I know, I know. ANOTHER story? Lol. I promise I'll finish TBoD and wrap up MM. This is just a fun piece of fluff. Likely angst free and probably not too long. Though if the characters keep speaking to me, I'll keep writing.

This story came to mind when I went to Best Buy to buy my new laptop. I saw the hottest guy working for Geek Squad. He looked arrogant and cocky and totally out of place with his co-workers. This of course set the wheels in motion for this story. Enjoy!


BTW, I know nothing about computers. I can barely use my laptop. I'm just putting that out there now so you don't expect anything too intelligent from me.

"How about I come over tonight? I'll solve all your problems."

Do not melt at his feet, do not melt at his feet, do not melt.

Sookie stared up at the single most sexy man she'd ever met. His jeans cupped his ass in a way that was almost indecent. And that work shirt stretched across his broad shoulders and chest, the buttons threatening to pop and scatter across the floor. His blond hair was loose around his shoulders. Her nails dug into her palms to prevent her from reaching across the counter and running her fingers through it. And his eyes, unh, they pierced right through her. This was a man built for seduction, a God of a man that could tempt a Saint to sin. And yet…

Geek Squad?

She could hardly believe this man was standing behind a counter claiming to be a member of the geek squad. The other guys behind the counter didn't look this damn good. They were in average shape but average next to this guy wasn't cutting it.

"So, what do you think, want me to come over?"

His voice was like warm chocolate fudge poured over rocky road ice cream. Delish and a sweet treat guaranteed to put her in a better mood.

Before she started drooling she figured she should probably answer him.

"Uhm, no. Sorry, I don't pick up strange men." That's what her mouth said, but her body screamed yes, YES, OH MY FUCKING GOD YES!

"What a pity." Sookie's breath hitched when he leaned across the counter and pressed his lips against the shell of her ear. "I don't think I'm that strange."

His warm breath sent shivers racing up her spine. When he pulled away he was wearing a smug smirk practically plastered across his face. The shivers went away and her blood started to boil. Arrogant bastard, just because he was hotter than Hell in July didn't give him the right to behave like he did.

Sookie opened her mouth to give him one heck of a talking to, but his large index finger pressed against her lips.

"Now, now. No need to get your panties in a twist. You're a prude. No big deal."

"You know what? Give me my computer back. I don't need it fixed this damn bad."

She snatched the computer from his hands and pivoted on her heels. Nothing was worth the embarrassment of staying here and letting him continue to agitate her. Since she was too much of a lady to tell him what she really thought of him, she had to be content with the loud 'click click click' of her high heels as she stomped away from the arrogant ass.

As she walked away, she found herself wishing he'd been wearing a name tag so she could report him to the manager for his behavior.


Eric watched the sway of the hot blonde's ass as she stormed out of Best Buy. He turned to the other guys working with him and shrugged. Can't win 'em all. But damn she was hot. For a second, he thought he had her. He heard her breathing speed up when he leaned in to whisper in her ear. Somehow she managed to pull it together and walk off.

He was impressed.

And he was rarely impressed.

Time to shake it off. It wasn't like she was the last hot blonde on earth. Though she really was a looker. Nicely rounded ass, long legs, and big firm-looking breasts.

Eric almost groaned when he remembered the way they looked restrained by the pink tank top she wore. Her legs were covered to the knee in a modest denim skirt but he could tell they were long and would feel fucking amazing wrapped around his waist as he pounded into her.

As his cock grew thicker behind the fly of his jeans he was ripped from his thoughts. No way was he popping a boner at work. He didn't need that shit. He had a job to do. He had goals.

Open a bar.

Sounded simple enough, but that cost money. Money he didn't have. So he had to work. He put his useless IT degree to use and went to work at Best Buy. Fucking Geek Squad. Seriously. Everyone had jokes about it. No one tormented him more than his sister Pam.

Speaking of the bitch…

"Eric, really, must you continue working at this place?"

"Yes Pam, I must. If I ever want to open my bar."

She rocked back on what were probably a $500 pair of heels and studied her perfectly manicured nails. Letting out a sigh, she pinned him with a look that said she was over his decision to work for the money to open the bar.

"Just let me give you the money Eric. Honestly, what's the point of me owning a multi-billion dollar cosmetics company if I can't swing my little brother the money to open a bar?"

"No." Eric was determined to this on his own. He didn't need his big sister's help. Ever since their parents died when he was 10 and she was 15, she'd been trying to protect him. He'd had enough.

"Stubborn asshole. Look, at least come out to the club with me tonight. My new head of advertising just got into town. She's hot and single. I promised her I'd show her the sights."

"I'm on the tour?"

The laugh shot out of her mouth like a bark from a dog.

"Your bed should be. Enough women have visited it."

"My recreational activities aren't up for discussion. Fuck. If it means that much I'll go. But she better be hot. I need to get laid."

Pam laughed again and reached out to pat his hand.

"Don't you always?"

For the second time today, an uppity female walked away from him, her high heels clicking the whole way.


Sookie stood in front of the closet of her new apartment. The place was tiny, and the closet only held a few pairs of jeans and a dress or two. She hated moving. It was made worse by the fact she didn't have a ton money, so she had to settle for a tiny hole-in-the-wall.

After she got back from Best Buy she'd spent all afternoon cleaning. She gagged several times when she saw a roach scurry out from under a cabinet. But she was tough, damn it, and she had a new job to look forward too. No turning back now, no running back to her Gran in small town, Louisiana. It was time Sookie Stackhouse struck out on her own and grew up.

Now she just had to figure out what to wear out with her boss Pam tonight. Pam was a character. Totally different from anyone she'd ever known. She had come to NYU on career day and they had immediately hit it off. When Sookie told her she was looking for a job down South, Pam suggested she put her fancy degree to use and become her head of advertising.

A loud knock on the door signaled Pam's arrival. Sookie looked down at her robe. She'd gotten a shower and fixed her hair but still hadn't dressed. After deciding that she had to answer, she walked to the door proudly, refusing to acknowledge the fact that she was in only a robe.

When she opened the door, Pam's grin was huge.

"My, my. And here I thought you didn't swing my way."

"I uh-"

"Oh relax. Really. I figured you wouldn't have anything appropriate so I brought a few things from wardrobe."

She pushed past Sookie, dragging large garment bags behind her.

"Now, lets get started."

An hour later Sookie stood in front of the full length mirror she'd bought at Bed Bath & Beyond. Pam had changed her hairstyle, pulling it back away from her face in a classy, low, pony tail. A few curls escaped and framed her face. When she went to shove them behind her ears Pam slapped her hand away.

She had also done her make-up. Her eyes were now smoky and her lips blood red; which matched the blood red dress Pam had given her to wear. The dress really crossed the line of what Sookie considered to be decent, but Pam assured her everyone at the club dressed this way.

The dress barely covered her ass. The neckline was plunging and covered so little that she had to wear pasties. And girls her size should never be without a bra. Sookie cringed just thinking of what her unbound breasts would look like while dancing.

Looked like dancing was out. And the back wasn't much better. It dipped down to the small of her back. The only thing holding it together was red lace strips that zig-zagged between her shoulder blades.

The outfit was topped off with a pair of Pam's dangerously high stiletto's.

"My brother is going to love you."

Ah, yes. Pam's little brother. He was a year older than Sookie and Pam seemed convinced that they were perfect for each other. By Pam's own admission he was a man-whore, but Sookie needed some good uncomplicated fun. Coming out of a long-term relationship was hard enough, she wasn't ready to date. But a little bit of sex wouldn't be too bad.

"You said his name is Eric?"

"Yes, the girls say he's gorgeous."

Sookie remembered another gorgeous man she met this afternoon. That damned annoying, arrogant, sexy, jackass of a man from Best Buy. She wondered if Pam's brother was half as hot as Geek Boy.

"He's meeting us here?"

"Should be here any minute."

Pam was interrupted by a brisk knock on the door. Sookie left the room to go great Pam's brother.

When she opened the door she almost fainted.

Eric was Geek Boy.

Geek Boy was Eric.

What the hell?

"You, YOU, you're Eric?"

The smug bastard took her hand against her will and kissed the back of it.

"Eric Northman, at your service." He gave an elaborate, over-the-top bow, then stood and winked at her.

This was going to be one hell of a night.