"Finn, your hand is super sticky. Haha, hormones! I see your turning into a big boy now Finn." Marceline joked as they flew through the air to the Candy Kingdom. Finn gasped at first, then growled. Marceline laughed as she gripped Finn's sweaty hand tighter. "Woah there. Your going to slip off any second now." She assured.

"Right. Sorry…" Finn said watching his feet dangle in the air. As Marceline glided through the Cotton Candy forest and towards the Kingdom's Castle, Finn let loose of his grip on her hand, and slid down to the ground, tumbling towards the large entrance, wanting to escape the vampire from embarrassment.

Finn creaked open the door and looked around. There sat Jake and Princess Bubblegum watching the fire burn in the fireplace. "Finn!" Jake exclaimed. He stretched his way towards the boy and tugged him tightly. "Dude I was worried, like-like-like, so worried!"

"Heh-heh. Sorry man, can you let go of me?" Finn said. Jake set his paws free and stretched near the fire.

"Your skin is so cold! Sit bro'."

"Right." Finn said walking towards the fire. The fire rushed its way to warm Finn, making his goosebumps disappear. Once Finn was toasty warm, Marceline floated her way through the door. Princess Bubblegum watched her float next to her. The Bubblegum girl winces and stiffened up as Marceline sat on the coach next to her and crossed her legs.

"What? Mommy's mad because it's pass his bedtime?" Marceline snickered in a baby voice. She pursed her lips and showed off her fangs at Princess Bubblegum. "Don't worry Ms. Finn—I made sure to bring the baby back from our little playdate." She joked.

Princess Bubblegum whipped her head towards Marceline and forced a smile on her good two shoes face, twitching a bit when she called her "". "Funny." She claimed. "Well. I'm glad you too had a—" she cringed "—good time. But wouldn't you agree that you should… freshen up?" Princess Bubblegum stated giving Marceline a look over.

Marceline sniffed the air obnoxiously. She looked at her own clothes, they were warned out from all the trouble she caused. "Whatev'. I get it alright? You want to talk to Jake and Finn alone." She spat when saying Finn. She smiled though, and flew her way upstairs.

Once she was out of sight, Bubblegum ran where the adventurer's sat and angrily pushed them against a wall, enough force to strike Finn and Jake.

"Woah! What the cabbage?" Finn and Jake simultaneously shrieked. Bubblegum pinned the two against the wall so they couldn't escape.

"You're the cabbage guys! Ugh. That didn't even make any sense! See what your turning me into? Your turning me into an idiot!" Princess Bubblegum growled. Jake exchanged looks with Finn, his expression was the same—confused and blank.

"I'm sorry! Uh, what did we do again?" Finn asked.

Jake sniffed and replied. "Yeah man. What's happenin' PB?"

"I-I'm the one who should be sorry. It's just that… she makes me so frustrated! Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she say she would be out of here in a day? It's been a day! It's already 5AM!" Princess Bubblegum said. Her skinny arms slid down the wall as she sat on the carpeted candy ground. Her hands laid on her lap.

"Chill man… wo-man. We'll make sure she's outta here!"

"Besides, Marceline's nocturnal. She probably means next night."

"That's way to long for me Finn." Princess Bubblegum cried. She smiled at Finn and Jake. "Get her out of here. I don't want to see her here tonight!"

Marceline watched Jake tell Princess Bubblegum about the eviction of Marceline. They were devising a plan to get her out, but in conclusion they didn't come up with anything. But Marceline knew they were planning to get her out—and she wasn't amused one bit. She watched from a distance, not to far yet not to close. She kept her hand steady against the wall they closed the stairs, forming a hallway of stairs up to the room. Once the three stopped talking for a second or two, Marceline floated her way to the three that were watching the fire bristle.

"Hey guys. What's up?" Marceline smirked. The two adventurer's and the princess gazed up at Marceline. She did in fact freshened up, wearing a new set of clothes—her Whywolfe dress with the matching shoes and stripped stockings. Instead of her hair carelessly hanging, she tied it into a ponytail.

Jake shivered and scooted closer to Finn. "I still don't like her." Jake whispered over to Finn.

"Heard that." Marceline smiled, tapping her ears. "I have ears of a bat, wingnut." She laughed.

Princess Bubblegum had an expressionless façade again as she coughed, signaling it was time to evict the evictor. "Huh?" Finn said. "-Oh! Oh yeah. Marceline, ever traveled outside of Ooo?"

Marceline raised an eyebrow as she tapped her foot. "No. Like where?"

"Like… Lumpy Space?"

"Technically, genius, Lumpy Space is still in Ooo. There's just a hidden portal somewhere that I can't seem to find…" she replied rubbing her chin thinking deeply. "Anyway. Why pop the question all of a sudden?" She asked, her gaze was on Princess Bubblegum instead of Finn though. Princess Bubblegum turned her head once she came in contact with the vampire queen's cold eyes.


"Y-yeah man… WOMAN. I mean woman!" Jake startled as he covered his face from future damage by the queen. But she didn't move, instead she cockily laughed at him.

"Still… afraid?" Marceline hissed happily, scaring Jake with one of her famous vampire faces. She laughed once more and turned to face Finn. "Yeah, I'll go."

"Sweet, Jake you coming?" Finn said getting up from his position and heading towards the door. Jake huffed but timidly followed behind Finn.

Princess Bubblegum gave Finn and Jake a wink, gesturing that the plan was in action, she took a hankie out of her gown and waved it. "Farewell young warriors! And… vampire."

She could hear the queen hiss.


(Cotton Candy Forest)

"Oh. Oh. Oh where is that portal? Could it be… that tree over there?" Finn pretended. He knew where the portal was, because of the journey he had with LSP after Jake got bitten by the lumpy princess.

Marceline rolled her eyes. "Finn you've been doing this for awhile now! I'm starting to think it's not here." Marceline whined. She tapped her foot. "Let look near the lake."

"No, wait don't go!" Finn shrieked. He turned a different direction where a mushroom sat. "Oh where is that portal?—" he started again. "—COULD IT BE THAT MUSHROOM?"

"This is ridiculous." Marceline sighed.

"Shoot. Where's that frog?" Finn asked Jake, who was the size of a baby chick, sitting on Finn's shoulder—just so he won't have to face a conversation with the vampire. Jake shrugged.

"Maybe if we do some weird frog mating calls, he'll think we—"

"Found it!" Finn exclaimed before Jake could finish. Marceline looked at Finn as he ran towards the frog who was hopping small steps around the mushroom. 'Haha. Frog."

"Finn, is this a joke? Cause if it is!—" Marceline began, her face getting furious as it turned vigorously scary.

"No! The portal is that frog and mushroom!" Finn explained. Once he said that, the frog leaped onto the mushroom and croaked. Marceline walked over to Finn and Jake who were watching the frog croak. She raised and eyebrow and put her hands on her hips.

The frog croaked. "Non-lumper's-" croak "—May not visit the—" croak "—Lumpy Space."

Finn looked shocked as he worriedly look at Jake. "Nuts… I have a plan. Follow me guys. And gal." He said walking behind a sugary cotton candy tree. The vampire followed, with Jake crawling off his shoulder and hopping onto the grass.

"What?" she spat.

"We can't get in, unless we have a lumpy person with us—specifically Lumpy Space Princess." Finn explained. "So, I devised a plan! Jake, shift into the form a LSP."

"Aw man, gross. I don't want to look like her!" Jake exclaimed. Finn growled.

"C'mon! It's the only way to get the muffin man out of Drury lane." Finn secretly said, knocking Jake with his elbow. Of course he was talking about evicting Marceline. And she knew what he was talking about.

"What are you?—" Finn elbowed him. "—OH. Ok…" Jake said. He shifted his body into the shape of LSP.

"Now float Jake!"

"I can't! I'll fall, and just stay on the ground to rot…" he replied. Marceline smiled.

She wrapped her arm around Jake's lumpy mock of LSP. "I'll make Jake float." She said. Jake shivered in the embrace of Marceline. His teeth were practically chattering.

"How are you gonna do that?" Finn asked. As Finn said that, Marceline turned into her small bat form. She flew behind Jake's back, unnoticed of course, and picked Jake up, making him seem like he's floating. "Oh. Algebraic! C'mon, let's try this again."

Jake was still shaking as the three waltz over to the frog on the mushroom. The frog croaked once, then twice, until he asked for the password. "Password please?" croaked the frog.

Finn whipped his head towards Jake who cleared his voice. "Whatever it's… it's…."

"2009." Finn whispered.

"2009!" Jake said. "WHATEVER IT'S 2009!" he then grunted. The frog croaked once again.

"Good evening Princess. Is your father okay with you bringing that… smoothe poser…. Again?"

"Yeah, whatever. Let's just go." Jake said in his best LSP voice. The frog croaked until it unleashed it's tongue onto Finn and Jake, with Marceline attached behind him. He ate them whole as the three were swirling to the infamous Lumpy Space.



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