One Big happy family

This was our happy ending, our happy family and pretty soon, we would have a new addition to our happy family…

Finally I was getting my own son or daughter. Jasper and I were going to be parents, by force anyway. Jasper beat up the guy at the adoption agency when he declined our application. My heart broke, I went back into the room and looked at all of the children without a family. An african-american baby girl whose parents died in a car accident, a caucasian toddler who's parents beat him when he wouldn't stop crying. I looked at the chinese girl who's mother forcefully gave her up and the english boy who's parents couldn't take care of him. I looked at all of their beautiful face and smiled. I wanted to take them all home with me. I talked to all of them, they smiled and I smiled. They laughed and I laughed. Later I put them all to bed and wished them happy dreams and told them to look after each other. I walked out of the room and waited for Jasper. An hour had passed since I left the children. When Jasper finally came out of the office with the guy in charge, Jasper hugged me and smiled. I looked over his shoulder and looked at man, he's face was bloody and swollen. I laughed and hugged Jasper, kissed him.

"You didn't have to beat the hell out of him, Jazz" I reminded with a smile.

"I know, but he hurt your feelings and I hate seeing you hurt.." Jasper responded. I smiled again and hugged him once more.

"Your are one overprotective fool." I laughed.

"Yes but you love me, admit it." Jasper said. I sighed in defeat and smiled.

"Yes I love you. Your mine Jasper Whitlock-Hale, forever." I said.

We both smiled and sat down.

"I want all of them, they need a safe home and we can give it to them." I said.

"But ma'am policy says-" The guy started to say, Jasper growled when he looked at him. "You want them all you say? Sure take them all, just don't sick your husband on me again." The man cried. I looked at Jasper and pretended to be upset.

"Jazz we talked about that." I said.

"I know but he made me mad." Jasper pouted.

"I'll talk about that when we get home." I said and looked at the guy. "Have my children and the paperwork ready to go tomorrow morning or my husband just might kill you." I said and stood up. "If there are any marks or bruises on my children when I come for them tomorrow, there will be hell to pay." I scowled the man and walked to Jasper's car. Jasper grinned watching me walk out.

"Sexy isnt she?" Jasper asked and walked out after me. We drove home and told Rosalie,Emmett and Edward everything that happen we laughed talking all night.

Humans are stupid and slow runners

As we talked and laugh,Carlisle included. I had a vision, my children were being hurt. I growled, my eyes black as the night sky, the adrenline rushing through my body, I loved and missed the feeling. Jasper looked at me,like he knew what was wrong.

"Alice-" Jasper started. Before he could finish I was gone, running at a speed no other vampire could run. I was at the agency in zero point five seconds. I kicked in the door and walked into the room with children. A woman had my baby girl over her lap hitting her. The woman but her down and stood up and looked at me with fear in her eyes. I gave her a headstart, I snapped the man's neck and stalked the woman. She would ran down a dark alley and I would be waiting for her. She ran into a store,I was waiting for her. My hand reached around her neck and snapped it. I left her there. Jasper called me, I answered.

"Hello." I answered.

"I have the children. Get home." Jasper said.

"I'll be there in a little bit." I said and hung up. I ran home and waited for Jasper and the children. When they got home, I hugged them all. I was so glad that they were safe. I took my baby girl in my arms and held her. She's smiled up at me, she didn't have any teeth yet, but her smile was so bright and beautiful. I looked at the rest of them, they were smiling up at me and Jasper. They were all so beautiful. I took them into the house and introduced them to everyone.

They loved the children as much as Jasper and I did. Finally, I had children and a loving husband, plus more. For me this was perfection.

The End

Thank you for reading my story.

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