A/N: I know it's been almost a year since I last published a chapter of this story. And, well, I've had Writer's Block with this storyline since I last published.

So, unfortunately, I close out this Superbeak story. If I should get over my writer's block on this story, I PROMISE to upload it.

I feel like a jerk doing this, but I feel like a bigger jerk for not telling anybody.

Thank you, all who have read it, reviewed it, favorited it, or even followed it. Your support is what drove me.

I would like to especially thank Amy Rose 7-Eli la eriza, who helped write Chapter 11- In my opinion, it was the best chapter written for the story, and I hate to put the story involving this Chapter on the shelf. If anyone reading this has an Idea for this storyline, or the new storyline (I'll get to that in just a minute, I swear), please message me- either by E-mail or by Private Message. Or write a chapter for me. I promise to give credit you if I put it in this story, and will thank anyone who gives input.

I will place the Sneak peek at the new Superbeak in my DeviantArt journal tomorrow. - .com/journal/

I close by thanking you all again for taking your time to read this story.