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'I remembered the day very well...'

A boy was curled up in front of her, under the pouring rain.

'...the first time we met.'

she was standing in front of him with an umbrella as the heavy rain continued to waterfall.

'The start of the end of my boring life.'....


The sky was dark, heavy grey clouds hovered above the city. Drips of rain began to fall down heavily like a waterfall. Everything was dimmed dark.

"*sigh* why does it have to rain today..." the strawberry blond hair girl lets out a sigh as she stares out the window from her classroom. The rain had pulled everyone's spirits down. There weren't many people in the classroom, since most club activities had been canceled due to the rain, students would have to return home.

"Haruno-san, everyone already went home, why are you still here?" Tenten, was one of the club members of the student council, even though she's a year above the others, her attitude towards them doesn't change that of a senpai and a kouhai.

"Ah, Tenten, I'm just waiting for the rain to stop a bit, I forgot my umbrella." replied Sakura

"It sure doesn't look like it's gonna stop soon..." she lets out another depressing sigh. The rain seemed to be pouring heavier and heavier, the sun light has been buried under the thick clouds.

Hinata was on her way home, she just finished her club activities, her fingers were numb after the long practice of archery in the gym. The roads had been flooded with rain water, not a single soul in the streets. Everything was still, almost like a graveyard. The roar of rain drops pelting against Hinata's umbrella was loud, thundering in her ears. At the corner of her pale lavender eyes, she saw something nearby moved. She wanted to ignore what ever it is, but her curiosity wouldn't allow her. By the alley way, there was an old box that seemed to be falling apart in the rain, there was a noise coming from inside the box. Hinata bend over and lifts the cardboard off, a mother dog was warming two of her pups. She growled at Hinata in a low tone, warning her to back off. One of the pups managed to struggle away from it's mother and out from the hole next to him, as he swagged blindly away. The mother was too busy protecting her last pup and curled into a wet fur ball. Hinata tried to return the pup to her mother, as she reached over, the pup snuggled up against something that seemed comfortable for it.

"Here puppy." before her cold fingertips could touch the puppy, something behind it began to move, she quickly snatched the puppy close to her in case something were to happen to it. The 'thing' stopped moving and began shivering. She lifted the torn jacket up, half of her heart saying 'what could it be' and the other one was preparing for something to jump on her.

'I remembered the day very well...'

To her relief, it wasn't anything out of the world. It was a boy that was badly dressed, curled up in a ball, his bangs covered his bleeding face covering his eyes. His arms were bruised slightly, but not broken from what she could see. He lifted his head up slightly, his wet bangs slid aside as it reveled his cold dark eyes. It met up with Hinata's lavender ones.

'...the first time we met.'

The rain continued to pour.


"There's no one else here, so please, come in." Hinata took her shoes off and placed it aside, the boy just stood there behind her, dripping wet and kept silent.

"I'll get you a towel." she hurried off to the bathroom. The boy just looked around the house, it's quite spacious, a house of an average family. He wasn't wearing any shoes, just muddy feet. Soon, Hinata returned with a dark navy towel.

"It's ok, I'll clean it up later." she smiled gently. He stared back, hesitate before stepping onto the cold floor. Trails of mud followed behind him as he made his way to the sofa.

"Here." a cup of hot cocoa placed on the coffee table, hot steam floating around the air with sweet aroma. He wanted to thank her, but words couldn't escape his dried up lips. The hot sweet liquid brush against his lips, tickling them with the sweet taste. He quickly swallowed them, the hot cocoa burnt his delicate tongue as he quickly place it back on the table.

"B-Be careful, it's hot." Hinata giggled a little, amused about how anyone could be hungry over hot cocoa.

"What's your name?" Hinata sat across him, she was afraid to scare him if she sits next to him. He looks at Hinata with sorrowful eyes.

"It's okay if you don't tell me-"

"Sasuke." he replied.

"E-excuse me?"

"Sasuke. My name is Sasuke." his eyes never shifted away from Hinata, it looked deep into her soul. A warm feeling crept up against Hinata's chest, a 'fuwa fuwa(1)' feeling.

"I-I'll bring you some change of clothes of f-fathers...he wouldn't mind." the hot blush on her cheeks glowed like a neon bulb. She galloped up the stairs and into her father's room, an empty, hollow and lifeless room. While Hinata was searching for dry clothing for Sasuke, he wondered around the house, [in tip toes, he didn't want to make a mess around the house] every picture was a scenery from famous places, none of them had Hinata or someone from her family in, until he encountered one. A small picture sat there alone, it was a picture of a young girl and what looked like a young mother. He picked it up to have a closer look.

"Would you like to take a shower?" Hinata returned with some old track suit and a towel. Sasuke quickly placed the picture back and ran towards her. Hinata just simply smile thinly.

"The bathroom's just over there." she points to the corridor nearby, Sasuke hesitate at the clothes in his arms, he didn't know what to say. Hinata pulled her hair up in a pony tail, she rolled her sleeves up and return with a mop from the kitchen.


So many variety of food laid in front of Sasuke, his stomach couldn't take the temptation any longer, he haven't had a decent meal since he could remember. Sasuke stuffs anything he could into his mouth, swallowed before he could chew. Hinata stared at him with surprise, she learned something new about boys.

"No need to rush, there will be plenty more." Hinata giggled to herself, Sasuke looks up with a bright blush across his face. He swallowed whatever was in his mouth hard down his throat.

"Tell me Sasuke, why are you in the streets like that?" she wanted to ask him for quite some time now, but haven't found the right moment. Sasuke looks down at his chopsticks, he strained his brain to remember something, something other than knowing his name as simply 'Sasuke'

"I don't know...I really wish I do." his voice was full of pain and sadness. Hinata felt a strike of guilt shot at her chest, she didn't mean to hurt him this way.

"A-anyways, w-what about you stay here for the night? I-I'll help look for your family starting tomorrow." Hinata stood up in an instance, the chair squeaked behind her. Sasuke's pale grasp grabbed Hinata's thin wrist when she walked past him, their eyes met once again. It seemed as if Sasuke was about to pull her to an embrace, he had the urge to, but didn't.

"T-thank you." he mumbled with his face looked aside from embarrassment. He released his grip on her and continued to eat his meals. Hinata couldn't help really but to smile back.

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