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"Okay Stanley…" Finn sighed as he set down the Watermelon near it's home. It was late at night as the two were panting, sweating bullets. "You've gotten yourself into way too much trouble. Maybe you shouldn't wander in the dark forest again?"

Finn and Jake looked at the Watermelon, which just stood there. "What?! Provide food for your family? Can watermelons even eat?" Finn asked. He exchanged looks with Jake, who just shrugged. "Well… bye Stanley."

"Is it me or is Stanley getting into more trouble then Princess B?" asked Jake.

Finn shrugged. "Beats me—"

"Finn? Jake? Is that you?"

Finn and Jake looked up to see Princess Bubblegum in her Mallow Tea Ceremony dress. She was on the Marshmallows, sitting on her royal chair with her Mallow Tea cups and pot, bouncing up and down on the giant marshmallows. Lady Rainicorn was also there too, happily flying around the oversized marshmallows.

"Princess, what are you doing here at night? It's way too dark to have a tea party!" Finn asked concerned.

The Princess giggled. "Oh Finn. I wanted to try this for a long time now. Mallow Tea Ceremonies are usually held in the daytime. Just think of having a Mallow Tea Ceremony at night!" Princess Bubblegum sighed happily. "It'd be glorious! The stars glistening above your heads… it's scientific and delicious."

"I-I guess." Finn shrugged.

"Would you two care to join?" Princess Bubblegum asked the two. Finn uneasily rubbed the back of his head.

"Tea Partying is hard…" Finn sadly said.

"Ah, lighten up you fart. We have to protect the Princess from uh… uh… Night Monsters." Jake said with a smile on his face.

"Are they evil?" Finn asked. "Or are you just making this up to see Lady Rainicorn?"

"Heck yeah! Totally evil! And no." Jake said wiggling his arms. Finn smiled. "What time is it?"

"Adventure Time?"

"No you silly goons. Tea Time!" Princess Bubblegum smiled. Finn and Jake bumped fists and scattered to the marshmallows. She tossed two tea cups at them as they swiftly caught them.

"I think I mastered the Tea Ceremony now!" Finn joyfully chimed as his tea jumped up and down in his teacup. Jake laughed as his stretchy body swiftly caught his tea cup near Lady Rainicorn. She giggled, before it came.

"공주님, 핀, 제이크, 조심해!!" (Princess, Finn, Jake, watch out!!) Lady Rainicorn screamed in Korean. Horror and dread was in her voice as her eyes widened. Without understanding a word Lady was saying, they continued to sip their tea, there backs turned on the monstrous benign that was lurking behind them.

"You really shouldn't have a tea party at night…" the voice hissed.

Princess Bubblegum's eyes furrowed as she recognized the voice easily. "Queen of Vampires. You were banned anywhere near the Candy Kingdom…" Her voice was stern and serious, as her eyes, narrowed and grim. Finn and Jake never saw Bubblegum so furious.

"Marceline?" he asked once Princess Bubblegum said "Queen" and "Vampire" in the same sentence. The voice chuckled, just like how Marceline would. She stepped outside of the dark with a smile on her face revealing her sharp fangs.

"Hey weenie. What's up?" Marceline asked with a smirk.

Princess Bubblegum turned to Finn. "You guys know her?"

"Yeah. She driven us out of our home twice." Finn said as Marceline chuckled again.

"Ah Bubble G, why so mad? Not happy to see me? Haha…" she asked as she lurked her way near the Princess. She stiffened

"Vampire Queen, I suggest you leave now before the Candy Guardians come to get you…" Princess Bubblegum said, seriously.

"Like those two gumballs can get me. I am a vampire." She said with a flick of her tongue. "Speaking of the Kingdom and what not… I need a place to crash." She yawned, stretching her arms and letting her long black raven hair drape over her shoulders. "Been awhile since I crashed here."

"Hamacow! Your sleeping over?" Finn asked with a toothy grin. Jake walked by his side.

"I don't think having a Vampire, even worst, Marceline, to sleep here is a good idea." Jake said. Marceline shot a glance at Jake as she flicked her tongue, tempting to bite him.

"He's right you know Finn." The Princess said.

"Just let me crash for the night Bubble G. I'll be gone tomorrow. I swear." Marceline smirked at the Bubblegum Princess who despised the name she have given her.

"It'd be fun promise!" Finn cheered—Adventure was his calling, and there's nothing like Adventure when having a sleep over with the Vampire Queen. Marceline smiled and chuckled as she lurked herself around Finn and placed an arm around his shoulder.

"Finn you don't understand—" Princess Bubblegum tried explaining.

"One night Bubble G. It's not like I'll try to suck your blood… your only half human, I don't want gum to be stucked to my teeth.." she hissed tapping her sharp pointed teeth. Princess Bubblegum sighed.

"Very well." She sighed as Marceline gave her a rebellious grin. The four walked up to the candy kingdom where Marceline will be staying. Princess Bubblegum, trailing behind a bit, grabbed Finn's noodle arm and dragged him behind.

"Princess! What's wrong?" he asked surprised as Jake and Marceline were far ahead.

"Your what's wrong yah ding dong!!" she hissed. "You don't understand! Oh my cabbage, Finn! Do you realize what you just done?!"

"I… invited Marceline to stay at the Candy Kingdom?"

"YES! Remember when I said that Candy people will FLIP when there scared?"


"You ding-dong! Marceline can scare the sprinkles out of them!! They'll all---"

"EXPLODE?! Errrhg!!!! I'm a big fart…"

"No your not, your adorable." She stated making Finn blush. "But you started this mess, and I want you guys to clean it up! Keep an eye out for her and try not to make the Candy Citizens to turn bonkers! Are you willing to stay the night at the castle?"

Finn scratched his chin while nodding. Princess Bubblegum sighed in relief and smiled. "Then it's settled. You two will keep an eye out for the Vampire Queen." She turned her back on the human as she continued walking.

"W-wait! Princess!"

Glancing over her shoulder, she stopped. "You said Marceline was banned from the Candy Kingdom earlier… what happened?"

Princess Bubblegum's expression turned saddened. "I'll tell you once we get to the castle…"

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