30th Chapter Spectacular of Chapter Spectaculars

Nick: Wow, that's a long name for this. Anyway; welcome to the final chapter spectacular. I'm still Nick. This time, instead of just Gold, Silver, Annie and Lyra. We have the whole cast of characters that had names. All except Professor Oak, Gold's dad and Tracey. And Lance, for obvious reasons. Say hi everyone.

Silver: Hey

Gold: Hi

Annie: Hola

Ash/Gary: Hello

Lyra: Hi ya.

Nick: XO The final spectacular and you decide now, not to take me seriously?

All: Yeah.

Nick: Whatever. Let's get on with the questions. First is for everyone: what did you think of the ending?

Silver: It could have been better.

Gold: I agree, it was kind of cheesy.

Annie: I was in the ending!

Ash: It was horrible; it didn't have me or Gary in it.

Gary: Ash, I don't think that's what he means.

Ash: So, I can say it can't I?

Gary: You're so cute when you're determined.

Ash: I know. *Start making out*

Nick: Why did we let them sit in the same chair?

Lyra: You said that you thought they'd be civilized, remember?

Nick: Good point. Alright, stop making out or Annie's coming out of her cage to kill you.

Annie: Why am I in a cage in the first place?

Nick: Because I still don't trust you. Especially with all of these people here.

Annie: Aw! I want Chase Young!

Nick: No, not this time. Back to the questions. Next one is for Gary and Ash… if they stop tongue wrestling long enough to talk. YO!

Ash/Gary: Huh?

Nick: Good. Now, do you guys wish that your story had been M rated?

Ash: Yeah, then you wouldn't have had to defend your self when I said fuck.

Gary: I don't, then I'd have to picture Richie fucking you.

Ash: I guess you're right.

Nick: Why don't you guys do that scene after the shower again and see if anyone remembers?

Ash: Sure.

Gary: Okay

Ash: I thought I told you not to do anything dirty unless I said it was okay

Gary: How could you with my tongue in your mouth?

Ash: Exactly, so why did you do it?

Gary: You were moaning; that was all the permission I needed. You can't tell me you didn't like it.

Ash: I can't, but still I never actually said: "Gary push me against the wall and fuck me."

Gary: True, but you couldn't say it no matter how much you wanted to.

*Audience applauds*

Nick: That was great. It sure brings back memories too.

Annie: That was my favorite part in that whole story.

Nick: So them getting married wasn't good enough for you?

Annie: Nope

Nick: Whatever. On with the questions. This one is for the Silver's Golden Heart people: what was your favorite part of Ash's Final Challenge?

Gold: When Ash kicked Gary's ass in that battle.

Gary: Hey, I didn't get my ass kicked, I let him win.

Ash: I'm so sure.

Nick: Silver, how about you?

Silver: I don't know, I never read it.

*Everyone stares at him*

Gold: You didn't read it?

Silver: No, I didn't really want to.

Gold: You're reading it. *Takes Silver to the back to find a computer*

Nick: Okay… how about you Lyra?

Lyra: Probably the first time they kissed, that was so cute.

Ash/Gary: We know. *Start making out again*

Nick: Oh, come on!

Annie: That is so hot.

Nick: Shut up! CHASE YOUNG!

Annie: Heeeeeee! *Daydreaming*

Nick: Why do I even try?

Lyra: I don't know, why do you try?

Nick: I have yet to figure it out. Whatever, on to the next! This one is for Ash… would you mind removing your tongue from Gary's throat?

Ash: *Reluctant* Fine.

Nick: Okay, what was your least favorite part of Silver's Golden Heart?

Ash: Either when Silver got raped, when he broke up with Gold, or when he got stabbed. You really put him through hell.

Nick: Don't judge me, you're the reason he broke up with Gold in the first place.

Ash: Yeah, because you wrote it that way.

Audience: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Nick: Let's give the audience what they want!

Ash: Yes, let's!


Announcer: The 30th Chapter Spectacular will be right back after these messages.

(Zoo commercial, Ford commercial, some kind of charity commercial)

Nick: And we're back. Ow! *Rub my arm* It still hurts!

Ash: Don't be such a baby! At least you haven't been fucked in the ass.

Nick: True, but Gary has. Coincidentally, that's our next question: what was it like switching positions for a chapter?

Gary: It hurt for one. Other than that, it felt… different.

Annie: That is so hot!

Nick: Annie, shut up!

Lyra: You don't have to be so mean to her.

Nick: Do you want me to sick her on you?

Lyra: No, I'll be good.

Nick: Good. Wait, where did Ash and Gary go?

Lyra: They left after Annie said them switching positions was hot.

Nick: Ugh, we can't do this if we keep losing the guests. Are Silver and Gold back yet?

Annie: No, and they didn't leave for the reason you think they did.

Nick: I don't want to know. This wasn't as spectacular as the title makes it seem. I guess we should end it now that we only have three people and the rest of the questions are for Ash and Gary anyway.

Lyra: Probably would be a good idea.


Nick: Oh my God Annie! What the hell's wrong with you? You know what, go get Lyra. *Unlocks the cage*

Lyra: You ass hole! I'll never forgive you! *Runs with Annie chasing her*

Nick: Good night everyone and thanks for reading my story. Be sure to read my new story called Blazing Cynders. It's not a yaoi, so most of the girls reading this probably won't like it, but give it a chance. For the last time, good bye everybody.