Wow, it's been awhile hasn't it... I completely forgotten about this fic, it's quite difficult to catch up again...but I will try my best to pull it till the end!

I continued this fic half way, so my style might change in the middle of the story :)

P.S: please don't kill me for hating 'her'... everything will be explained later in the fic, please be super SUPER patient with me, thanks! and Enjoy!

It's already Friday, the last school bell rang with the sky had turned tangerine color. Hinata had just finished packing her bags. She still had to bandage her wound once in a while, but other than that, she's good as new.

"Good morning Hinata-chan." a nurse came by to give her the last check up.

"Good morning." Hinata replied with a smile.

"How are you feeling today?" the nurse asked as she checked Hinata's temperature.

"F-Fine, thank you."

"Heh heh, just fine?" she gave Hinata a devious look.

"Y-Yes?" Hinata looked at her confused.

"Nothing, never mind! Well, you don't have a fever, everything seems fine."

"Thank you." Hinata said to her before she left her room.

Should I wait?

Hinata remembered Sasuke telling her to wait for him to pick her up, but somehow she's feeling nervous. Her eyes couldn't stop glancing over the door while blushing whenever she remembered the time when they kissed.

I'm so shameless...

she pulled her bangs closer to her eyes whenever she thought about it. Finally, there was a knock on the door. Hinata quickly sat in a 'normal' position and tried to act natural.

"C-Come in!" she called out. Sasuke, who was still in his school uniform slowly walked in.

"Y-yo..." he looked at her, and gradually blushed when their eyes met.

"H-Hi..." Hinata did the same, they looked away slightly from the embarrassment.

"Ahem...Ready to go?" Sasuke broke the silence and offered to carry her bags. Hinata nodded. When their hands touched, they both of them pulled back quickly and dropped the bag.

"I-I, Um, s-sorry..." Hinata held her hand close to her.

What am I doing? I'm acting too obvious!

She closed her eyes tightly and tried not to blush.

"Let's go." Sasuke picked it up and left the room in a hurry, Hinata followed. When they were out of the hospital and on their way home, Hinata kept a distance between herself and Sasuke, she was about half a meter away from him.

"Why are you walking so slow?" Sasuke stopped and turned to face her.

"S-Sorry." Hinata shorten their distance by less than a meter. Sasuke's starting to feel irritated. He turned around and walked towards Hinata. With his free hand, he grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her along.

"Ah, S-Sasuke!" Hinata was surprised, but didn't seemed to against anything.

"You're walking too slow." He held onto her hand tightly, Hinata smiled and curled her fingers in.

They could hear Shin's barking when they arrived outside the doorsteps, Hinata was greeted with an excited Shin wagging his tail when he saw her.

"Shin-chan, I'm home!" Shin had grown larger in size, and somewhat more energetic.

"I missed you too." Shin had grown. He barked with joy and wiggled around in Hinata's embrace. As soon as she entered the house, she was in for a surprise.

"It's cleaned!" Hinata gasped.

"Just because I'm a guy, doesn't mean I'm sloppy and unorganized." Sasuke threw his bag onto the couch.

"T-Thank you." Hinata smiled, she made her way to her room, Sasuke helped carried her bags.

"Kiba offered to take some notes for you, they're on your table." On her table were stacks of notes she missed. Hinata flipped through them, she giggled in her head, Kiba tried his best to keep his notes neat and tidy, but seemed to fail inevitably. She spotted her clock pointing nearly to 7.

"I should probably get to work, I'll see you tonight." Sasuke closed the door behind him.

"S-See you soon!" Hinata squeaked out. She felt really grateful for Sasuke, she blushed to herself. At daze, she remembered the kiss, it was heartwarming, Hinata gently brush her bottom lip, the feeling of Sasuke's lips lingered around.

"D-Does this make us...a-a couple now?" her face burned with embarrassment, imagine, being a couple. Her fantasy shattered, and reality drew her back from reality when the door bell rang.

Did Sasuke forgot something?

"C-Coming." Hinata rushed down the stairs.

"Did you forget somethin-" in front of her wasn't Sasuke, but someone she was terrified of, maybe less than her father.

"Mind if I come in?" she gave Hinata a grin.

"C-Come in..."

"Sasuke, mind taking the order from that table, where two stalker sits?" Sai was a classmate of Sasuke, he doesn't talk much in class, just doodling away and making up nicknames for everyone in class. He does look awfully similar to Sasuke, even Sasuke himself was a bit freaked out. Like every time during Sasuke's shifts (and Sai's, they have the same shifts) there were more female customers than male, or male customers who were dragged by their girlfriends just to observe Sasuke and Sai work. Sasuke's shift just ended, but he doesn't mind taking one last order. He walked over to a table of two girls, both of them were hiding their faces behind the menu when Sasuke approached them.

"May I take your order?" Sasuke pulled out a memo from his pocket and a pen, reading to write their order.

"I-I'll have the golden strawberry parfait...and water" a girl mumbled.

"I'll have the bacon pasta, please! And ice chocolate." the other said louder. Sasuke noted down the orders and shove it back into his apron pocket.

"It won't be a moment...Sakura, Tenten." Sasuke crossed his arm. Sakura and Tenten lowered their menu, they looked up at Sasuke like a puppy in trouble.

"H-Hi...hehehe...How did you know it was us?" Sakura asked.

Sasuke pointed over to Sai, grinning like the Cheshire cat.

"We're not stalking you or anything!" Sakura said in her defense.

"Ya, we just happened to walk past and felt hungry." Tenten made a sarcastic tone.

"*sigh* whatever." Sasuke walked away with their list or order.

"Where's Ino? She's late-"As Sasuke walked away, he felt a force leaning against him.

"Sasuke!" a girl flung herself towards Sasuke, she had wild-ish magenta hair and glasses.

"Get off me, do I even know you?" Sasuke tried to brush her off, this girl glued to Sasuke shamelessly. Everyone in the restaurant whispered to each other, the girls were giving her death glares, but she doesn't seemed to mind.

"don't you remember me?" she looked up with fake tears.

"No." Sasuke bluntly replied.

"hey, isn't that Karin? The girl who's obsesses with Sasuke-kun since the day he transferred?" Sakura whispered to Tenten.

"You're the one to talk..." Tenten snickered.

"Get-" Sasuke spotted the manager clearing his throat, while his gaze still set on Sasuke.

How lucky of her that I'm working...

"Miss, please release me...I still have a job to keep." this time, Sasuke unhooked her arms from his and made a quick escape to the locket room.

"What a crazy woman..."

"You don't need to look so afraid, Hinata-chan...I'm not going to hurt you..." she grinned, taking a sip of her tea Hinata brewed for her.

"W-Why are you here?" Hinata sat nervously across from her.

"Look, I just want to say...I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to do all those things to you." Hinata refused to look at her.

"I'm sorry, i-it's quite late...can we talk about this another t-time?" Hinata suggested.

"Why wouldn't you give me a chance, Hinata? I said I'm sorry...I won't lie the fact I did terrible things to you, but I swear on my life I did not push you down the stairs!" she grabbed onto Hinata's arms. Hinata was shaking, she tried to pull back, but her grip was strong.

"Please don't ignore me! I'm trying to explain."

"I-I just want to know, w-why did you do that to me?" Hinata looked at her with teary eyes.

"I was just following orders...I promise! I really swear on my life I did not push you down the strais, so please." this time, she held both of Hinata's hands.

"I-I have to clean the kitchen..." Hinata stood up, but her arms remained restrained.

"Hinata, just listen!-" the door suddenly unlocked, a tired Sasuke entered the room.

"I'm home...huh? Why are you here?" Sasuke raised an eyebrow, he was very confused.

"I-It's nothing..." Hinata tried to distract Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun, I have a confession to make." she let go of Hinata's arm, collected all the courage she could find in herself and breath out.

"I was the one who did all those things to Hinata...It was me." Sasuke was surprised, out of everyone else, she was the least he expected.

"But I did not push her down the stairs." he stuck to her words. Sasuke, looked at her in rage, his arms flew past her cheeks and left a mark, red and bruised.

"Get out...I'm warning you, Yamanaka Ino...don't go near Hinata again."

I'm not saying I hate Ino, I like her more than Sakura to be honest...I know Ino won't do that kind of thing, but just wait for a few more chapters, it'll explain why she did it. Thanks for reading!