This is my first story so I hope it's good!!!


"That ain't no etch-a-sketch, this is one doodle that can't be un-did home skillet." Emmett quoted from Juno.

And there I stood… staring down at the small stick in my hand with the little pink plus sign staring up at me.

I can't believe this… I can't believe this!

"Emmett, what am I going to do?!?!"

"B, what are you going to tell dad?"

"I don't know Em!"

Oh god… Charlie's going to kill Edward! He's going to kill him! I immediately went into full scale panic attack mode pacing back and forth in my little bathroom, with my brother Emmett sitting on the edge of the tub just sat there staring at my stomach with a worried expression plane on his face.

"I should have listened to Edward!" I yelled out, quickly crumbling to the ground sobbing, my makeup running down my face.

Em quickly came over to me and scooped me off the ground and murmured to me that it would be ok…


"Finally were alone!" I shouted in excitement as the door closed to the huge Cullen mansion, and Alice (Edwards twin sister,) Rosalie (my brother Emmett's girlfriend) and Jasper (Alice's boyfriend) were finally off to some lame ass theatre in port-Angeles to meet Edwards Parents.

"So your sure were alone for the night?" I asked Edward as I stalked forward to him, with a clear passion.

"Hell yes we are!" He quickly responded as I pressed myself to him and backed him up into his huge king sized bed.

Oh man I wanted him so fucking bad… he quickly captured my lips in his and I couldn't take it any longer, so I ripped mine, and Edward's pants off with a quick fluid movement. Edward quickly reached over to his bed side table to grab a condom out of the little stash that he had in there, but I caught the condom out of his hand and yelled "Fuck that! I threw it across the room."

Edward looked at me like I was crazy for a moment but I quickly captured his lips with mine and straddled his lap.

"Bella, what the hell are you doing? Do you want to get pregnant???" he said as he quickly pushed my lips from his.

"Hell no Edward! But we don't need it remember, I am on birth control. It's all covered."

"Bella didn't you just switch pills though?" He quickly said.

"Yes silly boy, but what does that have to do with anything?"

"Bella, it takes a while to adjust to a new prescription in your body… why do you not want to use one so badly any way?" he suddenly looked at me with that beautiful crooked smirk of his.

"Edward, it has been long enough. I just… want to try and get the full feeling… ya know what I mean?"

"Oh Bella, I love you…" He grinned at me and then quickly he ripped my clothes off of my body, and pushed inside of me with one quick movement.

He had to give me a minute to adjust to him and then the room was quickly filled with the sounds of our love for each other…

**********(End of Flashback)*********

Oh dear god... how was I going to tell him?!?!