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Sum: Harry Potter, Master of Death, has defeated Voldemort, but he lost everything in return. Ending his life, he end up in the court of the Titan of Night, Now he has a new lease on life, what better way to use it then being a pirate. I own nothing but the Titan and his Court.

Chapter one

The Deal

The ground of Hogwarts where once, beautiful and inspiring. After the resection of Voldemort, they became dead, and freighting as the second war waged on, taking the lives of hundreds. Sometime during the third or fourth battle of Hogwarts, the castle's towers fell, it's walls collapsed, it's massive door's destroyed. All the stood living on the grounds was Harry Potter at the age of nineteen, sweating as he covered the last grave of his friends.

"God damn you Riddle, I hope the devil enjoys having you has his personal fuck toy." spat Harry as he stuck the shovel into the ground near an open grave. "I'll see you all on the other side." said Harry standing at the edge of the grave and placed his wand under his chin. Taking a deep breath he said his final words. "Avada Kedavra." and in a flash of green light, Harry Potter's life ended, his body falling into the open grave. Most would think that was the end, however, death is but a door, to the next great adventure as Harry was about to find out.

Feeling strangely in pain, Harry opened his eyes and found himself looking up to a large gothic style ceiling with several banners hanging from it. As Harry started to come around, he heard several voices, all of them arguing and shouting at each other, the word, mixing and disappearing into white noise.

Getting up and looking around, the beings that where arguing, stood on ether side of him and covered in shadow, in front of him was a young man in a throne. He had blood red messy hair in a low braid and was wearing cloths that looked almost military in style with a matrix style trench coat but what caught Harry's attention was his eyes, his glowing Avada Kedavra green eyes that demanded obedience. In front of the man stood the grim reaper himself. As Harry pulled himself to his feet, the others quieted down, leaving a deafening silence.

"You have no right Tenkai. The boy's soul is mine!" roared the Grim Reaper at the young man on the throne. "And I wouldn't be able to bring him hear if you had done you job properly, Voldemort was suppose to die that Halloween, but you allowed him to live. Now the boy is going to get exactly was he has earned. Do you have a problem with that Greg?" asked the young man, his eyes flashing red. "Yes, I do! By right, the boy's soul belongs to me, he's dead, his soul is mine!" yelled Greg causing all the others to started yelling and arguing.

As Harry's brain caught up with the fact that some one was demanding his soul from the Grim Reaper, Tenkai rose from his black shadow formed throne and shouted with a voice full with power and raw killing intent. "ENOUGH! I will hear no more!" and with his voice carrying the beings of shadow fled, not wishing to incur the wrath of this young man. "As for you Greg, LEAVE MY HOME, YOU SHALL NOT FIND ANYTHING HERE!" ordered the being making the Grim Reaper flinch and disappear into the shadows.

"Please come closer Harrison. I have a deal for you." replied Tenkai waving his hand becoming Harry to come closer. "I'm sure you have many question, and I know I have many answers, so ask and ye shall understand." replied Tenkai. "Who are you?" asked Harry as Tenkai waved his hand and a throne of shadows formed. "A good start, I am Tenkai no Konton, Titan of Night, War and Time." replied the Titan. "Titan, like the Roman and Greek titans?" asked Harry. "Exactly like the Roman and Greek titan's, though they are young compared to me." replied Tenkai as an almost elf like being walked up to them with a table with tea on it and a Werewolf in armor behind it carrying a large box.

"What do you want with me?" asked Harry as the elf poured them tea. "Ah, the second most important question you will asked me this day. To explain, I must tell you, the day on Halloween, Voldemort was suppose to die, however Greg, the Grim Reaper of your world, fucked up, for lack of a better term that you could understand. So, you with out the back up of the prophesy, fought and defeated Voldemort when you should have had a normal life that you have revolutionized magic and the way that it was used." replied Tenkai taking a sip of tea. "Now that you have died, and you have been forced away from you proper destiny I will be giving you a new life free of destiny, both to thank you and to apologized for Greg's enormous screw up." Tenkai said.

"Alright, but what's the catch?" asked Harry looking at Tenkai as he motioned for the Werewolf to come forward. "Not much, it more several choices you have to make then a catch, other then that you can't be born . If you don't take my offer you'll go to Greg and be dead till you are reincarnated." Tenkai said looking at Harry.

"Alright, so what's the first choice?" asked Harry getting a grin from the Titan. "Ah, the most important question you could ask. Open it captain." ordered the Titan of night, making the Werewolf open the box he was carrying and on it's velvet lining was a very strange collection of items.

First was a set of three very strange looking fruit and next to them was a set of three scrolls, next to them was the elder wand and a platinum ring with runes on it and finally two swords, one a saber and the other a Katana both of them clad in red.

"The first choice is to eat or not to eat. Each on of these fruits can give you a power, at the cost of the ability to move in water. One will effect you body into doing one thing, one with make you into something like a Werewolf only you control it and the last will allow you to turn into an element. However the world you will be sent to, is 98 percent water. Make your choice." explained Tenkai looking at Harry.

"But what do they do and which ones which?" asked Harry. "I won't tell you. It's your own self that decides, let your own luck give you a good future." replied Tenkai. "Alright, I'll eat this one." replied Harry picking up a red and blue tear drop shaped fruit and took a bite out of it. Grimacing, Harry swallowed before looking at the fruit that shrived in his hand. "Good, now for your second choice. These three scrolls hold a single fighting style, One hold a monster of a martial arts style called Rokushiki, the second is a multi sword style and the last is a Fencing sword style. The choice is yours." said Tenkai with a grin on his face. "Let me guess, you won't tell me which one's what." stated Harry looking at the Titan nod. "Right, I'll choice this one." replied picking up a scroll with a square with an X in it. "Good choice, now, the one of the most important choice. Traditional Magic or the Magic you should have made?" asked Tenkai his grin turning evil like. "That's easy, the Magic I should have created." replied Harry picking up the ring. "I thought so, the magic will be sealed in your mind till your ready, only the basics will be unsealed. Now for your last choice. The way of Destruction of the way of Precision." the lord of the castle asked. Picking up the saber Harry made his choice.

"Now all the choices have been made, I'll drop you off on a small island so you can practice your skills for about three months before some one comes to pick you up. Oh, and before I forget, this is yours." Tenkai said handing Harry a shrunken trunk. "I converted all your holdings into money and into the money of your new world. Any more question before I send you off?" asked Tenkai getting up and leading Harry over to a wooden door. "Yeah, what do you get out of helping me?" asked Harry as Tenkai opened the door causing Harry to smell the sea. "Entertainment!" replied Tenkai as he kicked Harry into the door and into his new world before quickly closing it.

"Really and here I thought you'd say for our bet." replied a female voice. Turning around Tenkai saw a very beautiful woman that looked to be nineteen with long, to her knees, black hair and golden eyes full of amusement. She was wearing a long pure white sleeveless strapless dress that covered her feet but showed a generous amount of cleavage. Wrapped around her waist was a chastity belt with a saber attached to her hip. "Fate, our bet is second to the amount of humor I get from this. Now step back, I'm making another plot twist." replied Tenkai a large grin split his face from ear to ear.

"What are you planning?" asked Fate as two large magic circles appeared. "Something, I can't say until the Almighty Author-sama takes the Reader to the next scene." replied Tenkai looking out towards you. "You heard me, go watch what Harry is doing, you can't see what's….." trailed off Tenkai as the scene fade to a small island out in the middle of no where.

"Ok, damn fucker didn't have to kick me." replied Harry as he sat up and immediately noticed several changes. First was his body was much more in shape then is should have been, a hell lot more in shape then is should have been. Second he could almost feel even muscle in his body and new a lot of basic fighting skills. Thinking about his new Magic skills he could recall hundreds of incantations and the theory's behind each spell with perfect clear memory. Thinking about his sword, he found that the knowledge of a very basic sword style with a saber was there but once he thought about the fruit there was nothing but the disgusting taste in his memory.

"Interesting, but what happened?" asked Harry Looking around him at the small wooded island. "I wonder what this magic looks like." stated Harry as he looked up and placed his hand aiming up. "O three spirits of darkness, Come together and strike mine enemy!" chanted Harry and three beams of black energy formed and shot upward, only to turn around and attack Harry after twenty feet. "Oh crap!' yelled Harry putting his hands in front of his face. Just as they struck the Harry's body turned to diamond defecting the arrows of darkness.

"What the hell?" asked Harry looking at his diamond skin. "Is this my Fruit power?" He asked as he willed himself back to normal. "Ok. Now I need to plan my training." said Harry as he picked up the scroll and opened it. The first technique on it was Soru.

"I guess I choice the Martial arts style." said Harry to himself as he started shook his head side to side. "Something tells me this is going to be a long, long three months." Harry said to himself with a sigh as he read the theory behind Soru. "Ok, I have three months, I'll work on the Martial arts first, then my fruit power and last my magic and sword skill." said Harry dropping his head. "Something tells me this is going to be a long, long, loooong three months." he said as he continued to read the scroll.

End chapter

Author's notes please read

-Note one- I thought I'd try this plot out, I may continue I may not, see how popular this get.

-Note two- If any one wishes to do a different Version of this story with different choices be my guest just give me credit for the original idea, first chapter and Tenkai and Fate.