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It should say at the top of the job application for the B.A.U.:

Don't expect a sex life.

New Lovers Try To Screw Like Rabbits

They'd been dating for two months now, and Morgan was getting anxious. Reid had been giving him odd looks, wringing his hands, and talking to hushed voices to Jj on the plane, and every time the young doctor saw Garcia, he'd turn pink. This had been going on for about a week or two now.

When they got back to D.C. Reid invited Morgan back to his apartment, the young doctor was nervous, and wouldn't look Morgan in the eyes.

When they got home. Morgan was surprised that Reid made the first move.

They had ordered take-out, sat down to enjoy a movie laying comfortably together on the couch.

Morgan had always known that he'd have to wait for Reid to be ready.

When Reid said he wanted to have sex, he was stuttering and started sprouting off statistics about couples, gay and straight, that have longer relationships with a good sex life. Morgan just grinned and kissed the young doctor.

They managed to make it into Reid's bedroom and get more then halfway undressed and onto Reid's bed before both cells went off.

Reid was so out of it, he didn't hear his phone. Morgan gritted his teeth and leaned off the bed to grab his phone which was still in the pocket of his jeans.

"Sorry kiddos, Hotch told me to call you. There's a bad case down in Texas, nine girls missing in twenty-nine hours. First two have already been found dead." Jj said.

"We just got home, you've got to be shitting me." Morgan said, looking down at Reid who was a beautifully disheveled blushing mess on the dark bed sheets. "Right now? You couldn't have waited like an hour or two?"

"Sorry Morgan." Jj said. "Come in now, wheels up in twenty. We brief on the plane."

Morgan groaned and hung up the phone. "Sorry Pretty Boy, we've got work."

"No." Reid whined. "I've been trying to psyche myself up for this for the past two weeks."

"Don't worry, I'll get you later." Morgan said pulling on his pants, shifting the front of them uncomfortably as his erection was squashed beneath the heavy fabric of his jeans.

Three Strikes and Your OUT

They tried two other times to have sex, both times were ended prematurely by phone calls due to cases.

Morgan was sprouting every curse under the sun as they walked into the office after the third call, Reid was blushing brightly, and wouldn't look Gideon in the eyes because his mentor had been the one to call Morgan, and the couple was in the center of foreplay, and Reid had moaned because Morgan didn't want to stop while he was talking about the case.

It was supposed to be their day off, but no rest for the wicked.

Morgan wouldn't talk directly to Jj who'd taken the case, or Hotch who said they should leave as soon as possible.

A sexually frustrated Derek Morgan, is not a happy one.

Screw Romance

The first time Morgan and Reid had sex, was during a case. The hotel they were staying at was decent, but the walls were paper thin. Morgan and Reid had rooms right next to each other. Morgan heard Reid masturbating, and lost it. He almost kicked the door down when it took Reid to long to answer.

When Morgan got into the room, he kissed Reid passionately, and threw the young doctor up against the nearest surface, by the time they got back to Reid's hotel bed, Morgan's clothes were gone, Reid had been prepared quickly with spit and eager fingers. Morgan hardly stopped touching Reid long enough to fit a condom on himself.

It was far from romantic, it was fast, rough and messy, but at least they were both satisfied.

But the next morning when they drove towards the Police department, Gideon gave them a lecture they will never forget about being quite during sex, then laughing as he said. "Never knew anyone as vocal as you Spencer."

Reid was beat red, and scarred for life by the time the SUV's came to a stop. Reid wouldn't look any of his co-workers in the eyes, and told Morgan they were never having sex again.

Morgan just leaned back in his chair in grinned, he was to damn happy right now to care about 'Never' having sex again.

I Kink Not

Reid likes to touch during sex, likes to feel his lover's body in the motion of making love, or fucking like bunnies as Morgan lovingly called it.

So, Morgan decided he wanted to find out what happened when Reid couldn't touch, and tied Reid's hands together with the doctor's tie, and looped it around the headboard.

Reid's body moved more to compensate. He arched, and writhed more then ever, and god was it hot, but it took Reid longer to get off.

Which normally for Morgan wouldn't be a problem....

Unless your boss comes into your hotel room.

"Morgan, Reid we got ne-"

"Hotch!" Reid squeaked in terror at his boss seeing him tied to the headboard.

"I should've knocked." Hotch said, walking backwards out of the room and closing the door.

Morgan groaned and let his head drop to Reid's chest. "You've got to be fucking kidding me."

"You're never tying me up again Derek." Reid whispered harshly.

"Oh hell fucking yes I am." Morgan said.

"Well definitely not when we're working." Reid said quietly as he blushed trying to get his hands free.

Morgan looked up at him. "No, we just need to lock the damn door next time." Morgan said loosening the knot and Reid's hands came free.

Recovery Period

"Derek," Reid whined rolling over to hit his lover. "I'm to tired."

"I'm tired too, but we were promised twelve hours recovery, and I plan on using my time to the fullest." Morgan said running a hand over Reid's chest, lifting his slimmer lover's shirt up to feel his skin.

"We haven't slept in forty-eight hours." Reid moaned pitifully. "Go to sleep Derek."

"Come on Pretty boy, look you're hard." Morgan said cupping his lover's erection.

Reid moaned and rolled on top of Morgan, kissing him tiredly.

Both of them fell asleep without touching more then five minutes, and slept until noon the next day.

Birthday Sex? Maybe Next Year

"Happy Birthday Derek." Reid whispered kissing his lover on the cheek.

"Thanks Pretty Boy." Morgan said, rolling them both over so he was hovering over Reid. "I love you." He said trailing kisses down Reid's long neck.

"Derek, Jj's sleeping in the room right next to ours." Reid said biting back a moan.

"So, it's my birthday, I want sex." Morgan said unbuttoning Reid's shirt.

"Birthday sex? You can't be serious." Reid said and Morgan looked at him. "We're in the middle of a case."

"So?" Morgan asked.

"Do you remember the last six times we tried to have sex during a case?" Reid asked.

"Don't be so loud." Morgan said kissing Reid's chest.

Reid covered his mouth with both hands as Morgan sucked on his nipple.

Morgan grinned victoriously and pulled off his lover's pants and palmed his growing erection. Reid moaned again, this time not as softly as he would've liked.

They both stopped when Jj pounded on the wall their bed was against. "Not tonight boys! I'm to damn tired to listen to you going at it!" The blond said through the wall.

"Jj! It's my birthday!" Morgan cried.

"Oh well! You two are too loud!" Jj yelled.

Reid put his hands over his face. "This is so damn embarrassing. Why do you have to be so fucking horny all the time?" Reid muttered into his hands.

Morgan chuckled. "You just said 'fucking,' Spencer." Morgan pulled Reid's hands away from his face. "Say fuck Spencer."

"Derek." Reid warned.

"Come on Pretty boy." Morgan said nibbling Reid's bottom lip. "For me."

"Fuck." Reid said and Morgan grinned.

"Say it again." Morgan sucked hard on Reid's neck.

"F-fuck." Reid moaned softly.

"I said NO!" Jj yelled on the other side of the wall.

Both men broke into laughter, Morgan rested his forehead against Reid's when they calmed down.

"Birthday sex?" Morgan asked.

"Maybe next year." Reid said.

Definition of a Quickie

Reid bit his hand as Morgan thrust into him, and picked up a hard fast pace. Morgan sucked on any flesh of Reid's body he get his mouth on and wasn't still covered by their clothes. Reid's hands were out bracing himself against the wall, and his legs were shaking as he tired to keep himself upright.

"Fuck, I love you." Morgan pants.

"S-shut up and m-move. We've o-only got ten minutes." Reid said.

Morgan chuckled and moved a hand over Reid's hip. "Love it when you talk dirty Pretty boy." Morgan pushed Reid up against the wall and began thrusting harder and faster.

Reid moaned. "F-Fuck Derek."

End of Chapter

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