"No!" Harry sat straight up from his cot in Ron's room, almost knocking it over in the process. He had just had a horribly vivid nightmare and was ashamed to say he felt dampness on his cheeks.


The nightmare had been about her. She was with a death eater. He had to go save her. He had to make sure she was alright.

"Harry? S'you ok?" Ron asked, starting to sit up.

"Yeah-Yeah, I'm fine. Just going to go downstairs to…uh…get something to drink…"

Harry knew Ron was extremely tired, since he had just arrived back from his trip with Hermione to retrieve her parents. His suffering from severe jetlag must have made Ron believe Harry's lame excuse as he had opted to fall asleep instead. Ron's head had barely touched the pillow before Harry disappeared out the door, heading straight toward Ginny's room.

He didn't even knock when he reached it, just burst in and let his eyes feast upon her in the darkness.

She was in her bed. She was alright. Everything was safe now. She was safe. He walked slowly up to her bed and fell to his knees. He rested his cheek near her face and stared at her beauty. He breathed in her sweet smell and felt a wall collapse within him. He started to quietly sob, his hands clenching to fists to keep the pain from breaking him. He tried to get up, to not let Ginny see him like this, but his knees were too weak. He was going to loose it.

Ginny's eyes opened and gasped.


Harry did not look up. His body shook with his deep anguish. His grief for Tonks, Remus, Fred, all who had fallen from him raked through him. Dear Merlin, why Fred? He was so good, so kind and completely hilarious. Why Tonks and Remus? They were new parents; they were in love and happy. So many good people had died. All for him. Cedric, Sirius, Dumbledore, Snape, his mum and dad, everyone who had been killed in the battle at Hogwarts. He grieved for their loss, for his guilt, for his relief that it was all over, and his fear that he would never be able to move on.

Ginny placed her warm hands on his stained cheeks and made him look at her, bringing him back to reality.

His emerald eyes met her warm brown ones and he nearly fell apart again.

"You're so beautiful." He choked out in a renewed sob.

She rolled her eyes at him and scooted back in her bed lifting her covers, inviting him to join her. He gingerly climbed in, still trembling slightly. He put his arms around her and she accepted him.


"Yes?" his voice sounded foreign to him, hoarse, strained.

"Why did you come to my room?"

"I had a nightmare about you."

"Well, Jeeze Harry if you didn't want to be my boyfriend you didn't have to be…"

He almost laughed. This is why he loved Ginny.


Did he love Ginny?

Of course he loved Ginny. He loved everything about her. That was why he had had to break up with her at Dumbledore's funeral. The thought that he could lose her destroyed him.

He kissed her gently on the mouth, her soft lips captivating him in every way. He pulled back, his eyes now wide taking in her every freckle. The words just spilled out of his mouth with his knowledge.

"I love you Ginny."

She got very still in his arms and then looked up at him her eyes ablaze, "You know what?"

"What?" He was terrified. He had a hundred scenarios of her saying things like "I don't" Or "I don't think you do." Or "Who could ever love you back?" Or, the worst yet, "I love Neville/Malfoy (Jr./Senior)/Dean/Michael instead."

"I've always loved you," She kissed him quickly on the mouth and smirked, "Ever since I was a little girl." She kissed him harder on the mouth, dragging her leg around his hip, he moved it off his hip. Now was not the time for this. "No matter how noble you try to be." She then turned around, grabbed his arm to pull around her waist and said goodnight.

He did not have any more nightmares that night.

Harry was sitting on his cot, panting, trying to calm himself down again. Tonight he had dreamt that he was flying on his firebolt only the handle had turned into Nagini and she had lived, with Voldemort Horcrux still alive and well inside her. Ridiculously he had been trying to reason with the huge boa to find the snitch and then land so he could stab it.

It all sounded crazy now that he had been awake for 10 minutes, but during it had been…well, a nightmare.

Tap, Tap, Tap.

Harry looked at the window, for a spilt second he imagined Hedwig flying outside his window. It was Pig.

Harry walked over to open the window and the enthusiastic little thing flew around the room in a victory lap before giving Harry his letter.


Kindly, look out your window and notice that I am standing under it. Wearing only a little pink night gown. Please hurry, it is getting quite cold.



Bloody Hell.

Harry almost jumped out of his window before realizing that using the stairs would probably be a better option.

"Ginny?" He whispered like an idiot.

"Hi Harry." She whispered back to him standing behind him.

He jumped slightly and she took his hand. It was cold.

It was a little colder outside than normal, but her hands were always warm, it was strange.

"So Harry…lets go the river." This was weird. Something was not right.


She turned toward him, and smiled. But it wasn't the right smile. She had always smiled at him with this weird look in her eyes, ever since she was 10.

"Ginny, where are we going?"

Why hadn't he checked if Ginny was really in her room? What if this Ginny was a death eater? He hadn't even brought his wand…

He tried to tell her that he was thirsty and needed to go back inside, but then Ginny turned at him and Harry broke out in a cold sweat. Ginny's eyes were gone. Replaced with eyes that were, cold, terrifying, and blood red.

"ARG!" Harry jumped forward in his bed. Trying to breathe normally again. "just a dream, just a dream." He repeated to himself.

This time Ron had not awoken (to Harry's disbelief) and Harry ran straight to Ginny room. It was almost as if she had expected him again, because as soon as he walked into her room she pulled back the covers and let him sleep next to her again. Her eyes were brown and her hands were warm as she caressed his face until he calmed down enough to sleep.

The third night, Harry laid in Ginny's bed, slightly still panicky, but breathing normally again.

"Harry?" He made a non-committal grunt. "You don't have nightmares once you're with me right?" He nodded his head. "So, why don't you just start sleeping in here?"

"Its being with you that's helping, not room."

She smiled into his chest, his cotton shirt soft against her cheek. "Yes, but I'm in the room. So sleep in here with me. Just wait until Ron falls asleep then sneak down here." She squeezed him slightly, "I don't mind."

He smiled but said, "I don't want to have a freak out moment after one of my nightmares then get discovered in here with you."

"But that's just it, if you come here you won't have nightmares."

"Gin—" he was going to tell her that he didn't know if he would stop having nightmares, and didn't want to chance it. The Weasley's had already given so much for him…

"Great, I'm glad we agree. See you tomorrow night. Sleep well." She pecked him on the lips and turned around to fall asleep.

He was about to protest when she pressed, so slightly he could have thought it was done accidently (however he knew Ginny), her behind against his groin. He gave in a little and gathered her closer to him with the arm around her waist and kissed the back of her neck softly, shaking his head, he whispered.

"I love you."

Harry was torn. He stood outside of Ginny Weasleys' door, hand on the knob, muttering to himself like a loon.

He hated that Ginny could do this to him. He had defeated Voldemort for Merlin's sake!

He wanted to go in there so badly. She wanted him in there. But he had no excuse now.

He heard a giggle from his left and immediately turned toward it, his hand reaching for his wand, then realized that he had stupidly forgot in Ron's room. Thankfully though, it was not a death eater, it was Ginny. Though Harry would have preferred it to be a Death Eater at that exact moment.

"What are you doing out here?" They both whispered to each other.

"Well, I was thirsty, why aren't you in my bed?" Ginny said, a hand on her hip and a smirk on her lips.

He shrugged.

Then he gulped.

He had finally registered what she was wearing. She had on respectful shorts, not booty shorts (Harry didn't know if he should be thankful for this or wanted to weep) and a large tee-shirt that gave nothing away (again, Harry was torn). He then realized that she was wearing one of his old jerseys.

"Hey, where did you get that?" Harry walked closer to her. Standing only 3 inches away from her warm body.

"What?" Her eye brows slanted in confusion.

"You're wearing my shirt;" He strained his neck to see around her and sure enough…"it says Potter on the back…" Harry was swept into a whirlwind of thoughts concerning Ginny as a Potter. He saw her in the white wedding dress. Then he saw himself going to bed with her wrapped in his arms every night in their white house with blue shutters, Christmas morning with little red and black haired children jumping on their beds at 5 am, family gatherings with him legally part of the Weasley clan…

"Harry? Hello?"

He shook his head a little, "Right, sorry, what did you say?"

She laughed and even in the dark hallway he could see her cheeks flushing. "Well, er, a few years ago you came over for the summer, like always, and Mom well, she asked me to go collect all the dirty clothes and I walked into Ron's room and your trunk was open and it was right on top…and it smelled like you…so I kept it…"

"I remember when that went missing…Hold on, that was just before 4rd year!" Harry was stunned. "Gin?" He lifted up her head so he could look into her warm brown eyes, they looked embarrassed, and almost nervous, or frightened. "You've been sleeping in my shirt all these years?" She nodded. He leaned down to kiss her beautiful lips.

Without leaving his lips, she opened her door and pushed him towards her bed.

The door shut with a quiet click.






Hermione rolled her eyes. Fine. She slipped under his covers and nestled her head onto his chest.

"Mione?" He yawned.

"Go to sleep." She rubbed her hand across his stomach in a soothing way to get him to fall back asleep.

"Bloody Hell, Hermione," She heard him groan. She immediately pulled back. She was going too fast. Oh Merlin, she thought, she was being clingy! Oh no, she started leaving the bed, "Where ya goin?"

"My bed, sorry about this." He grabbed her arms and yanked her back toward him.

"What're ya sorry bout?" He yawned again and nuzzled her neck; his hot breathe making her feel on fire. His hands closed around her waist, back under the warm blankets.

"But-But why did you curse then?" Her breathing was becoming erratic.

"What?" He sounded very distracted. His left hand slipped down her tank top strap to allow his lips access. He bit her distinctly on her shoulder, then licked and kissed the spot, blowing cool air against it, making her whither against him. "Oh that?" His hand then moved down to her stomach to trace a finger around her belly button. "That was because I'm just wearing boxers."

"So?" She gasped. She had never experienced anything like this before. Her body arched off his bed in pleasure. How was he doing this to her?

"The things your hands were doing, so close to where I wanted them, were driving me crazy."

"Good." Her hands grabbed a fist full of Rons' red hair as he kissed the exposed skin above her breasts.

"Not good. Since I don't want you to think I'm a pig." He rolled on top of her.

"I already do." He lightly chuckled.

"Ok, then I didn't want you to feel this so soon." He pushed against her and her eyes widened.


"Oh Merlin Gin…"

Harry gasped as she bit his ear lobe.

"We need to stop."

"Here come that noble rubbish again, why can't you ever just shut up?"

"Listen, Gin, how about we just take a breather, I promise that we can pick right up to where we were but just, I need a break." She grinned at him while he was talking and something about that grin made Harry feel uneasy.

"Am I too much too handle?" She kept grinning at him.

"What—No, you completely—"

"Are you saying I am too much for you?" She bit her lip to keep from laughing at his expression.

"No, Gin, I'm trying to say—"

"So, you can defeat Riddle but you can't keep kissing little Miss Ginerva Weasley."

"First of all, you are not little. You are a full grown woman and let me tell, there's a big difference—"

Ginny burst out laughing, "Are you just now realizing that?"

"No, I, no—damnit! What I am saying is that if we don't stop right now, I'm going to turn us over, take off your shorts do something we are both not ready for. And no, you are not too much to handle, I can take anything you throw at me, but right now my hormones are screaming at me a little louder than my rational voice and then I have your voice telling me life is all about risks and—"

"How many voices do you have in your head exactly?" She was enjoying this.

He shot her a look. He took a deep breath. "I hate that you can do this to me."

"Do what?" He gave her another look.

"I hate that you can do this—that—to me. My mind gets all crazy, and I can't think." She smiled with pride at this, "Let me just hold you, alright?"

She nodded and moved to lie beside him; he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hair.

"So, did you miss me?" He asked after a comfortable silence.


He laughed at this, but she seemed serious.

"But I knew that you were off saving the world and that we would see each other again."

"Wish I could have been so confident about that. I thought I'd die for sure." She punched his arm.

"Did you meet anyone, when I was gone?" He had been dreading asking her this question, but he did want to know. He had to know.

"Yes," His heart stopped, his breathing ceased. A cold sweat broke through him.

"Harry? Harry! Calm down, it was a joke. You said if I met anyone when you were gone and of course I met new people, you were gone a year, but no I didn't date, or want to date, any guys. Only you."

He laughed a strange, strangled laugh, almost a cry.

"Its over, isn't it Gin?"

"Yes, the war is over. But we've just begun." She began to kiss his neck while she rolled on top of him and he thought about what she had just said. His life had just begun. A life without death, destruction or evil. He was free from that world. He only had happiness and friends, and Ginny to look forward to now.

He looked down at the beautiful woman in front of him, saw his name on her back, claiming her as his, and had a swell of pride fill his heart.

"Break time over." He said and he flipped them over to lie on top of her.


"Bloody Hell, Hermione."

She smirked at him.

"You've got to sneak in my room more often." They laughed, then she grew serious.

"My parents still haven't gotten their memory back. They still think I'm just some confused little girl who misses her parents…"

"They'll remember you, and then you'll be able to go back home. It will all be ok."

"I know, its just something I just wish life could, for once, be nor—" She sat up straighter. "What was that?"

"I don't know, probably nothi—"


They lay in bed until they heard a distinctive bang.




"Did you hear that?"

"No. Go back to bed."

He pulled her against his chest and kissed her ear.

"No I heard something, listen."

"What was that?"

"I don't know that's why I woke you up—where are you going?" Harry was already out of bed, putting his pants on and grabbing his wand.

"Stay here." He said, fiercely.

She rolled her eyes.

"Like that's gonna happen."

Thank you so much for reading, I am really enjoying writing this story and I hope you're enjoying reading it!