Take My Hand, or Five Times Logan Cale Took Max Guevera's Hand

Scenes from 5 times Logan and Max held hands. Strictly M/L, don't like, don't read.

1. No Matter How Far the Fall (Prodigy)

Strange as it may sound the events of the hostage situation at the genetics conference are among Logan Cale's most cherished memories. No one he told would believe him, after all he was thrown off the roof of a building. Yet strange as it may seem, Logan loves those memories.

See, even when he was falling from the roof headed toward near certain death, Logan wasn't afraid. He knew he should be, after all he was about to die, but yet, he knew Max would save him. Knew it as surely as he knew his own name. So when Max did appear, falling from the sky like the angel that he had always believed her to be, all it did was validate his faith in her. As he reached out and grasped her hand, Logan knew that she would always be there to catch him, no matter how far the fall.

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