Shades of Green: The Answers

Where in the world is Edward Anthony Cullen?

Edward Point of View

Bella laughed softly, shaking her head. Her brown curls swayed around her shoulders and I thought for sure I had her until she spoke again, "I don't really feel like it, either."

"Oh," I mumbled. I was fucking disappointed I know a few days isn't a lot for most people but Bella had been turned on and ready almost anytime, anywhere. There would be times were she was wet before we even did anything. And now she didn't feel like it?

"I'm sorry! Maybe later?"

"Yeah, sure. I have to get back to the school for practice. I just had to make sure you were alright then you looked so hot it distracted me," I gave her a smile that I hoped didn't convey my annoyance. It wasn't really that she had turned me down but a build up of things.

First, my day was all around shitty. I had missed her at school.

Second, she didn't answer the phone and I freaked the fuck our and left practice for the school musical, having one of the students supervise until I got back. Something I could probably get into trouble for but I wasn't sure.

Third, she wouldn't talk to me about how she was feeling. It was just suddenly, "I don't feel like it, I feel fat." And Bella had never claimed to feel fat and huge before today.

Fourth, she turned me the fuck down.

I kissed her quickly, not our usual goodbye kisses which were usually slow and hot and left us both breathless but a quick peck before leaving. I got into my car and I knew I had to get back to school fast so I was speeding, I didn't really fucking care. I always sped, had never gotten a ticket in almost thirteen years. Apparently, today was the day of fucked up incidents because when I was just a block away from school, I saw the lights flashing behind me.

"God fucking damn it," I shouted to myself before rolling down my window and getting my license, insurance and registration. Thankfully, the cop was quick when I explained I needed to get back to my students but I still got a ridiculous ticket for going twice the speed limit in a school zone.

Once I got into school, the kids weren't practicing at fucking all of course. If they had made an attempt when I was done, I would have only made them stay until the scheduled time of five. Instead, they were all fucking around and two students were even practically dry humping in the corner.

Yeah, thanks you little douche bags. Rub it in my face. Kids in high school can get some yet I can't.

Now, we'd be staying until eight. I, of course, waited to announce this until 4:30 to be a dickhead. The whole class groaned and grumbled and I let them pull out their cell phones to call their parents/friends/chauffeurs/whatever to come pick them up at eight instead.

It turned out to be a good thing, they needed the practice and I didn't want to go home. After we wrapped up and all the students left, I scrolled through the list of contacts on my iPhone. I picked Seth's number and called.

"Cullen! Where the fuck have you been?!"

I laughed because it was eight o'clock on a Monday and dude was wasted.

"Dude, long fucking story. Where you guys hanging out tonight? "

"You're gonna join?" I heard Seth turn away from the phone, shouting to some other people, "Cullen's joining!"

I laughed and got the name of the bar where they were. Before I put my phone back in my pocket, I noticed three missed calls from Bella. It was childish but if she could ignore me, I could ignore her.

I walked out to my car, the last one in the lot and drove the short distance to the bar. I immediately spotted Seth, Peter and Riley at a table, doing shots. I grinned as I made my way over, excited to see my friends. It had been for-fucking-ever, since about a week before Bella told me about the pregnancy.


I laughed because they all said it at the same time. It was man hugs all around before I sat between Peter and Riley.

"Man, where the fuck have you been, bro?" Riley asked, taking a sip of his beer. I shrugged, not wanting to talk about it. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and saw it was Bella. I rolled my eyes and put it back in my pocket.

"Just hanging out, working and shit," I muttered. The waitress came over and I guess before Bella, she would have been my type. The uniform in this bar was short green shorts and tight white polo shirts and this girl made the uniform work. She had long tan legs and long blonde hair. She had nice looking tits and I immediately felt bad for checking them out. I ordered a Jameson, wanting to get drunk fast. She put her arm playfully over my shoulder as she took everyone else's order, reaching over to write on her pad and effectively shoving her tits in my face. I was fucking uncomfortable. When she finally walked away, the guys started in on me.

"Wait, wait. So you come back from being some hot shot in New York, you take a job as a fucking teacher of all things, you hang out for a while then disappear," Peter recounted what he knew.

"Then you suddenly call us to hang out and you have the hottest bitch here hitting on you and you make no move? That's no the Cullen we know."

I laughed and shook my head. Thankfully, the subject got changed and we talked about their lives, their careers, they women they've been fucking. Bella kept calling and Riley snatched the phone away from me when I checked it for the sixth time since I'd arrived.

"Who the fuck is this Bella chick? Is she fucking stalking you? Or are you stalking each other?" Riley was obviously scrolling down my call list. I knew there were a bunch from Bella, one to him, more from Bella then a shit-load to Bella from earlier.

The phone started ringing again and I groaned because I knew the picture that popped up when I got a phone call from Bella and I knew it was Bella. The picture was her, right after we'd had sex. You couldn't tell anything but you could tell she was on a post-orgasmic high. Her hair was splayed around her face and she was biting her bottom lip, she cheeks flushed and eyes lustful.

"Holy shit, this chick is hot as fuck!" Riley exclaimed, passing the phone to our other friends before getting it back. Unfortunately, the man knew how to work an iPhone and I could see him going into the Photo Album app and I groaned again. Thankfully, that picture was the sexiest one of B on there but there were ones that showed her swollen belly, which is what I was trying to avoid them finding out.

"Edward, did you knock this chick up?" Riley shouted and Seth spit out his beer. It was common knowledge that kids weren't planned for me.

"Wait, what? Cullen's gonna be a Daddy?" Peter looked confused. He reached over me and grabbed my phone from Riley. The picture that was pulled up was one of Bella standing at the open freezer, her shirt pulled up and revealing her stomach and eating ice cream out of a pint container. She had a spoon against her lips and was making a silly face at me. It had been so fucking cute I couldn't resist taking a picture, but now I winced.

"So what, you knocked a slutty chick up and stayed with her?" Seth asked dumbfounded and I shrugged but wanted to kill him for the slut comment.

"I love her. Don't call the woman I love a slut, douche."

The three of them stare at me blankly for a few minutes before bursting out laughing. I grabbed my phone back and shoved it in my pocket. Fuck these fuckers. "We're getting married so you guys better chill the fuck out if you want to be invited," I tried joking, hoping it would lighten the mood.

"Oh, we wouldn't want to miss that disaster," Riley snorted and I scowled at him, wanting to punch his fucking face in. The alcohol was no doubt escalating the feeling.

"At least she's hot," Seth said, "if you're going to give up a few years of your life to some chick that gets knocked up right away, she might as well be hot."

"You guys should shut the fuck up," I growled, throwing back the rest of my drink. My fists were clenched at my thighs.

"Damn, you've changed. You used to make fun of pussies that settled down. You'd be out with us every night, a different girl. I bet it would be the waitress tonight," Peter chuckled. I knew we were all drunk but I wanted I wanted to kill them.

As if she heard herself mentioned, the waitress scurried over. "I dare you to fuck around with her," Riley whispered. I gave him the finger before the girl practically sat on my lap. I shifted, trying to make her move but she was persistent. I declined other drink but my 'buddies' ordered more. Once she left, Riley snorted at me, "You're a fucking pussy now, Cullen."

"That's fucking it; I don't want to hear your shit anymore. Bella's fucking amazing and I love her. You assholes are jealous that no one will love your sorry asses," I stood up and Riley stood too.

"Watch what you say, dick face," Riley said. I growled again, pushed over the edge and shoved him. He shoved back and before I knew it, we were rolling on the floor trying to get punches in. Luckily, I was good at blocking. Riley wasn't and I got a few good jabs in, primarily on his face.

It felt like hours but what was probably seconds after it started, we were pulled apart by security guards. It wasn't the first time I'd been kicked out of a bar and made sure to quickly toss some money on the table.

I was wasted, my clothes were a mess but I just wanted Bella. I just wanted to be connected to Bella. I got into my car and drove slowly, carefully.

When I got there, I had to face the wrath of Bella. I didn't want to talk about where I'd been. How they'd insinuated that our marriage would be over soon. That she was a slut. That they'd seen our personal moments. So I avoided her questions and we had sex.

She stomped of to the bedroom and I meant to give her a few minutes before going to explain but I passed the fuck out.