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Part One


Reid woke to the feeling of something wet dripping on his face, and he twitched a bit, rolled over wiping his face, then froze. The liquid was sticky, and... warm.

Reid opened his eyes slowly and looked around his hotel room. Everything looked normal the lamp on the other side of the room was still on like he left it. His go bag was sitting on the small table.

The liquid dripped on him again, hitting his ear, and rolling into it. He looked at his fingers, red.... blood.

The dripping increased and Reid looked up.

There was a woman hanging above his bed. The remains of her red tube dressed shredded revealing parts of her body. Her heels still on her feet. Her make-up still perfectly intact, the same with her blond hair being curled perfectly. But her throat was slit, and she had many cuts on her arms and legs. On her exposed stomach, was the word LUST burned into her flesh.

Reid screamed as he finally came out of his initial shock, he scrambled out of his bed and out the door, running across the hall and pounded on Hotch's door.

"Hotch! Please open the door! Hotch!" Reid cried desperately.

The rest of the team opened their doors when Hotch did. Prentiss, Rossi and Morgan all holding their guns.

"What the hell happened?" Hotch asked.

Reid was shaking. "T-there's a w-woman dead... i-in my room." He managed.

Morgan was the first one into the room, Prentiss right after him, Rossi stood in the doorway.

"Holy shit." came Morgan's voice from the room.

Hotch wrapped an arm around Reid and lead him into his room and set him on the edge of his bed as Jj came into the room. "Stay with him." He said and the woman nodded. Hotch went across the hall.

"I'm going to get you a wash cloth, kay?" Jj said going into the bathroom, leaving the door opened. She grabbed a cloth off the rack and got it wet with warm water before coming back to the shocked young man. "You okay Spence?" She asked as she wiped his face, after realizing he was in to much shock to do it himself.

Morgan came into the room, and pulled his lover into a hug. "It's gonna be alright Spencer." Morgan whispered.

Jj took this as her sign to leave, and handed the cloth to Morgan before going across the hall.

"I-I thought.... i-it was over." Reid whispered. "It's been a year."

"I know, I know." Morgan whispered pulling away so he could get the blood off of Spencer.

"I-I didn't hear anything." Reid said.

"You've been up for seventy-two hours." Morgan reminded. "You probably wouldn't have woken up to an elephant stomping around."

Reid looked at his hands. "Lust... it's one of the seven deadly sins." He said.

"Yeah." Morgan said wiping the blood off of Spencer's long fingers.

"There's going to be six more before this is all over." Reid said.

"I know." Derek said.

"What's going to happen after that?" Reid looked up at Morgan, hoping for an answer, but his lover had none.

"I don't know." Morgan answered. "I'm sorry babe, but I don't know." He pressed his lips to Spencer's forehead.


"The woman's name is Jessica Hart, a porn star." Jj said as the team back in the conference room at the B.A.U. "She's twenty-eight, single and her only family is her mother, who was a hooker."

"Goes along with the whole lust thing." Prentiss said with a frown.

"She bleed out almost completely before the Unsub hung her up." Jj said.

"Did anyone see anything?" Morgan asked.

"No, but there was blood found in the service entrance that matches the victim." Jj said.

"How the hell did this happen?" Morgan asked his jaw clenched as he looked out the window down into the bullpen at Reid who was sitting at his desk.

"I have no idea. We've got no leads either. The Unsub is well organized, didn't leave anything behind, there wasn't even tool marks on the walls or surfaces." Jj said.

Hotch made a face, that Morgan caught. "What is it?" Morgan asked.

"We should've checked Reid for any trace. If this is really one of the obsessors, he wouldn't have been able to keep from touching Reid in some way." Hotch said.

Morgan closed his eyes tightly, and his hands clenched into fists.


Reid woke with a start, he swore he heard the floor creaking. Derek wasn't home, he had gone to work a few hours earlier. Spencer had to stay home, not allowed to work a case where he was a victim.

Spencer carefully got over bed, stepping over Clooney who was sleeping at the end of the bed and went to the bedroom door. He opened it just enough to look down the hall, but couldn't see anything. He grabbed his gun off the dresser. Spencer flipped off the safety and slid out the door and moved down the hall. When he got to the end of the hall he paused, looking at the t.v., to try and catch a reflection.

"Don't make any noise."

A hand slipped over his mouth and Spencer whimpered, closing his eyes tightly. "Shush now Spencer. This needs to happen. I won't take you yet." The man's voice was soft, even, semi-deep. "Sins are part of human life. But if I kill them, the seven cardinal sins, I will be free from them, just like you are." The man's lips brushed over Spencer's neck and he whimpered again. "I present them all to you, so that you can see what I'm doing for you." The man took a deep breath through his nose, his face in the crook of Spencer's neck. "You made love before you fell asleep. I can smell him on you. I watched you in the throws of passion Spencer, and you are beautiful." The man's spoke slowly into Reid's ear. "Now, I want you to go into the bathroom, and see what I left for you."

Spencer shook his head harshly, his hair hitting his face.

"You have to see, Spencer." The man pulled Spencer to the bathroom. "You didn't look long enough at Lust, you must see all of Vanity." The man stopped in the bathroom and Reid's eyes went wide.

A man was stuck to the mirror, his hands up on it, his head held up by rigor. His eyelids sewn open, and pieces of glass stuck in the sockets. VANITY was burned into his forehead. The man was wearing a purple satin button up long sleeved shirt, black pressed slacks, his blond hair combed and styled perfectly, a silver chain around his neck. An expensive looking watch on his left wrist, and a gold wedding band on his finger.

"Do you see? Take it all in." The man said in Reid's ear, before pressing his lips to Spencer's neck. He pulled Reid over to the bathtub, there was glass in it, pieces of mirrors, some different colors. The man cut Spencer's underwear off and Spencer whimpered and struggled a bit, causing the double edge blade to cut his inner right thigh shallowly. "Get in Spencer." The man said.

Spencer shook his head.

"You have to." The man forced Reid into the tub filled with shattered glass and Spencer cries out as pieces bit into his completely bare flesh. The man stands above him, his face covered by a plain white mask, much like the one the Reaper wore. "Do not move, it'll only cause you more pain." The man lifts a five gallon bucket and Spencer tenses.

"No, no, d-don't do it p-please." Reid pleaded, but the man didn't listen, and began pouring the shards onto Spencer who cried out and pulled his knees to his chest, ignoring the pain it causes, hoping it will keep him safer in the long run.

Seven buckets in total are poured into the tub over what was alread there.

"Your lover will be home soon, he will find you." The man leaned down and pressed his lips against Reid who shook his head side to side, trying to get the man's lips off of his, but the man's gripped his chin tightly. Finally he pulled away and Spencer was crying. "We will meet again soon." He said and left closing the door.

Reid whimpered, glancing at the body still posed against the mirror, before looking down at the glass that's covering him up to the middle of his chest. He could feel the sharp corners of the pieces digging into his skin, knowing moving to much will cause them to cut into him.

Spencer closed his eyes tightly and tried to move. Glass cut into his feet and hands and he gasped and bit his lip. He knew if he stopped now, that it would cause more pain. So he kept going. He didn't try stand, just leaned over the side of the tub and fell out, crying out when glass cut into his stomach. He crawled to the door, and turned the handle, but the door wouldn't open, he cried out and pulled, but the door didn't move.

Reid slumped onto the rug in front of the door shivering, and closed his eyes tightly.


Morgan knew something was off when he got home. Spencer wasn't in the front room like he normally was, Clooney was scratching at the bathroom door and whining.

Morgan pulled his gun and went to the door. "Bedroom, go Clooney." Morgan ordered and the dog obeyed. "Spencer?" Morgan called turning the door handle. He pushed the door, but it didn't open. "Spencer!" Derek banged on the door.

"Derek." Came the weak reply on the other side.

"Are you okay Pretty boy?" He asked putting his gun in it's holster at his waist.

"N-no, there's a-another one, and I-I'm cut up." Spencer said.

"Get away from the door." Morgan said. He waited a few seconds before kicking the door off it's hinges. He took note of the room quickly before rushing over to Reid who's huddled between the toilet and sink. There are shards of glass cut into him, and a large pile of glass between his feet, dripping with blood. He must have been pulling them out. "What happened?"

Reid looked at the tub. "He put me in the bathtub." He whispered.

Derek looked over as well, it's filled with glass, and there's blood on the side and on some of the glass. Spencer climbed out.

"Did you get a look at him?" Morgan asked kicking the glass away and lifting his lover up as carefully as possible.

"He wore a mask." Spencer said. "But he had green eyes and black hair." Reid grimaced in pain as Morgan set him carefully on the bed.

"I'm going to take you to the hospital." He said going over to the closet and pulling out one of his biggest shirts then helps Spencer into it.

The shirt comes down to Reid's knee, covering his nakedness enough.

"Come on Clooney, we're going for a ride." Morgan said picking Spencer up again. He's not leaving his dog along when there's a freak that can get in to his house.

The dog barked and runs out to the car through the still open front door and circles around Derek's truck.

Morgan put Spencer into the passenger seat before opening the back and letting Clooney get in. He got in himself and drives off, speeding like a bat out of hell to the nearest hospital.


"The victim's name is Justin Todd, a fashion model and designer. Thirty-five, married to Amanda Parks, a model." Hotch said over the phone as Morgan stood outside the room as the doctors and two nurses pulled the glass out of Spencer's body. "His spinal cord was severed by a single puncture wound to the base of the skull."

"Okay, no trace right?" Morgan asked.

"So far." Hotch said.

"I asked the doctors to get swabs from Reid, he said the Unsub kissed him." Morgan said.

"Good, we'll be over as soon as we finish here." Hotch said.

"Right." Morgan hung up and went into the room as one of the nurses swabbed Reid's ear.

Spencer looked at Morgan, his arms and torso were wrapped in bandages, and so were his right thigh and entire left leg, including his foot. The doctor set his tweezers down and walked over to Morgan.

"He lost a fair amount of blood, but none of the wounds should cause any scaring, but you should watch for infections. Nurse Parson will give you instructions on helping him change the bandages, clean the wounds and that kind of thing." The doctor said.

"Thanks." Morgan walked over to the bed and pressed a kiss to Spencer's forehead. "You're doing good Pretty Boy."

"What did Hotch say?" Reid asked.

"They haven't gotten anything." Derek said

Reid nodded and leaned back as the nurse finished wrapping his right foot in bandages. "I'm tired."

"It's the meds." Derek said with a smile.

Spencer closed his eyes.


The body representing Sloth was found at the park where Morgan took Reid on their first date. Seven days after Vanity was presented to Spencer.

It was a man, dressed in a light blue long sleeved cotton shirt, light blue draw string pants. His eyes sewn shut, SLOTH was burned onto each eyelid. He was found under a tree, white feathers around his body like an outline. Between his hands which were folded over his chest, was a note, that read simply.

Spencer Reid.

He'd been found by a few teenagers ditching school.

The team arrived quickly.

Morgan half an hour later, after making sure that the safe house was still safe, and Spencer was resting comfortably.

Like the other two bodies, there was no evidence.


"What was his name?" Spencer asked looking at the picture of the body.

Derek looked at him. Most of his wounds had closed. But his hands, feet and stomach were still bandaged because it was where most of the damage had happened.

"John Ford." Morgan answered. "A forty year old on disability, claiming a sever back injury prevents him from work. During the autopsy, the M.E. couldn't find any damage."

Reid swallowed, then cleared his throat. He was tired, he hadn't slept in a day since they found SLOTH. "How was he killed?" He asked.

"Over dose on tranquilizers." Morgan said. "The dose was so high that his heart stopped working."

Spencer rubbed his face with his hand carefully. Derek moved closer to him on the couch. "It's going to be okay." He whispered and pressed his lips to Spencer's temple. "Let's go to bed." He said helping Spencer up, and into the bedroom.

Spencer laid tiredly without much fuss as Derek tucked him into bed. Morgan leaned over and pressed a soft kiss against his lover's lips.

"I love you Pretty Boy."

"I love you too Derek." Spencer said wrapping his arms around Derek's neck, and his lover laid on top of him carefully, wrapping his strong arms around his thin body.

They fell asleep that way.

End part 1 of 3

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