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So! This is my new fanfic Save the Innocent. Corny Title??? Too baddd you all must live with ittt mwahahahah :D So in this fanfic there will be fluff, lemonnnn, rape (if you no likey rapey then do skip that part when you come to it.) and other things soon to come. As you can all tell this is a YugixYami fanfic for all you Yugioh fans out there :]

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Enjoyyyy Chapter 1...

+The Innocent.+

Yugi stared out the window longingly as he washed the dishes. The clock ticked and ticked at an agonizing pace. Any minute now his father, Kyouske Motou, would come home from work. If the chores weren't done… there would be Hell to pay.

Quickly he dried off the last plate and began to untie his apron. Yugi was about to take it off when he heard the door open then slam. His dad was home. Yugi looked left and right searching for a hiding spot but, he was too late.

His father was leaning against the kitchen door frame. His clothes were unkempt with his shirt stained and rumpled. His tie was in the same condition as well. Yugi's father reeked of liquor.

"What no hi for your father?" he slurred, "I thought I taught you better than that."

"I-I'm sorry father…" Yugi said in a small voice. If this kept up then Yugi knew he would be suffering a world of pain.

Yugi's father dragged his feet across the floor until he was face to face with the small little teen. When he breathed Yugi could smell the booze and cigarettes that were mixed together and fought off the impulse to gag.

Kyouske took one of his blonde bangs in his hands and twirled it around his finger, "Now Yugi… what did I tell you about how we apologize in this house?" he stroked the teen's face softly. Yugi felt repulsed.

"I won't." he said in a small voice.

His father raised an eyebrow, his muddy purple eyes turned into slits, "What was that?"

"I-I said I w-won't." he said a little bit louder.

Kyouske became infuriated and pulled hard on Yugi's bang causing the teen to whimper, "Like hell you won't Runt! You will do as I say or you'll be sleeping on the fucking streets till you die!" he pushed Yugi down so that his face was directly in front of his pants zipper, "Suck me off Runt."

Yugi shook his head furiously, "No! I won't!"

His father slapped him hard across the face. Yugi's bright amethyst eyes widened before dulling to the same muddy purple as his dad's. He was already gone and all that was left was his body.

"Now Yugi," Kyouske began unzipping his pants, "Suck me off." he licked his lips slowly.

Yugi silently nodded and began sucking. At first his pace was slow, but then it increased faster and faster until Kyouske climaxed.

"You're getting better Yugi. Now take off your clothes."

Yugi hesitated. He felt his mind coming back into focus, and the fear that was once hidden coming out full force. He shook his head furiously, not caring that it was giving him a headache and began to scramble on the floor. Yugi's resistance infuriated Kyouske, so he grabbed Yugi's arm and flung him across the kitchen.

The smaller teen's body hit the kitchen wall hard before slumping into a heap on the floor. Kyouske stalked over to the crumpled teen and kicked his limp body.

"Wake up slut, I know you're just pretending." he slurred. The effects of the alcohol only getting stronger.

Yugi arose slowly, this time he was too far gone to stop himself from undressing. When he was completely naked he leaned against the table and spread his legs.

"That's a good slut. Papa is very happy. Now let me fuck you senseless." Without any preparation or warning Kyouske shoved himself deep inside of Yugi. The little teen let out a scream which only turned on his father even more.

Each thrust was more sloppy and crueler than the next one, but Kyouske didn't care. He loved to see his son's body caked with sweat, his belly covered in semen, and his insides dripping with his own fluid. He loved seeing Yugi's pained expression every time he slammed into him. He loved it to the extent where he would do Yugi over and over again, until the teen passed out.

Kyouske exploded into Yugi several timse before pulling out. Yugi collapsed on the floor, his eyes half lidded, his amethysts orbs still dulled. His breathing was irregular and all over his body was dirt semen and sweat.

His father smirked insanely, "Did you enjoy that Slut?"

Yugi didn't answer, he just stared at the ceiling blankly.

Kyouske bent down to eye level and slapped Yugi hard, his hand print etched on his face, "Answer me Slut!"

Yugi whimpered and curled into fetal position as his father began to kick him hard in various places. "Stop… please…"

His father grabbed him by his tri-colored hair and spit on Yugi's dirtied face, "Don't tell me what to do Slut. I'm the father here and I make the rules! You know why I keep you here? I keep you here because you're a good fuck! There's no love in it or anything, no one loves you, so as punishment you're staying here until you die. Punishment for killing your mother."

Silent tears streaked down Yugi's face as the words that his father said kept replaying through his mind. 'It's my fault… I'm a killer so this is punishment? If this is judgment then… I should take all the pain. No one will save me.' Yugi was dragged out of the kitchen into the living room and was thrown against the wall once again.

Kyouske latched the boy onto the wall using a chain, not even bothering to cover up Yugi's naked body.

"You'll stay here for the night Slut until morning. Don't move a muscle unless I say so or else you're dead." he kissed Yugi sloppily on the lips, "Good night." he said with a smirk before he stalked upstairs.

When he was out of earshot Yugi puked. The fresh taste of bile and liquor burned in his mouth. His stomach was in knots and he felt like he was dripping in and out of consciousness.

'At least I survived another night…' he thought darkly. Yugi tried to move his arm, he could feel that still. He moved his other arm, that worked properly as well. Along with his legs, everything seemed to be fine. Except for that fact that every inch of his body was in pain.

Yugi already learned how to live with it, His father told him he was reconciling for his sins. For killing his mother. He felt tears prickled his eyes but squeezed them shut. He couldn't cry, not when no one would be there to wipe them away. He learned in life that he couldn't rely on other people, that crying was useless when no one was there to comfort you.

The tri-colored teen tried to find the most comfortable position. Since the chain was close to the floor, he decided it would be okay to just lie there. His father would forget what happened in the morning after the affects of the alcohol wore off, besides he already knew how to get out of the metal chain. So for now he'd just lie there staring at the dark emptiness before he decided it was okay to unchain himself and walk upstairs to take a bath.

The floor was cold and hard and very uncomfortable but Yugi managed to sleep somehow, but during the night he was plagued with nightmares. Nightmares of blood, screams, deaths, and conviction.

+The same night+

The tri-colored teen unpacked the last of his belongings in his room. His finger tip lingered on the corner of the oak frame that his family picture fit so nicely in. It reminded him of happier times, gingerly he placed the picture on his desk and flopped on his bed.

He gazed up at the ceiling his thoughts racing a mile a minute.

'New school… new friends… new romance?' Yami shook his head and laughed out loud, "What are you talking about Yami? No way are you going to find someone in a school like Domino High." he laughed a little more before they died down. Leaving him with silence. 'Maybe… that's not such a bad idea after all.'

As he closed his eyes images swam through his head, some were blurred and others were as clear as day. One image that stood out to him though was an image of himself and another person embraced in each others arms. Funny thing was, the other person looked just like him.

Yami chuckled, 'Knew I could be self centered but that was ridiculous.' He turned to his side and glanced at the clock. It was ten o'clock.

"Okay Yami, you got to go to bed. Mom would be on your case right now if you were still up." he leaned forward and placed a kiss on the photograph on the desk, "Night guys." and drifted off to sleep.

+Why must we waste tears that no one else is going to see?+

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