenched his fist, and saw a blade of yellow energy materialize down the gauntlet, forming a scythe of sorts. It felt slightly heavier than a standard lightsaber, and the mounting meant he would have to change his fighting style, for now at least. Unless...

Galen took a quick look around, before settling his sights on a small hidden cache off to one side. There were probably several other Pirates in this base, probably now aware about his escape. He took cover in the small cache, now hidden on all sides from detection.

The first thing Galen did was pull apart the gauntlet with the Force. Now that he had the parts scattered about, he could go about jury-rigging a small handle. While manipulating the mechanics, Galen also added a few other improvements: shifting the focusing crystal by .02 mm to improve resonance, alter the beam trajectory to create a straighter blade, and thickening the beam by simply adding a second energy crystal from the other gauntlet scythe.

Finally finished with improving the durability of the beam, Galen immediately set to work on constructing the hilt. It didn't take long, as he merely squashed the metal more into a handle shape, much like the old-fashioned Sith Swords. Of course, he also had to change the location of the power cells, igniters, and crystals to keep a very compressed, yet durable configuration.

Finished, Galen held up the saber, and activated it. The weapon made no noise as the plasma charged into a flattened, forged blade, much like old swords. Galen smiled as he stood up from his hiding place and moved to the center of the room. The perfect training ground.

He swung his sword around, testing the weight and durability of the blade in various stances, before settling once again upon his backhanded style. Finishing up his testing, Galen drove the weapon into the dead Pirates, receiving slight elation from the feel of the sword as it impaled the already-lifeless corpses.

Suddenly, Galen stood up, his danger sense buzzing like crazy. Someone was coming. He leaped up to the top of the ceiling, clinging like a spider, and silently watched who would come in.

Samus walked into the Observation room, to find the place in shambles. The room was all cut up by energy scythes, and an entire panel of metal had fallen on two dead Pirates. She scanned the panel, and was shocked that there was no metal fatigue or breakage from concussive weapons. It looked like it was... ripped out of the ceiling.

She heard a noise above her, and looked up.

That's when she was attacked.

Galen watched as the figure walked into the room. It seemed roughly humanoid, and wore some type of orange and yellow jumpsuit with some kind of arm cannon on the right. He watched as the newcomer walked over to the Pirates, looking at them.

He suddenly sneezed, loudly.

Galen realized that he had no choice now, as the newcomer looked up at him. Building up the Force as much as possible, Galen dove forward, screaming while igniting his blade in the process.

The strange suited figure dodged to the side, avoiding his initial dive. However, when Galen landed, he sent out a Force Shockwave, breaking several monitors in the process and throwing the figure into the window.

He quickly dodged several strange bursts of yellow energy, countering one with his blade and sending it back to the launcher.

The figure now dove forward, trying to check him, but Galen merely reached out with the Force, and picked it up, before driving it into the ground. Not wanting to take any chances, he unleashed a barrage of Force Lightning. As the figure sat motionless, Galen strode closer, with a disgruntled sneer across his face.

"Is this the best you Space Pirates can throw? A measly droid. I've seen womprats with more bite than this." he gloated.

Then the figure muttered something. With his Force-enhanced hearing, Galen managed to pick it up. "I am.... not a Space Pirate..." was all that it muttered before losing consciousness.

Now Galen was surprised. If this isn't a Space Pirate, then what is it doing here? He shook his head. He would think about it later.

An alarm sounded, followed by several Space Pirates flooding the room, and Aerotroopers hovering outside the window.

Right now, I just need to survive this unholy Hell.

"Samus, do you copy? Samus? Lady?" Adam frantically asked, only to be answered with static. He was now concerned. Samus wasn't responding, and, from his connection, gauged that the opponent she was facing was indeed strong enough to knock her out.

Had he a physical body, he would have turned from the comm to the hacking panel he had installed. Adam quickly punched in the final security codes, gaining access to the Pirate Security footage.

He watched as the two figures fought, wincing slightly as Samus was thrown about, before being zapped with some kind of electrical energy. As the killer approached, intent on dealing a death blow, he suddenly stopped, confused. The attacker then turned around, facing the Space Pirates in the area. Igniting that weird blade again, he leaped forward, and seemed to telekinetically throw the Pirates back, zapping them again with that strange lightning attack.

Adam watched in amazement as the now-defender seemed to be protecting Samus now, as he threw his sword and impaled a Pirate sneaking up to grab the unconscious Hunter.

The CO looked back at the map. Perfect, the window was outside the Lab, overlooking the cliff. He quickly pressed on, intent on finding a way to open those windows, and facilitate their escape.

Galen threw a Space Pirate away from the unconscious figure. It was his fault it was incapacitated, therefore he had to defend it until it could take care of itself.

He threw his saber into the nearest pirate, before focusing his lightning on the whole group.

During this time, Galen didn't notice the Shadow Pirate coming up behind him, until he heard a shot.

He turned, to see a dead Pirate at his feet, and the suit standing up again.

Galen smiled a bit, then turned back to fighting the horde. He noticed several missiles flying by now, but they could only take care of one or two pirates at a time. There were several standing in the way, with many more flowing through for backup.

The Jedi then got an idea, and waited for the next missile to fly by. When it did, he reached out to the missile with the Force, and stopped it.

"Hey, What are you doing?" the figure asked, the voice definitely feminine. Starkiller grunted before zapping the warhead with lightning, and sending it along its intended trajectory, killing off all pirates in the room with an explosion, followed by a violent outburst of lightning.

When the smoke cleared, the hunter now stood there, arm cannon trained on his chest. Galen nodded, and sheathed his saber, before presenting the weapon, indicating that he meant no harm.

The hunter looked at him for a brief moment, and lowered its weapon. It pushed the sword back into the owner's hands, and asked, "Who are you?"

Galen crossed his arms, and replied, "Tell me who you are first."

The hunter relented, and removed its helmet, revealing a wave of blonde hair. Her blue eyes pierced Galen's, and he began to feel uneasy around this woman. "I am Intergalactic Bounty Hunter, Samus Aran." she replied.

Galen immediately got on the offensive, brandishing his weapon yet again. "If the Emperor or Darth Vader sent you, then I'm afraid I'll have to terminate you, though it pains me to do so to one such as yourself, Samus Aran."

The Hunter also trained her weapon on the Jedi, and said, "Emperor? Darth Vader? I know neither of them. Admiral Dane sent me to find out the cause of new Space Pirate activity."

Galen stood there for a few minutes, then lowered his weapon yet again. "I apologize, it's just that... I'm very valuable to the Empire right now."

Samus followed suit, and explained, "I don't know anything about an Empire, but if you're on the run, I'll take you to the Galactic Federation. They might be able to help sort out your problem and provide protection if necessary."

The former apprentice looked intrigued at the Hunter. "Galactic Federation, I've never heard of it..." he said, as the realization dawned on him. Galen, I don't think you're on Kashyyk anymore