Shades of Green: The Answers

Is six minutes of sex worth listening to someone cry for three hours?

Edward Cullen

It was my 16 birthday and I remember being really excited, my parents were a little lax with me, (Though, now I realized that it wasn't that they were lax and the people that were there that I didn't know weren't friends from other school districts who's looks had changed drastically but they were actually spies my parents had hired, paying them $500 each to report anything illegal that was going on.) and they were letting me have a party with no adults. Sure, they had made the standard list of rules.

-- No kegs (Emmett's older cousin was getting us a couple.)

-- No smoking cigarettes (I didn't smoke but I wasn't stopping anyone who wanted to.)

-- No smoking pot (At sixteen, pot was my favorite thing in the world.)

-- No swimming (They knew there was no keeping the kegs or drugs out so they just had to hope no one would drown when drunk)

-- No one on the second or third floors.

-- No driving any of the cars in the garage.

-- No going in my father's office.

The only ones that I actually appreciated were the last two and the second part of the last one. My Dad and I worked together on those cars and they were our babies. My dad's office was where he spent most of his time; it had a lot of patient information in it. And there's something called HIPPA though I'm not sure it existed at the time but I'm sure it did in some form – the patient privacy act.

Pretty much everyone at Morgan Park was invited. Freshman through Senior, I was pretty popular. One girl who I'd hooked up with at one point during freshman year had gotten sent Notre Dame High School for Girls. I had invited her to the party and in turn, she promised to invite some of her hottest friends.

I was the life of the party. I was good looking, rich and my last name was Cullen. Second to me was Emmett. We were both wasted and high when the girls from Notre Dame High School for Girls got there.

Emily Young. Makenna Brown. Claire Albright. And saving the best for fucking last: Gianna Bright.

She had this glow about her, the last name was. She was tall but a few inches shorter than my six foot stature but she had to have been five-eight. Her posture was perfect. Her hair was long and thick and blonde. Perfectly curled and somehow, it still look natural. I wanted to run my fingers through it. I saw her turn to her friend and smile and was intrigued because across the room I could see while all of her friends had each caked on make-up and were pretty hot, Gianna wore no make up and was naturally gorgeous.

She wore a simple pair of diamond studs in her ears, a tank top and a mini-skirt that for fourteen years ago, was low-rise for the time.

I had been talking to a girl from Morgan Park, ironically named Morgan, and had to wait for her to notice I'd grown bored before I went for the Notre Dame girls. No one had approached them. If I weren't Edward Cullen, I wouldn't have approached them either. I got Emmett to come with me and sauntered over to them, grinning the panty dropping smile at that just started working in getting hang jobs and blow jobs. Tonight, I wanted it to get me sex. Tonight, I wanted it to get me sex for the very first time with Gianna Bright.

"Hey, you must be the ladies from Notre Dame," I started but Gianna interrupted me.

"And you," she stepped closer, "must be Edward Cullen."

I chuckled softly, noting a slight Italian accent and nodded, "And this is my best friend, Emmett McCarty."

Emmett was already huge at this point. It was often intimidating but I could tell McKenna had eyes for him. She kind of jutted her chest out as she offered him her hand to introduce herself, "McKenna."

Later, McKenna and Emmett would go on to lose their virginities to each other in my parents' bed and date for almost four months before Emmett realized he could have sex with lots of girls.

Gianna and I were inseparable for the rest of the night. We did shots (her first time), we snorted coke (both of our first times) and we were all over each other. We talked, a little. I discovered she was in an All Girls school because that's what she'd went to in Italy, where she had lived until she was fourteen and preferred it. She was eighteen and a senior. When it got late and her friends (except for McKenna, who had already disappeared with Emmett) wanted to leave, I was disappointed because I thought my chance was lost but she shook her head, "No, my Eddie will drive me," Gianna declared, her accent had gotten very thick through out the night, as she'd drunk and drank more.

I was surprised because everything had wound down. She'd given me a blow job and I'd fingered her but I'd concluded that was all I was going to get.

Emmett's cousin agreed to keep an eye on the remaining partiers, since he was officially in charge anyway and I grabbed a bottle of Vodka, "Let's get the fuck outta here," I slurred to the beauty of Gianna and grabbed her hand, dragging her up the stairs to the third floor. I was pretty wasted and wanted to brush my teeth to be nice and fresh. I still wasn't sure if I was getting any but I figured I should be careful.

I put my CD player on – some random mix of songs that Emmett and I had deemed good to lose my virginity to and told Gianna to get comfortable before disappearing into the bathroom. There was both a bed and a couch in the room so I had figured I'd be able to tell by where she was when I got back what she was planning.

I brushed my teeth and kind of washed myself off the best that I could in the sink, even shimming my pants down and washing my dick and balls. If she wanted to give me another blow job, I wanted to be fresh. But I didn't want taste like soap so I made sure to rinse off really well.

I got redressed and exited the bathroom. Looking hopefully at the bed, no Gianna. I looked at the couch, no Gianna. I felt disappointment… maybe I'd taken too long in the bathroom. I frowned and sat on the edge of the bed with a heavy sigh. No birthday losing of virginity. I got up and walked around the other side of the bed to flip off the stereo and Gianna was kneeling on the floor, completely naked. She jumped up, "Surprise!" She cried, spreading out her arms.

"Holy… shit! Surprise is right!"

The vodka was on the night table, open and she had taken a couple swigs so I did the same.

"Now you, birthday boy… get in your birthday suit," Gianna commanded, climbing on my bed and kneeling in front of me. My cock was hard, as it usually was at sixteen and my mouth was open in surprise but I did as she said. She started unbuttoning my shirt as I unbuttoned my pants, pushing them and my boxer briefs down at the same time she pushed my shirt off my shoulder.

"Oh, my. Eddie, your… penis? Looks even bigger than earlier! Bigger than I have ever seen."

"Call it a cock. Or a dick. It sounds sexier," I told her, trying to sound more confident than I was. She had told me earlier that she was a virgin to all things. I was the first she gave a blow job to, which was decent. My fingers were the first up her pussy and to touch her tits.

For an eighteen year old fuck-hot girl with a cute little Italian accent, I wasn't confident she was telling the truth.

I leaned kneeled in the bed in front of her and kissed her deeply, fondling her breasts. I felt how clumsy I was being but I couldn't help it. It wasn't like I was very experienced.

I pushed her so she was laying back and leaned over her, sucking and tugging on her one, perfect nipple while my fingers played with the other. Her tits were a perfect size and she let out little moans and meows which while the noises were kind of weird, turned me on.

"Oh Eddie, will you fuck me?"

"Uh yeah," I said non-chalantly but I was internally freaking out. I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed a condom. I tore it open, ready to put it on and thrust in but then I got worried cause she was awfully tight when I'd put my fingers in earlier….

"Let me just make sure you're ready… spread your legs," I told her. The small patch of hair that covered her mound proved that she was dark haired but dyed blonde. Something about that kind of ruined the perfectness of the moment for me. She spread them as far as I could and I could see that she was wet, which was good. I slid a finger in her and it felt so hot and good. I slid another in her tightness and she started making the same weird noises. As I went to pull my fingers out so I could fuck her, I kind of twisted and curled my fingers at the same time and felt a rough patch, which I rubbed gently, curious.

Gianna suddenly let out a throaty cry and her pussy clenched around my fingers as she threw her head back, clenching the sheets. She cried my name over and over until I pulled my fingers out.

"Uh, are you okay?" I asked, eyeing her.

"Oh, most intense orgasm. Now when you enter me, it will feel as good?"

"I think it might hurt…"

"No, nonsense! Please, Eddie!"

Well, maybe she was right. Maybe after a good orgasm, you're nice and relaxed and it doesn't hurt when you lost your virginity, I though. I pushed up the orgasm and put it on perfectly, the way I'd practiced many times alone in my room.

I situated myself between her legs, missing a few times before I finally pushed the head of my condom covered dick into her pussy.

"Oh, ow!"

"Oh, holy fuck, Gianna…"

We spoke at the same time but I wasn't sure I could stop. I slid in until I reached a barrier and I knew it was her hymen. I was scared to do it but I really, really wanted to.

"Gianna, if I just thrust real fast, it will be over really fast, alright?"

"Okay, Eddie," she whimpered. I pulled put then thrust back in, making her cry out, I'd guess in pain and not pleasure I thrust three more times before she was encouraging me, "Oh, it does feel good! Eddie, you dick in my pussy feel so good!"

"Oh God, Gianna, I'm gonna cum in a second," I warned her. She kept shaking her head so I reached down and flicked her clit as I tried to trust my hips like I'd curled my fingers and before I knew it, she was having another orgasm. I couldn't feel her around me but she threw her head back and called my name over and over so I called it safe and let myself cum, which felt amazing. I collapsed on top of her for a few seconds, panting and out of breath before I pulled out and there was blood, lots of blood.

"Oh, I'm bleeding?!"

"Yeah, it's normal for virgin girls," I told her and wondered what they thought in those all girl schools.

Gianna sat on the edge of my bed crying for the next three hours about how the Lord was punishing her for having sex before married by bleeding.

But the three hours of crying was totally worth the six minutes of fucking her. Although, I must say: I haven't slept with another virgin again.