Sorry it's taken me so long to update this. I've been pretty busy with school starting in a few days! And I've had major writer's block on this story and can't figure out anything. But I just got the inspiration to write more on this! So here's chapter 4! Bella's dream is in italics.

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I got up gently and walked into Carlisle's study with him.

"How?" I asked.

"Well, from my research, there are a couple different ways. One. She will grow back to her normal age at a normal pace, which we don't want. The next one ties in to my theory on how she got like this in the first place. I went back and inspected the area where she turned into her baby self and there was this powder all over. I tested it and looked around and, it is supernatural, or the humans didn't make it. Vampires did. My results show that it is designed to make a person younger but it was only supposed to make them a couple years younger. It's malfunctioned and now has turned Bella into a baby." He explained, his British accent coming through. I looked at him as if telling him to get to the point. "Sorry, anyways. All we need to do is make this drink and give it to her before she goes to sleep and she'll be her normal self when she wakes up the next day." he said.

"How do we make the drink?" I asked.

"Easily. Just a few ingredients, and i have all of them already. So I'll mix it up tonight and we'll give it to her tomorrow. Or do you want another few days with baby Bella?" he asked me. I thought about it.

"I love Baby Bella but, I miss my Bella. My 17 year old Bella. I miss the way she smiles. The way whe walks, the way she blushes..." i'm about to continue but he cuts me off.

"I take it you miss her." he said. I nodded.

"Very much." he smiled. Suddenly we heard an ear-splitting cry. Bella.

"Go to her." Carlisle said. I nodded and ran to my room. My Bella was crying, her face all red and tears falling down her cheeks. It hurt me to hear her cry like this. I picked her up gently and held her against my chest.

"Shhh...It's okay love, it's okay." I cooed into her ear. She just kept crying. "Shhhhh..."


I had just turned 17 again and was walking toward Edward. I smiled at him and he glared back. My smile dissapeared.

"Edward? What's wrong?" I asked. He looked at me and growled.

"Stay away from me!" he growled.

"What! But Edward? What did I do?" I asked, tears coming to my eyes.

"You were born. I hate you Isabella Marie Swan. Go away and never come back. I never want to see you again!" he yelled.

"Why?" I sobbed.

"Because you're nothing! Nothing Bella! All you will ever be is nothing! I wasted my time loving you and I regret every second of it!" he yelled and he turned and walked away.

That was when I jmped awake. I looked around and Edward was gone and I was still a baby. I started to cry, startled and Edward rushed in and started trying to comfort me. He was rocking me and cooing to me but I couldn't stop crying. That dream scared me really badly and I wanted to tell him about it but I couldn't. That's what scared me more than anything. I wanted him to hold me and tell me that what dream him said wasn't true, that he did love me and wanted to see me everyday of forever. That he wanted me around, but I couldn't tell him about my dream so he couldn't make me feel better.

"Bella, love. Please don't cry!" he begged. Eventually I settled down and sat in his arms and jutted my lower lip out. He kissed my cheeks and dried my eyes.

"What's wrong baby girl?" he asked. I looked at him sadly.

"Don't worry, Carlisle found an antidote. He's going to mix it tomorrow and give it to you tomorrow night. Shhh... Now go back to sleep love, I'm here." He laid me back down on the bed and laid next to me. He started humming my lullaby and I fell asleep soon afterwards.


I felt so bad for Bella. She looked so sad and scared last night. I hope she feels better. It was now about three in the afternoon and Carlisle had finished the antidote for the powder and was planning on giving it to her in about four more hours, when she went to bed. I was glad that Alice thought to video tape this. Right now she was watching Dora and dancing to it. It was adorable.


I picked up Bella and brought her up to my room and laid her on the bed. Carlisle came in and gave me the potion and told me to lay out some clothes for her when she changes back. I laid a V-neck royal blue blouse, dark denim jeans, a bra, and underwear out for her and laid next to her, giving her the potion.

"Thank you Carlisle." I said. He nodded.

"Your welcome son." he said turning and leaving. All I could do was sit and wait. Wait for the morning. Wait for my love. I closed my eyes to see if I could go into a sleeplike state. After what seemed like five minutes I felt a movement where Bella was. I open my eyes and look to see a 17 year old Bella sleeping next to me.

"Oh, Thank God." I whispered and gently pulled her close. She was in her pajamas. Apparently the potion makes the clothes bigger somehow too. It was about 8:00 in the morning. I gently kissed her forehead. After about another hour she starts stirring. I wait patiently next to her. Finally she opens her eyes. She looks around and when she sees me she stops.

"E-Edward?" she asks.

"Yes, I'm here." I soothe, pulling her closer. She immediately wrapped her arms around my waist. I hugged her back. She pulled herself up and kissed me. I kissed her back gently and pulled away when things got too heated.

"I love you. " I murmured.

"I love you too Edward." She replied. It sounded like music to my ears. I smiled at her brightly and she gave a warm smile back.

"I missed you." I said.

"I was right here, only smaller." she said confused.

"I know, but I missed you. I loved you as a baby but I love your 17 year old self even more." I explained.

"Ah, Yeah, I'd hope you love me better this way then as a baby. That would probably make you a pedophile." she joked. I laughed.

" Yeah. I guess it would. But if you think about it, this sort of makes me a pedophile too. I'm like...89 years older than you." I said. She smiled.

"But you look 17 so no one else knows. Someone would know if a 17 year old had those feelings for a baby." She pointed out. I chuckled and pulled her up so her head was resting on my chest. She smiled and hugged me tightly around the waist. I hug her back as tight as I dared. I remembered her nightmare night before last.

"Bella love. Do you remember anything about the night before last?" I asked.

"Yeah. Why?" She replied.

"You had a nightmare. Do you want to talk about it? It really scared you.'' I said. She bit her lip.

"It might hurt you." She said.

"Tell me. I'll help you. It really scared you. I don't want you to be scared love." I said stroking her cheek.

"Fine. I had just turned back. Into a seventeen year old, I mean. I was walking towards you smiling at you but all you'd do is glare at me. I asked you what was wrong and you glared at me more and told me to stay away from you. I asked what I did and you replied 'You were born. I hate you Isabella Marie Swan. Go away and never come back. I never want to see you again.' I asked why and you said 'Because you're nothing. Nothing, Bella. All you will ever be is nothing. I wasted my time loving you and I regret every second of it.' then you turned and walked away.'' she explained. A tear slid down her cheek.

"Bella. I love you. I never want you to stay away from me. You did nothing wrong, I love you. Stay and never leave. I always want to see you again. You're everything Bella, Everything to me. All you will ever be is everything. I never wasted my time. I will never regret loving you. Loving you was the best thing that I've done." I promised, stroking her cheek.

"Thank you Edward. I'm glad I'm back to normal." she said.

"I'm glad you are too." I replied.

And that's it for chapter 4. Bella's back!