A regular afternoon lunch break on the roof was all it was, Kadota was propped up against the railing of the building and Izaya stood in front of him while they waited for Shinra to show up. Kadota held the book he had been immersed in by his side, staring indifferently up at the enthusiastic brunette as he talked at Kadota about something related to knives. Or fatty tuna. Kadota was never too sure about what his friend rambled on about.

Izaya paused in the middle of his talking, flipping his phone out and glancing impatiently at the time. "Ne, Shinra's sure taking his sweet time, isn't he, Dotachin?" The standing teen mumbled, casting a sidelong look at the door he was beside. Kadota ignored the pet name, though he tried numerous times beforehand to get Izaya to stop calling him by that, his friend never listened. "Sure," Kadota agreed blandly, not really caring if the bespectacled teen showed up or not.

Izaya raised a brow at the other's callousness towards Shinra's tardiness; he always got scolded by Kadota if he was late meeting him somewhere. "Well you don't really seem t—"

The brunette who was leaning over Kadota broke off in midsentence, as a happy Shinra threw open the roof door and proudly announced his arrival. As the metal door swung open violently, it collided with Izaya's back, sending him toppling over into Kadota's lap. The bespectacled brunette snapped his head sideways, catching sight of his friends and realizing that he opened the door into Izaya by accident. Izaya glared at the profusely apologizing Shinra, a slight flush rising to his cheeks from the close proximity of the unfazed Kadota. Izaya's hands had shot out on either side of Kadota's head to support his weight, and his knees parted over the other's outstretched legs while he snapped at Shinra.

"Oi, Shinra, smashing doors into people—no matter how entertaining—is in fact frowned upon by most individuals." Izaya commented sarcastically, Kadota rolled his eyes and Shinra just seemed to get more distressed.

"I'm so sorry Izaya-kun! I swear I didn't mean to!" The trembling boy whined, plopping down next to Kadota with his lunch.

"Yeah, well I'm sure Dotachin didn't appreciate it much either, you shou—"

Kadota decided he was tired of the argument, Izaya was too close still, and he wanted things to be quiet again. So Kadota, the quiet and unsuspected boy, twined his fingers through Izaya's hair in the middle of his witty insult to Shinra, and pulled the teen's mouth to his own, effectively shutting him up. Izaya squeaked in small surprise, body frozen in place and Shinra looked between the two strangely.

Kadota released Izaya's lips, pulling his hand from the brunette's hair and wrapping his arm around the teen's waist, pulling him down so that his head rested on Kadota's shoulder. The still stunned Izaya didn't move away, while Shinra occupied himself silently with his food.

Kadota smiled to himself, opening his book and leaning into the wall comfortably, thinking;

'Ah, quiet at last.'

A/N: Why yes, I do ship Kadota/Izaya C:
Though I hope I'm not the only one.