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Samus cocked her head. "Uh, are you alright?" she asked a startled Starkiller.

The Jedi had completely forgotten where he was, as he now looked at the lab. His new ally, the Bounty Hunter Samus Aran stood there, looking at him.

"Sorry. I'm just... thinking," he replied as he turned to look outside at the snow.

Samus cleared her throat. "There's no time for that now. We've got to get out of here. Adam! Can you get near the windows?" she shouted into her helmet's comm.

The roar of a purple ship answered her as it hovered just outside. Samus stood there as she scanned the windows.

"Damn... Those windows are manufactured from diamond, probably to prevent the native animals from breaking through. There's no way I can even scratch them with a missile." she muttered as she pounded her fist on the tough panes.

Galen couldn't help but let out a slightly obnoxious smile. "Perhaps we don't need to blow it up." he suggested as he extended his hand towards the wall.

The hunter let out a slight scoffing noise, and replied, "What do you suggest? Using mind powers to tear the wall apart?" If sarcasm was a liquid, their room would have been flooded.

"Not exactly..." was all he replied as he built up a small sphere of compressed energy in his hand. "The panes may be diamond, but the metal surrounding them is unstable. All it needs is... a push"

Intrigued, Samus scanned the wall. All her visor noted was that the "Structure is of diamond. Unable to pierce with current weapons."

She now looked over at the Jedi with intrigue. Her visor was never wrong, yet the determination in his face suggested that perhaps he saw something her advanced scanners didn't.

Without warning, Galen released the pent-up sphere, which immediately exploded on impact with the wall. The resulting eruption blew the panes out of their frames, along with the rest of the wall for that matter.

Galen frowned. "Subtlety isn't really one of my strong points," he commented as he looked at the ruined opening.

The gunship had now hovered over, using the hallway as a makeshift docking bay. Samus walked forward, under the ship, and looked back towards the Jedi. "Well, are you coming?" she asked.

Galen stood there, conflicted. His lightsaber was still somewhere in that facility, he could feel it. But, if he didn't leave now, he might not be able to escape from those Pirates. Even with the Force, he couldn't hold off an entire army... not for very long, at least.

He took one quick burst of speed, and slid to an easy stop next to the bounty hunter. Without a word, they were given a berth on the ship.

Adam turned towards the newcomer, its singular camera taking in the two of them. "I take it this is the weapon those Pirates were talking about?" he asked, looking at Samus now.

"Yeah, but he isn't on their side, so I'm pretty sure we can trust him. Besides, I'm rather intrigued at his powers." she replied, sitting down in the pilot's chair.

Galen silently strode over. "There's something I don't understand about you, Mr..." Samus paused in her question, and asked, "What did you say your name was again?"

The Jedi remained impassive, as he replied, "Marek. Galen Marek."

Samus nodded, and continued on, "I don't understand. What exactly is that power you used on those Pirates, and myself, for that matter? It's not like anything I've ever seen."

Galen nodded and, pulling up one of the smaller crates as a seat, began to explain, "The power, as you put it, is from an entity called the 'Force'. It binds life as we know it, and the universe for that matter. Some of us have greater control over it than others. Those who are Force-sensitive are brought into an order called the Jedi, who use their powers to protect and serve those without the sensitivity. However, like with all things, the Force has a Dark Side. The Sith, the polar opposite of the Jedi, seek to dominate the universe and obtain immortality. Rage, hatred, anger, they're all part of the Dark Side. As my former master once said, the Dark Side is a path to many abilities, some considered unnatural."

He looked away for a minute, before finishing, "I was once a Sith, but I have reformed myself. I still have Dark Side powers, but I do not use them to dominate the universe."

Samus was shocked at all this. An incomprehensible power that filled all existence. Why did the Chozo have no knowledge of this? "So, what exactly are the force powers you showed?"

Galen turned back, "The Force has many powers. Some include enhanced healing and reflexes, telekinesis, as well as some... more offensive powers, such as choking a person, draining their health, and even summoning lightning strikes." He paused, letting that information sink in. "However, I do not relish in killing another sentient."

Samus nodded as she turned back to the ship. Even the Luminoth had only slight psionics. What this man showed was something far beyond simple telekinesis. "Adam, how soon can you get us to Federation HQ?"

The Jedi shook his head, finally coming to a decision.

"No, I need to recover my lightsaber. This... toy, while effective, is still not as good as my old blade." he explained. "Besides, those pirates sound like a threat to the Galaxy. If this... Lord Ridley is anything like the Sith I knew, then I will have no choice but to combat him."

Samus' eyes widened.

"Ridley? Here?" she gasped, rage filling her eyes, a rage that even made Galen a little nervous.

Tilting his head, he asked, "Someone you know?"

Adam interrupted. "Let me explain, Mr. Marek. Ridley is responsible for-"

"Eliminating my friends, family, my entire life, when I was three." Samus finished, cutting the machine off.

Starkiller nodded, patting the bounty hunter on the back.

"I know how you feel, Samus. When I was only a little younger than you, I watched Darth Vader, my old master, kill my own father." he explained, the memories paining himself a little as the images of his father's last minutes were etched into his mind.

Samus looked at Starkiller suspiciously. "Why didn't you fight him? Why didn't you hate him?"

Galen shook his head. "I did hate him for what he did. however, the Dark side is incredibly strong, almost impossible for one man to break free from."

The hunter nodded, her anger ebbing away slightly.

"Adam! If Ridley is indeed here, then we have no choice. We'll have to engage him. Even if I'm not backed by the Federation on this one, it's a personal matter."

As the ship landed back inside the blown research facility, Galen hopped out, landing flawlessly as Samus crouched low.

"So, what's the plan?" the Jedi asked his partner.

"Simple: we blow everything that looks like a Space Pirate to oblivion" The Hunter smiled behind her helmet.

Even Galen had to chuckle at that idea. "Just how I like it!"

The two then progressed slowly towards the nearest door, as two Space Pirates ran out.

Galen carelessly threw one outside, as Samus grabbed the other, firing a charged shot at point-blank range.

"For Pirates, they're not very intelligent..." the Jedi noted.

Samus shrugged. "Well, they're like a herd of animals, I guess. Safety in sheer numbers."

Galen nodded, as he slashed through another Pirate, having slight trouble with his energy saber not being able to cut through the shell as easily.

"Why do you hold that sword in such an awkward position?" Samus asked curiously.

Starkiller turned, taking out another pirate with a single stab. "It's my personal variation of a combat style called Sith Shien. It allows for strong, aggressive attacks, as well as reflecting blaster bolts more effectively."

Samus nodded, awed by the style that the Jedi wielded so effectively.

Eventually, Samus waved to Marek, stopping him.

Scanning a nearby terminal, the Jedi looked over her shoulder at the text.

"Can you read it?" he asked.

Nodding, the hunter replied, "I can translate it. It says Subject Delta has been found with a strange device with the same properties as an energy scythe. Weapon has been moved to the research facility on Aether."

Confused, Samus muttered, "Why Aether? That's quite some distance away."

Galen shrugged, "Well, who knows. Perhaps the reason is listed further down."

The hunter continued reading, "Ridley will be personally escorting this weapon to our research facility for analysis."

Galen frowned. "Analysis. You mean they're going to take it apart to figure out how it works,"

She nodded. "That's what they typically do. But, if Ridley's there, we're going after him."

Her eyes burned. "You've avoided death for far too long! The Grim Reaper will have your soul!"

Galen guffawed. "You're certainly intent on destroying Ridley."

Samus nodded again. "I've killed him time and again, but he keeps rising up for more."

The Jedi cracked his knuckles. "Then let's see him withstand the true power of a Jedi."

After returning to the ship, and plotting a course to Aether, the two fell silent.

"So..." Galen said, "What will you do once Ridley's finally defeated?"

Samus shrugged. "I'm not sure. I've been killing him for so long that I haven't really been able to think about it"

Galen chuckled. "Well, Samus, if you ever get bored, I happen to know of a Rebellion that could really use your firepower."

Samus tilted her head. "A Rebellion? Against the Federation?"

Starkiller shook his head. "Not your Federation, but an Empire that makes your Federation look like a bath toy."

Samus couldn't help but giggle at the comparison.

Adam gasped. "I think that's the first time I've ever heard Samus actually laugh."

Galen shrugged. "Well, my humor isn't really as good as others. Besides, I've... seen weapons that could destroy an entire planet. The Emperor's personal toys, you might say."

Both Samus and Adam were silent.

"A weapon... is it really possible to make something that powerful?" The computer wondered, voice chip squeaking slightly.

Samus snapped to attention.

"Well, Sounds no more dangerous than hunting Metroids. Maybe I will talk with you about this Rebellion of yours. The Federation's after me for destroying a potentially dangerous species, well, two of them." she finished, turning back to the instrument panel.

Galen let out a small breath of disbelief.

"Samus, it sounds like you've got quite the history. Even pulling a massive Star Destroyer, rescuing a Senator from a Rancor, and even cheating death itself, is nothing compared to what you must have done." the Jedi deduced, sitting down on a crate.

Samus let out a small laugh in response.

"Oh, you have no idea."

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