Blood of a Fallen Angel

Chapter 1

A barren wasteland, the only noticeable change in the landscape was the protruding mountains several miles away. Even though the sun was visible in the sky, the world was an unsettling inky black. It felt as though I was being watched by some malevolent entity. The deafening silence was the only indication I was alone. An odor similar to a rain drenched meadow, decaying flesh and a lake of blood permeated the landscape. The air was freezing. I glanced down and saw my hands trembling, but not from the rapidly dropping temperature. I was scared. Normally I would have done something about it, but the thing was, I had no idea why I was scared in the first place.

I took in the landscape a second time. I lifted my gaze toward the mountains and noticed a small light, gleaming out of what looked like a window from a large structure. I realized the structure on the mountain was a castle, but the darkness was so penetrating that it was difficult to tell if that's what it actually was. For some reason though I completely disregarded the sight and proceeded to walk forward, despite my fear. I had walked about two meters when the land begun to shake violently. Cracks began to form in the ground that quickly became crevasses as the land pulled apart. I attempted to run, but was quickly cut off by a large canyon that had opened us in front of me.

Just as quickly as it started, the quaking stopped. I spun around to see that the earthquake had caused the land to overlap itself, forming large cliffs and plateaus as far as the eye could see.

By this time, my body was shaking violently; I had absolutely no idea what was going on. My emerald eyes became wide as a foreboding, inky blackness began to spread over the sky, completely blocking out the sun and quickly seeping over the ground. As the darkness reached where I stood, the land vanished from underneath me. The next thing I knew, I was sinking into the darkness surrounding me. It felt as though there was a large weight on my chest. I couldn't breath. Is this the end, I thought to myself, is this really what death feels like? This darkness, this overwhelming feeling of pain and loneliness? With that, I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to the darkness.

I don't know for how long I fell, but the next thing I knew, a blinding light shone behind my eyelids and I was being lifted. As I opened my eyes, they were immediately assaulted by the harsh light. When my eyes became somewhat adjusted, I could just barely make out a pair of white wings and a set of the most brilliant blue eyes I'd ever seen. The sapphire orbs were far more dominating than the clearest sky or the deepest ocean. Yet, hidden in them was an incredible sadness and a deep sense of loneliness. There was nothing more I wanted to do at that moment than to reach out to this person, to show them that they weren't alone. I closed my eyes for just a moment, letting the light wash over me, but when I opened them again, the angel had vanished. The only change this time was that with the darkness did not come fear, but an intense sadness and anger. Sadness that my light was taken, and anger that my beautiful blue-eyed angel was taken as well. Suddenly, a sharp pain penetrated my abdomen, almost as though I'd been shot. With the pain also came a very loud and irritated voice. It took me a while to realize that this person was addressing me.

"Axel…Axel! AXEL!! Mr. Turk!" I opened my eyes and was immediately met my Literary professor (Sephiroth Miyano's) steely, teal eyes. He pulled away slightly revealing an extremely annoyed expression, his long silver hair flowing over his shoulders and onto my desk. His expression turned to a death glare. "Not only were you sleeping in my class, but you begun screaming and flailing your limbs. I had to ask Demyx and Riku to restrain you." I looked over to my right and saw a guilty looking Demyx with a sheepish grin spread across his face, and an apathetic Riku. "I do hope there will be no further interruptions." I turned my attention back to Mr. Miyano and found him rubbing the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger, eyes tightly shut, as if he were trying to cleanse himself of the annoyed feeling.

"Y-yes, Mr. Miyano, sir," I stammered. I didn't like that guy; he looked like some sort of serial killer, or assassin.

"Very well. Let's return our attention back to class." He head back to the front of the classroom.

So it was just a dream, I sighed to myself. It had felt so real though.

"Hey man, you okay?" Demyx asked, light green eyes full of worry. The dirty blonde had been my best friend since middle school. Despite his laziness and his odd mullet/Mohawk hairdo he always sported, he was a really good guy. Always friendly and reliable, and far more of a brother to me than even my real brother, Reno.

Riku was my friend too, but not nearly as much so as Demyx. We hung out together, usually me, Demyx and Riku's little boy-toy, Sora. Demyx and Sora could've been brothers with the way they both act. They were both complete and utter spazzes, and were far too kind and considerate for their own good. Anyway, Riku was a cool kid, but the silver haired teen always had an air of mystery about him.

"Yeah. I'm fine," I lied. The truth was I was still a little shaky from that dream, but I couldn't let Demyx know, guys' too nice for his own good. He always took another's well being before his own.

"You sure," he prodded, "'cause if you wanna talk about it, I'm right here."

"Thanks Dem, but you know I'm not the type of guy that likes to talk about stuff." Demyx nodded then turned back to Mr. Miyano.

I didn't really pay attention to the rest of the class, too caught up in thinking about that dream. It wasn't really necessary for me to pay attention though. Even though I was a literary major, I had already published two best-selling novels and several other books. I'd received enough money that I was able to let my mom retire after Reno and I moved out, and also enough to by myself and my two roommates a really fancy apartment.

Once class was finished, Demyx and I packed up our things and headed home. The blonde skipped as we went along the sidewalks inside the campus. I kind of envied his ability to still have that much energy even after classes. Just then, Demyx and I heard footsteps jogging up behind us. We turned to see a short lilac haired, emo teen come sauntering up behind us. "Zexy!" Demyx yelled as he ran over and glomped the smaller man, nearly knocking him over. Zexion was Demyx's boyfriend and my other roommate. He was majoring in mythology, and not just Greek, I mean mythology in general. That's a lot to cover, and I respected him for taking that challenge. I met him my freshmen year of college, and thought he'd be a perfect match for Demyx, so I introduced them. They've been dating ever since. Zexion was basically the exact opposite of the mullhawk haired blonde. He was quiet and reserved, but very intelligent. His violet hair was always made so that it covered the right side of his face, and he was at least a foot shorter than me and Demyx, who were the same height.

"Hey Zex," I sighed as I watched Demyx lift him in the air and kiss him on the cheek. I was still worn out from my little episode earlier, and didn't have the energy to give a proper greeting.

"Hello Axel," Zexion replied as he was freed from the blonde's grip. We continued walking and Demyx chatted with Zexion about what happened in his classes. His main topic was that he had to write a composition in his music class and didn't get to play his sitar. Even though Demyx was in my literature class, he was a music major. The blonde was practically in love with his light blue sitar, 'Sasha'.

When we got to my apartment, I plopped myself down of the couch and flipped on the TV., watching nothing in particular. Dem and Zex retired to their room for, what I could only imagine, was for some much needed 'alone time'. I found out very soon that I was right, as I heard various grunts and moans coming from the room as well as the occasional, "Oh, Zexion…Zexion…harder!!" That was enough for me, thanks. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door.

After a quick stop by the nearby starbucks for a coffee, I headed off down the street. I did have an intended destination by the way; I wasn't just wandering the streets. After passing through a few alleyways, one in particular that was crammed with boxes that were stacked next to the dumpster, I came to a park. By this time the sun had almost set and was causing everything to glow various oranges and yellows. I finally came to my designated stop, a park bench sitting in between a couple of trees at the top of a very green hill. I sat down and watched as the beauty of the pinks and purples and oranges from the setting sun were replaced by stars and streetlights. Twilight town was truly beautiful at night. I contemplated the universe for a while. I wasn't really thinking of anything in particular, just random things that popped in my head. After about two or three hours, I decided to head home. I returned to find a sleeping Demyx and Zexion snuggled up together on the couch, the TV. flashed the ending credits to some movie. I switched off the large flat-screen and headed to bed.