A/N: Random untitled scene that is kind of a what-if Vergil made an appearance in the human world before Trish lured Dante to Mundas' island in the first game. It was originally written with just dialogue, I opened the scene up a bit with exposition, there is still a good bit that the reader themself needs to figure out as they read for themselves. I wrote this while my American Literature class was studying the Modernist Period of American Literature and mimics to a degree the way that Hemingway wrote Hills Like White Elephants, minus being intoxicated in the process. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Devil May Cry and it's characters are property of Capcom. I am making no money off of this work, this is purely for entertainment.

"Can we get back to the job?" Lady asked irritably, they had been fighting for what felt like hours already. Chances were though that they'd only been fighting a few moments. She supposed that having believed one to be dead for the last however many months the arguing was bound to be the first thing to start after the shocked silence they'd endured initially. But this was the last place either of them had ever expected Vergil to turn up after Temen-ni-Gru. He was gone, locked away, and presumed dead. He was supposed to be; anyway.

"Yeah…first things first, you're dead." Dante commented off-hand. Well he had thought he was, Vergil had only fallen off a cliff once the tie connecting the worlds had started to fray leaving only precious moments for him to return to the human world.

"You didn't believe that I was dead, did you brother?" His tone was flat, unfazed, and out of place in their surroundings. The dank hallway seeming to swallow Vergil's words immediately after they left his mouth rather than allow them to be heard by those standing before him.

"Well yeah I mighta." Dante responded while scratching at his head.


"Get your head in the job you massive baboon. And you… don't make me shoot you." Lady's voice was hard as she spoke. If one knew what to look for they could see how she was trying not to shake the pain from smacking Dante upside the head out of her hand as she placed it back at her hip. Her eyes hardening as they focused on Vergil, looking him in the eye to show that she meant business.


"Down girl, the job remember." Dante teased one of his hands going to rest on her shoulder.

"Don't touch me."

"After you." He said instead letting his hand drop uselessly to his side. He glanced once at his brother as she moved on ahead slipped in behind her, he'd rather between her and his brother just in case. He wasn't too sure what his brother had up his sleeve this time.

"So babe, what are you doing later?" Dante asked trying to break the tense silence that had fallen over the three of them in the last several minutes. There'd been a few lesser demons a couple hallways back but for the moment they were free and clear.

"Washing your blood off my boots." She responded far to calm for the situation.

Lady wasn't one to go cold all of the sudden. She had too much emotion tied up inside her for her to ever be one hundred percent professional on a job. And yet she was, in the last few months Dante had come to learn that she was pissed and was not surprised when he felt a sharp pain and the beginning of his body healing a wound. He fingered the slow trickle of blood in his forehead and stared at the back of her head.

"C'mon that wasn't necessary."

"Obviously it was."

"Well lookit here, guess we are twins after all, we even match, got the same scar in the middle of my forehead." Dante was almost gleeful seeing his twin react much the same way.

"Dante, if I have to put another bullet in you, it'll be a whole clip."

"Easy, I'll behave. Promise." He said, his hands coming up in a defensive manner. He may have a much quicker healing factor and almost immortality in a sense but that didn't mean that getting shot didn't hurt for the few seconds that there was actually pain.

"You never understood the concept of manners."

"If he's going to behave you are too. …It's like babysitting six year olds." She muttered holding back a sigh of frustration.

"You actually babysat?

"Shut up." She hissed.

"We are like six year olds?" Vergil asked raising an eyebrow at her childish response. It felt more like he was the one babysitting.

"Go to hell."

"You gotta relax a bit Lady." Dante said shooting her a mischievous grin when she looked back at him over her shoulder.

"I can relax when your kind isn't trying to kill mine."

"If you live that long." Vergil muttered with a desire to roll his eyes. They walked another twenty feet and a trap went off, apparently there was something of a challenge for him here.