The Twilight Twenty-Five
Prompt #: 13
Pen name: punkfarie
Pairing: Bella/Edward
Rating: M

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"Don't go," Bella pleaded, her naked breasts pressed against Edward's chest.

"I have to…" he trailed off.

Edward's voice was husky. He was trying to keep his voice level. He didn't want Bella to see that he was on the verge of falling apart.

"When will I see you again?"

A tear rolled down her face and dripped onto Edward's shoulder. He closed his eyes.

That was going to be his last memory of her.

Tears and begging.

He wanted to reassure her. Tell her he would be back soon to seal the promise that ring made.

"I don't know."

A/N - This is my first time participating in the TT25. I'm kind of excited. haha.

Good Riddance comes from the song Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day. Which is, without a doubt, my favorite song of all time. And I was listening to it while I was writing.

Thank you to MissSnazzy for convincing me to do this and for also being my beta.