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Kick Ass X Red Mist Getting TherePart 1

He shivered, the anticipation crawling over his shoulders in waves of excitement. Continuing up the stairs, his body being slightly forced into an awkward sideways angle, Chris firmly held onto Dave s hand while dragging the other teen along behind him. Almost there, It s only right up here on the next floor. As Chris glanced over his shoulder, he realized how looking at Dave s slightly flustered face following him blindly through the building made him feel young and very much unlike the crime boss he was supposed to be becoming. Shaking his head from his own musings, he stifled a grin and quickened his speed up the stairwell, causing Dave to stumble into him as they reached the landing. The hallway was dimly lit, mixing with the humid temperature of the heating system to cast a glow on Dave, and his skin to shine vaguely with perspiration from the climb up. Biting his lip, Chris turned to the first door and unlocked it before yanking Dave along behind him, their hands still firmly clasped. When they reached the dark double doors, Chris led them in and grinned lightly at their surroundings.

"This was your dads office, right?" There was a brief pause as Chris let go of Dave's hand and walked down the length of the wall a few steps, his fingers brushing against the smooth surface lazily as he went. "Yea, It was. Technically, it s mine now." Chris fingered the light switch gingerly, his eyes watching his hand idly before flipping it off.

The sudden darkness that encased the room caused a light gasp from Dave's vicinity. Only the lamp from the office desk cast any source of light, illuminating silhouettes across the room and forming yellow outlines around the contours of Dave s face. Cutting the conversation short before any other questions were asked or comments stated, Chris swiftly crossed the room, his body coming in full contact with Dave's as he backed him up into the desk. The wood struck against Dave s tail bone, causing a sharp gasp to emit from the bruised teen and a grunt from the other as Dave's hips reflexively jerked against Chris's. He could feel the wet lips against his neck and groaned as he pulled at the straps of the back pack down Dave s arms, letting it fall with a heavy thump against the floor. His fingers stumbled down the buttons of the shirt before him, easily undoing them in a progressive fashion while pausing briefly every other one to absorb the pleasant tingles that shot through the nerves from his neck as Dave administered butterfly kisses, soft licks and sharp bites to the pale flesh.

Simultaneously, Dave lifted his legs to wrap around Chris s waist as Chris slid Dave s shirt off in a fluid motion. Fabric rustled against each other as hips thrust, the proof of their arousals hot through their jeans. He felt hands roam his front before finding the hem of his shirt and yanking it straight up and over his head. When the shirt distantly landed somewhere behind him, he could feel Dave's flushed skin against his abdomen, causing him to gasp at the shivers that ran down his back, forcing him to be aware of how cold his own skin was compared to the others. The contrast of body temperature added with the feel of their stomach muscles rubbing and flexing against each other, heightened the feel of the thin layer of sweat forming between them and providing for slick friction as their hips pressed into each other in stimulating motions. Finding one of his hands twisting in Dave's hair and the other grasping his hip, he yanked the other teen closer to him, ridding the gap between them with an avid kiss. Catching Dave's lower lip between his teeth he gave it a gentle suck before licking it and finally dragging his teeth over it as he released it with a small nip. Returning to the kiss full force, he let Dave explore his mouth, succumbing to the twisting motions as Dave rubbed their tongues together in time with their grinding. Hands rubbed up Chris's back, causing more goose bumps to appear and an appeased moan to escape into Dave's mouth. Dave toyed with the feel of Chris's shoulder blades and the dip of his spine as Chris arched his back, pressing their bodies together, causing Dave to tighten his grip and slightly dig in with his nails. The mewling sound that Chris responded with mildly surprised him, but Dave just grinned into another set of kisses and started to lightly bring down his nails in a gentle scratching gesture, amused at the guttural noises that came from Chris's throat.

Leaning over, Chris nipped at Dave's shoulder, nibbling a small trail across the collarbone, taking his time to lick the expanse and kiss at the pulse point. Using the hand he had entwined in Dave's messy hair, he yanked the teens head back some as he traveled his licks and nips up Dave's neck and across his chin before landing a hard kiss against the corner of his lips. Their grinding had slowed but their arousals were still full force and pressed against each other as they touched noses, trying to gain some breathe and drag out their time together. Shutting his eyes in admiration that right now he was just Chris D Amico and he had Dave Lizewski, a fucking cool ass friend and Boyfriend in his office, half naked and extremely turned on, and on his desk, Chris didn t notice when Dave unwrapped his legs and grabbed his shoulders. Within the seconds he went to open his eyes, Chris had been flipped to where he was the one laying on the desk half naked and extremely aroused. He felt Dave grab his small wrists together and hold them above his head. He smirked daringly at Dave, in almost a jest to see what Dave might do next. Right as Dave began to lean down with a glint in his eyes, there was a muffled yell from the hall. Freezing along with Chris, Dave hunched his shoulders slightly as he lowered his actual face and identity from view. Another shout followed the first and Chris sucked in a breath as his name was called, the door actively flying open as if acting as the exclamation point to the call. The end of the shout was cut off slightly as the man stood silently from the doors, as if trying to access if the situation he was seeing was actually what it looked like.

"Fuck!" Chris growled out, the frustration clear upon his face as he easily tugged his arms out from Dave's grasp and wrapped them around his neck to hoist himself up to peer over Dave's shoulder, his eyes adjusting to the blare of light pouring in from the doorway. The tall sinewy man at the door way held a gun in one limp hand and a tightly balled bag in the other which helped support him as he leaned against the door way, as if slightly unsure of what to do next. "Fucking, Fuck! What the fuck do you want marching into MY office like this!?" His grip tightened around Dave as he yelled while Dave himself nuzzled his face into the crook of Chris's neck.

"I'm, uh, sorry Sir, I mean, Mr. D Amico. I just thought you said to bring some of my next batch to you promptly, so I um-" "Just get out!" The guy used the fist holding the gun to slide back his greased hair as he stepped back hesitantly before taking a step once more into the room, waving the bag he fisted in "he air around him. "What do you want me to do w-?"

"Drop it and get the Fuck out already!" The man was gone in an instant and Chris struggled to hold back a growl as he fell back against the desk once more. He felt Dave pull away and didn t bother to stop him, the mood had left through the door as quickly as his lackey had burst through them.

Moving to an upright position Chris rested his forehead against his palm, sighing in a depressed agony for what was ruined. Watching through tired eyes, he followed Dave s movements as he gathered their shirts from the ground and slung the back pack over his shoulder as he started moving over to the bag and began palming it in his hand a bit before tossing it at Chris. Catching the small bag in his free hand he glanced at it before shoving it into his pants pocket. Want to come with me to my room then? Dave chewed thoughtfully on his upper lip as he walked to where Chris sat dejectedly. Sure. He punctuated his answer with a quick kiss to Chris's lips before pulling away and reaching for his hand.