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Reid rubbed his temples, they were changing hotels again, and right now he wanted nothing more then to be sleeping in a bed, any bed.

There were two agents in the front of the car, one in the back with him. Reid yawned and leaned against the window.

Before he could fall asleep, he felt the car lurch like it'd been hit, and his eyes snapped open.

"Hold on." The driver said he turned the wheel hard and stepped on the accelerator. Reid looked out the back window. A black panel van.

The van sped up, and Reid braced himself for impact. He cried out as the car spun, and hit the curb, kept going, and hit the side of a building. The window shattered and glass sprayed onto him.

Reid looked at the other agents. The driver wasn't moving, blood was dripping down his face. The man in the passenger seat was awake, struggling with his seat belt. Reid looked at the man sitting next to him, and his eyes went wide. The unsub was coming up to the car, gun raised, and fired before Reid could shout. Blood splattered onto his face, the Unsub opened the car door and fired twice more before grabbing Spencer's arm and dragging him out of the car.

Reid started screaming, struggling as hard as he could, when he was thrown into the back of the van he kicked the man, and his mask fell off. Spencer's eyes went wide, the unsub pushed Reid flat on his back and handcuffed him to a hook on the van floor with his arms above his head.

The back door slammed shut, a few minutes later the unsub got into the driver's seat and took off.

"D-don't do this." Reid said, trying to get his hands loose, but all that happened from his struggle was his wrists turned red.

"Most of them, didn't know about you before. I have."

"J-Justin." Spencer whimpered.

"I tried to protect you, when you were in school." Justin said.

"I-I know." Spencer said. "B-but you al-always got into trouble for f-fighting."

"I wanted to kill them back then." Justin said. "I wanted you back then."

"J-Justin, y-you can't do this." Spencer said. "You're going to end up dead, you know it to, don't you?"

"One of us is going to end up dead. I've been devoted to you, since you were in high school, since you were twelve Spencer. Derek Morgan, has only loved you for two years. Which one of us do you think is more willing to do anything?" Justin said. "I've already killed a lot of people for you. I killed other Obsessors, so they could not touch you."

Spencer sobbed and closed his eyes.

Morgan stared at the crashed car, at the three dead agents, at the words WRATH burning on the sidewalk.

"We've got every road in a twenty mile radius blocked off." Jj said walking up to him. "But we got the call late. The Unsub could have Spencer anywhere, outside the blocks already." She looked up at Morgan. "I'm sorry Derek."

"This isn't over." Morgan said, glancing down at the note that the unsub left for him.

"Derek?" Jj asked.

"He wants it to be personal, so it's going to be." Morgan reached down, and pulled his badge off his belt, and went to drop it, but Hotch grabbed his hand.

"You don't want to do that." Hotch said.

"You have no idea what I want to do right now Hotch." Morgan said.

"He wants to make you angry. He wants to make you lash out." Hotch said.

"Well he's got what he wants." Morgan said and went to pull away, but Hotch wouldn't let him.

"Spencer would not want you to do this." Hotch said. "Spencer is strong enough to hold out until we find him Morgan... You have to be that strong to. Spencer would never forgive himself if you lost your job because of him."

Morgan closed his eyes and clenched his jaw.

Spencer swallowed, watching the door, waiting for Justin to come into the room again. He looked down at the clothes that Justin had given him to change into. It was the same set of clothes that had been sent to him over a year ago. White cotton pants, that flowed away from his legs, and covered his feet. The shirt was a long sleeved with cotton one with a large hood, the sleeves covered his hands, and the neck was a bit to deep for his comfort. White socks, and white boxers completed the outfit. Justin had cut up his other clothes, so it was either be cold, or wear this outfit.

Reid was so tired, he hadn't slept since the other night, and his limbs felt heavy.

Finally the door opened, and Spencer looked up.

Justin was carrying a bucket, and the images of the bathtub full of glass filled Spencer's tired mind, and he whimpered and moved up the bed, pressing his back against the wall.

"Wrath, is always depicted by acts of violence, blood and death." Justin said lifting the bucket, placing one hand under it, the other on the edge of it. "Do you know how much I like you in the color red Spencer?"

Reid shook his head.

"Almost as much as I like seeing you in white." Justin stepped forward, and tossed the contents of the bucket onto Reid.

The young doctor cried out in surprise as warm blood splashed onto him, quickly soaking into his clothes, making his hair stick to his face, it got into his mouth, and eyes, and he coughed and sputtered, as he tried to get the blood out of his eyes.

"He's coming, he'll be here any minute." Justin said and Reid looked up at him. "I won't give you enough time to say good bye to him."

"D-Don't hurt Derek, please Justin, don't hurt him." Spencer said shivering. "Please, I'm begging you not to hurt him." Spencer pulled himself off of the bed and stumbled over to Justin, grabbing the front of the man's shirt tightly. "Please, don't hurt him."

"It has to be done." Justin said and took Spencer's hands. "Either I die, or he does."

Spencer shook his head. "P-please, I can't l-live without him." He whispered.

"You will." Justin pulled away and began to leave. Spencer grabbed the back of his shirt. "You have to let me go now Spencer, I have to end this." Justin said.

"I-I can't just let you go and kill the man I love." Spencer said and Justin turned on him.

"But you're going to Spencer." Justin said grabbing Spencer's shoulders tightly and pulled him over to the bed, and took the sheets off, and began wrapping them around Spencer's wrists.

"Stop it." Reid struggled and hit Justin, it wasn't a hard hit, more of a push against his chest.

Justin threw Reid against the wall, and Reid whimpered, and struggled to stay on his feet. "Do not make me hurt you Spencer." He said stepping towards his captive.

Spencer took a deep breath and darted for the door, yanking it open and running down the hall.

Justin ran after him, but Spencer had always been a fast runner, you had to be if you grew up the way he did. The only problem was that Spencer had no idea which way the door to get out of the house was.

Reid just kept running, not even realizing that Justin's boots on the hardwood had stopped sounding behind him until it was to late. Spencer's socked feet slid on the wood floor and the thin man fell to the floor with a soft thud as Justin appeared in front of him.

Spencer was panting, staring up at Justin with wide eyes filled with a mix of fear and at the same time determination.

Justin was holding a gun, and had it pointed at Spencer. "Why couldn't you have just listened to me Spencer? I wouldn't have to do this if you had just listened." Justin put his finger on the trigger and Spencer swallowed, it wasn't the first time he'd be on the receiving end of a gun, wasn't the first time he'd be shot either.

"I'd rather you killed me, then you kill Derek." Spencer said, and Justin's eyes narrowed.

"You think that if you die, I won't kill him?" Justin asked.

"At least if I'm already dead, I won't have to know." Spencer said and Justin lifted is chin slightly.

"If that is what you wish, I will give it to you." Justin said. "Why couldn't you just love me Spencer?"

"Because you're a monster." Reid said.

"I'm not the only one." Justin pulled the trigger.

Reid cried out and his elbows gave out on him, his shoulders hit the floor first, then his head hit with a heavy thud. He sputtered and whimpered, raising shaking hands to clutch his stomach. He could feel the new hot blood mixing with the blood already covering his clothes. He looked up as Justin stepped over him, and pointed the gun at him again. Spencer swallowed hard, ignoring the taste of blood in his mouth and closed his eyes.

The second shot didn't hurt as much at first, but it hurt after a few more seconds. Spencer coughed and felt blood on his chest, running over his shoulder and onto the floor. He struggled to breath, and couldn't help the tears he felt in his eyes.

He had died once before, it hadn't been painful when Hankel killed him, it hurt more when he'd been brought back.

Spencer's breath caught in his throat and blood filled his mouth.

Small caliber bullets, smaller wound, longer time to die.

Reid opened his eyes and looked up at Justin, who was looking down the hall. His mouth moved, but Spencer couldn't hear him. Justin lifted the gun and Spencer gave every last ounce of strength he had left, and cried out for Derek.

Morgan rushed through the house along with several SWAT members, Hotch next to him, and Rossi behind him. Prentiss had gone around back with another team of SWAT.

When Morgan had heard his name being called, he ran, ignoring the rest of the team, and Hotch telling him to wait. He came into the hall, and a shot rang out, and he felt the punch of a bullet hitting his vest and looked up. The Unsub was standing at the end of the hall. Spencer laying on the ground covered in blood, his hands on his stomach.

Morgan raised his weapon, and fired until his clip was empty. Morgan ran down the hall, kicking the gun from the unsub's hand before falling to the ground next to Spencer. "Pretty Boy? Can you hear me?" Morgan asked feeling for a plus, it was faint. "HOTCH!" Morgan looked down the hall before turning his attention back to his lover, pressing a hand over Reid's clutching his stomach, the other going to the wound he could see on his chest. "Spencer! Spencer if you can hear me I need you to open your eyes!"

Spencer's eyes fluttered behind their lids, but didn't open.

"Spencer!" Morgan shouted.

"...I love you." Spencer said opening his eyes just barely. He smiled faintly, blood dripping from his lips. "I love you so much Derek."

"I love you too Spencer, stay with me." Derek said, his brow furrowing as he tried to keep his emotions in check. Hotch knelt down on the other side of Reid, and pressed his hands onto the wound on Spencer's chest, so Derek moved his hands to cover Spencer's. "Talk to me Pretty Boy."

"....H-have I ever told you about what I thought... the first time I met you?" Spencer asked quietly.

"No, t-tell me Pretty Boy." Derek managed, his chest and throat were getting tight, his hands were shaking.

Spencer smiled. "I... I thought that you we-..."

"Spencer! Spencer talk to me damnit!" Derek shook his lover's hands harshly. "Spencer, please don't die on me!"

"Where the hell are the paramedics!" Hotch yelled.

"Spencer!" Derek cried.

Five days later, Derek Morgan along with the rest of the team for the B.A.U. flew to Las Vegas for the funeral of their team member, twenty-five year old Special Agent Doctor Spencer Reid, who was killed in the line of duty.

His mother, Diana accepted the flag that had been laid over his coffin.

After it was over, Hotch went to Morgan.

"Are you going to be alright?" Hotch asked.

Morgan looked at him. "My lover of three years died in my arms five days ago, and now I'm burying him. No, I'm not okay Hotch." Morgan said. He looked at the coffin and his brow furrowed. "I've watched him die twice now, Hotch. But he's not coming back this time."

Hotch watched as tears slid down Morgan's cheeks, and tried not to let his own fall. "I'm sorry Morgan, I know what you're going though."

"Does it get better?" Morgan asked looking up and trying to get the tears to stop.

"No." Hotch said with a hollow laugh. "It never gets better."

Morgan closed his eyes and put his hands into the pockets of his coat. "Consider this my two week notice." He said.

Hotch nodded, and placed a hand on Morgan's shoulder before leaving.

Six Months Later

Mobridge, South Dakota

Derek walked into a small coffee shop, and went up to the counter.

"Hi, what can I get for you?"

He looked up at the young man behind the counter, and smiled.

The man's name tag read Spence, his hair was cut short, and dyed jet black with red tips. His ears were pierced a few times each, and he was wearing green contacts. He was wearing a white button up shirt with the collar up, several black leather strap necklaces, and a silver chain with a cross on it. He had black, red, green, blue, and orange rubber bracelets on each wrists, along with a watch on his left wrist, and a woven string bracelet on his right. He was wearing black loose jeans, and black converse with rainbow laces. He even had on eyeliner.

"I'll take a black coffee." Morgan said.

"Anything else?" Spence said smiling.

"No, that's it." Morgan said. "I'm Derek by the way, just moved in."

"Nice to meet you Derek, as you can probably tell by now, my name's Spence." He said. "If you just wait a moment, your coffee will be ready."

"Damn Pretty Boy, this is a good look for you." Derek whispered as he ran his lips over the loops in Spencer's ear.

Spencer shivered as he struggled to get Derek's belt out of the loops of his jeans. "I-I was worried you wouldn't like it. But the marshals said I should go for a completely different look from the one I used to h-" Derek pressed his lips to silence Spencer's explanation and groaned when his tongue rolled over a ball of a tongue ring.

"Fuck Spencer." Derek growled and pushed Spencer down onto the bed. "I think you're fucking sexy." He said and pulled open Spencer's white work button up, and sucked harshly on his chest.

Spencer moaned and placed his hands on top of Derek's head as he kissed lower and lower.

Derek pulled off his lover's pants, and groaned at the sight of the tight black briefs that he was wearing, his erection barely being held by the fabric. Derek kissed the organ through the cloth, and sucked on it. Derek took in his lover's body; Spencer's skin was paler then it had been before, but he had more muscle definition now, but it was still just barely noticeable muscle. There was the two scars from the bullet wounds, one of the left side of his belly button, the other under his right nipple. Derek kissed each one.

Spencer moaned and his hips bucked. "D-Derek, please, I need you."

"We've got all the time in the world Pretty Boy." Derek whispered moving back up Spencer's body. "I've got to get used to you all over again, I'm going to take my time, and drive you insane."

Spencer whimpered with need. "I love you."

"I love you too." Derek whispered and pressed his lips against Spencer's.

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