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"So…it's over?" Yuri asked as she looked at the other occupants of the Alien Party room.

"As far as I can tell; yes. Mother is dead," Megumi said as she looked over some files on the table "How's the arm Kumi?" she asked looking at the brown haired Alien Fighter who was testing her newly re-grown arm by moving it.

"It's…ok. I find it amazing that it could grow back so fast," Kumi said staring at the arm that just a few hours ago had been a mess of drills.

"Yes, Cell Gel works wonders, but you should really thank your borg, without him you would have died long before we could grow your arm back," Megumi explained. Kumi gave Watt an odd look.

"About that…exactly what did he do?" Kumi asked. Watt gave a look of guilt.

"He performed a partial fusion with you," Chisa stated as she looked over at the borg "But…it was odd, we aren't entirely sure how he did it, it's not like you became one with him, it's almost like you yourself became part borg."

"I'm not even sure if that is possible…but it is what it is," Megumi said with a shrug. Kumi was unsatisfied with that and looked to her borg for an explanation, but he didn't seem to know anymore then her on the subject, he had simply acted on instinct before and had little to no idea how he had done what he had.

"What about all that left over goo?" Kasumi asked in quiet voice.

"A hazmat team should be taking care of that even as we speak. Soon there will be little to no trace of Mother ever being there," Megumi stated, she noticed one of the children look down in guilt, the one who Mother had tormented the most and was practically a walking reminder of that monstrosity "Miyu you are not to blame for any of this," Megumi tried to assure the mutated girl, but she did not seem to hear her.

"But…those people I-" Miyu stopped herself, she may have felt some blame but she knew she was not the one who did those things "Mother mutated…" Miyu muttered with worry.

"There is no way to fix what has happened to them or you," Chisa said, she noticed that Miyu had a frightened look in her eyes "You will all retain your rights as human beings and will be seen no different now than before," Chisa added in a attempt to assure Miyu, but it did not seem to do anything to improve her mood.

"…and the others?" Yuri asked quietly. Megumi looked at Yuri and smiled slightly before turning towards the door.

"Girls, you can come in," Megumi called before the door opened, the three alien fighters looked as Kumi and Kasumi's clones walked into the room "Well, go ahead, introduce yourselves," Megumi encouraged, the two clones smiled and nodded.

"My name is Harumi Tomine, I am Kasumi's twin sister who went to private school for most of my past but have decided to attend this school now to be closer to my sister," the newly named Harumi explained cheerfully.

"My name is Kira Kawamura, I am Kumi's twin sister, for most of my life I had been home schooled but have now decided to attend this school for more opportunities," Kira said with a smile. The alien fighters and Miyu all had looks of confusion on their faces, especially Kumi and Kasumi.

"Me and Chisa talked to the clones a little earlier and decided on identities for them, we even called your parents," Megumi explained.

"And they approved?" Kumi questioned looking up at Megumi.

"Yes. Provided you two do as well," Megumi answered. The two girls looked at their clones, then at each other before giving a nod and smile, turning back to their clones.

"You'd accept me into your family after how I behaved?" Harumi asked Kasumi with a look of guilt on her face, Kasumi's smile widened as she gave another nod.

"Of course! We have already been over this, you weren't in your right mind, and I hold nothing against you," Kasumi said, placing her hand on her 'twin's' shoulder. Harumi gave Kasumi her own smile before they both giggled slightly.

"…Kumi?" Kira said looking to her own 'twin' with a hopeful look on her face, Kumi did not say a word but nodded and smiled, causing Kira to smile as well at the silent sign of acceptance.

"I can't believe all of this actually happened," Ray said, Yuri looked up at her borg and smiled, she placed her hand on his hand and began petting him, much to his surprise "Yuri?"

"If nothing else, I now understand how important you are to me," Yuri said with a genuine smile.

"So, what comes next? Will we have to deal with an attack by the mutants that Mother had before?" Miyu asked with worry.

"Actually…nobody has seen any mutants around Mother's old body," Chisa said. An air of uneasiness filled the room.

"That…can't be right…" Kumi said in confusion, the alien fighters, the clones, borgs, and Miyu exchanged worry looks "How can an army of mutants just vanish?"

"We don't know," Megumi answered as best she could. The group of children all stood silent for a few moments, Kasumi then broke the silence.

"Oh well who cares!" she exclaimed, her cheerfulness returned. The other occupants of the room all gave her a stare before she continued "I honestly am done with worrying after all that, I say whatever happens next happens, but for now we should enjoy ourselves," Kasumi explained happily, her friends all looked slightly unconvinced but eventually smiled themselves.

"You know what, good idea sis!" Harumi agreed.

"That's Kasumi for you," Leo said shrugging his wings with a chuckle.

"Ok," Yuri nodded with a relieved smile; soon they were all in agreement and began leaving the room. Miyu was about to leave the room after her friends when a thought crossed her mind, she turned back to Megumi and Chisa with an unsure look.

"…One more thing. What about Tatsuo?" Miyu asked.

"Tatsuo's crimes cannot be excused; he is currently locked up under special security, it is still yet to be determined whether or not he'll get a trial," Megumi explained, Miyu nodded before leaving.


Tatsuo inspected his surroundings once more for any ways to escape. He had actually found several already but he had not bothered. This containment room he was trapped in may have been secure, but not perfect, he could escape rather easily if he wanted to. But that was the thing, he didn't want to.

Tatsuo glanced down at his arm. The wound that was made by that mutant had not healed, it would never heal, but he didn't care, because he knew what was coming, he knew that the end was near.


Out in the depths of space, a large shape floated, one could not tell by looking at it, but this strange object contained many secrets…

In the cavern at the center of the ship-like object, a being sat on a throne-like stone, the being seemed as still as a statue, but it suddenly moved, its four, glowing, orange eyes opening before they narrowed.

"…I can't feel her anymore," the being spoke in a deep voice "So then…they have made their choice…Judgment day Approaches."


And that's the end of Consumption, I will revise it in the future and then start the sequel "Judgment Day" in time, but for now good bye.