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Chapter Six: Growing Up.

Five Years Old

Jason and Michael have both inherited Reid's eidetic memory, and intelligence. Both are very interested in sports as well, which made Morgan happier than hell.

Reid and Morgan hired a live in nanny named Katie, a daughter of one of Fran Morgan's close friends. Katie started working for them when the twins turned one and Reid was starting to get restless about staying at home all the time. Katie was a god-send without a doubt, both the twins loved her and she was wonderful with them, and was always willing to help Reid and Morgan around the house.

Jack, Hotch's son, is now nine and very happy about his two 'little brothers'. Henry, Will and Jj's son, is now six and he along with Jason and Michael are very smart troublemakers, and practically inseparable. Will and Morgan are constantly talking about getting them into the same private school. Jj was worried about all the trouble the three would get in to, while Reid was worried about starting their college funds.

Both boys now had caramel colored skin, dark brown hair, although Jason's was textured more like Reid's while Michael's was like Morgan's. The twins facial features leaned more towards Spencer's at the moment, but it was clear to see they managed to get plenty of Morgan's genes as well.

Nine Years Old

Both twins have started playing sports. Jason prefered football, basketball, hockey, and martial arts, all of which he's incredible active in. Michael was into baseball, track and field, swimming and martial arts as well, and is just as dedicated in all of them as Jason is in his sports. Both are just as smart as Reid was academically speaking. Jason likes English and Science while Michael likes Math and History. Both love to read, Michael likes music while Jason would rather write.

Their appearances have changed more to favor of Morgan, meaning sharper more angular features of their face, their bodies had bulked up some due to their sports. And they still have the same caramel colored skin, and are only told apart by the scar above Michael's eyebrow and the fact that Jason keep his hair longer. Jason is right handed while Michael can write with either hand, but favored his left.

Katie still lived with them, and still did an amazing job helping with Jason and Michael, and thankfully still got along great with Reid and Morgan, seeming more like a sister than anything else, most of all to Reid who didn't have any siblings.

Reid had one hand over his stomach, the other pressed firmly against the toilet seat as his stomach heaved, and he threw up the remains of last night's dinner. His eyes were screwed shut tightly and groaned when his stomach finally stopped.

He hadn't told Derek yet, he'd been putting it off as long as possible, but he was already starting to show (again) and he wouldn't be able to hide the fact much longer considering how sexually active they were, which meant not wearing clothes. At least it had been nine years since the twins were born, so they wouldn't be struggling three very young children.



Spencer lifted his head and looked at Michael standing in the doorway with a glass of water.

"You okay?" Michael asked as Spencer stood up slowly.

"Yea, don't worry." Reid washed out his mouth and slashed some cold water on his face before taking the glass of water from his son.

"You've been throwing up a lot, and you always seem tired." Michael said. "I've also noticed that you're going to bed earlier and you aren't as affectionate wi-"

"What have I told you about profiling your parents?" Reid chastised as they walked into the living room.

"Not to because it makes Pops angry." Michael repeated from memory rolling his eyes.

"Right, and your father is not fun when he's angry is he?" Reid asked.

"Nope." Michael said scrunching his nose.

"So how was swim practice?" Spencer asked, trying to change the subject, but it wasn't successful.

"Why were you throwing up if you aren't sick?" Michael asked. "Jason knows but he won't tell me, said that it'll make me smarter if I figure it out myself."

"Have you ever wanted younger siblings Mikey?" Spencer asked and Michael looked up at him. "A little brother or sister?"

"I already have a little brother, Jason's younger than me by a whole twelve minutes and forty-six seconds." Michael said.

"You know what I mean." Reid said and Michael scrunched his nose.

"We need a girl." Michael said and Spencer laughed and leaned down and kissed Michael's head. Because of his sons' high I.Q.'s, they tended to sound and act like adults, just like he used to and he forgot a lot of the time, that they were only nine.

"Well we're getting one." Spencer answered and Michael's eyes widened comically. "A little sister."

"Really!?" Michael asked and Spencer nodded. "Awesome! I'm gonna go tell Jason!"

"Tell your father to come inside so I can tell him. Just tell him I want to talk to him." Reid managed before Michael ran out the back door to where Derek and Jason were tossing around a football.

Spencer sat at the kitchen table as Derek came into the house and slid the glass door closed. "What's going on Pretty Boy?"

Spencer smiled up at him. "I love you Derek."

Morgan's brow knitted together. "I love you too... Spence, is something going on?"

"Yeah." Spencer took a deep breath and looked down. "I've been waiting to tell you this for a little over three months now, but I've been putting it off because at first I wasn't sure..."

"...You're starting to make me worry Pretty Boy." Derek said sitting down next to Spencer who instantly reached out and took Derek's larger hands.

"I'm sorry, It's not like I'm leaving you or anything.... I-I... you know how I get, I get nervous and put things off till it's almost to late." Spencer looked at Derek, and smiled brightly. "You were telling me last year about your mother wanting a granddaughter, remember?"

Derek rolled his eyes. "Yea, she sent me a picture of a baby dress, and a text that said 'Hint Hint.' I remember."

"Well I think you should call her." Spencer said and slowly realization came over Derek's face. "I went to the doctor last month when I started noticing the signs and from what she could see then I'm gonna be having a baby girl in December,"

Derek just stared at him for a really long time before slumping a bit in his seat.

"Derek?" Reid asked.

"Why did you wait so long to tell me? You should've come to me as soon as you even thought you were having a baby." Derek said.

Spencer smiled. "I know, sorry."

Seventeen Years Old

The twins are now seventeen and in high school. Both are still active in sports and looking more and more like Morgan as they grew, although Jason's hair has started to grow lighter and lighter each year and Michael was thinner and taller like Reid. Eight year old Natasha was a blond curly haired girl with caramel colored skin and the biggest pair of blue eyes and the sweetest smile, but no one could get her into a dress much to Garcia and Momma Morgan's dismay.


Morgan turned just in time to catch an armful of his daughter who was running from the front of her school. "Hey Baby doll." He said with a smile and pressed a kiss to her cheek which she eagerly returned with a kiss to Morgan's own cheek.

"They're having a parents' day." Natasha said. "Will you and Daddy come?" She asked and Morgan smiled setting the eight year old back down on her feet and taking her hand tightly in his own.

"One of us will try to make it." Morgan said leading his daughter down the side walk.

"Justin said that his mommy and daddy don't work as much as you do." Natasha said and Morgan frowned. "But then I told him that it was because my daddies are way cooler than his, and that my daddies are super heroes and catch bad guys."

Morgan chuckled. "What did Justin say about that?" He asked.

"He tried to pull my hair so I pushed him." Natasha said.

"You shouldn't beat up the boys in your class Nat." Morgan said looking at his daughter.

"It's not my fault I'm stronger than him." Natasha said. Morgan sighed, but smiled and put his index finger on his daughter's nose which made her cross her eyes to look at it.

"You're going to get into trouble Baby Doll, so don't do it anymore. Only when the boy does something bad first." Morgan said.

Natasha sighed. "Fine daddy." She said.


"Hey dad?"

Reid looked up and smiled at his sons. "What's going on?"

Jason and Michael looked at each other, then sat down on the side of their parents' large bed, careful of the books that Reid had opened around him. "Well we wanted to talk to you about something before we talked to Pop." Jason said.

"Alright, what is it?" Spencer asked marking his page in the book he was reading and closed it.

"Do you think it's genetic?" Michael asked and Spencer frowned.

"What is?" Spencer asked.

Jason patted his twin's shoulder. "That you can get pregnant."

Spencer's brow furrowed and he stared at his sons. "I don't know... Why are you asking?"

"Well you already knew I was gay right?" Michael asked and Spencer nodded. "So I kinda need to know, for future reference..."

"...Oh... well, I guess we could take you to get a scan. It would be a good idea for you both to get a scan." Reid said brushing his hair out of his face. He looked at Michael. "You know neither of you has to be afraid to tell anything to your father right?" He added.

"We know." Jason said smiling. "You're just easier to talk to that's all."

"Thanks I guess." Spencer said smiling. "So Michael, when do I get to meet your boyfriend?" He asked.

"Dad!" Michael cried out blushing while Jason laughed. "Shut up Jay! At least MY 'boyfriend' is only a year older than me!"

"Hey!" Jason yelled.

"Oh really?" Spencer crossed his arms. "How old is your boyfriend Jason?"

Jason groaned and pushed Michael off the bed before he stood. "Doesn't matter, I'm not saying anything!" Jason left the room and Michael looked onto the bed where Spencer was staring down at him.

"If I tell you, they'll both kill me." Michael said in answer to the look his father was giving him.

"Who are you seeing? Why won't you tell us? We just want to know who it is." Reid said.

"Because, we don't want to say anything yet. It'll make things weird." Michael said with a shrug. "Besides, you don't have to worry about threatening our boyfriends with bodily harm or telling them that you work for the FBI."

"Why not?" Reid asked.

"Because, it's not going to scare him off." Michael said leaning back on his elbows. "Now, if I'm not mistaken, you and Pop's anniversary is coming up. You two have been together for what eighteen years?"

"Twenty, and don't try to change the subject. Who's Jason seeing that's older than him? How much older are we talking? Two years? Three?" Reid asked.

"You don't have to worry Dad. They aren't doing anything, not until Jason turns eighteen. And it's four years older." Michael said and Reid frowned. "Relax will you, Jason can kick anyone's ass, you know that. But he'll never have to, Jay's guy is really noble, almost to a fault."

"I guess that's a good thing. What about your 'guy'?" Spencer asked.

Michael picked himself off the floor. "Gotta go, got swim practice in half an hour."

"Alright. We'll finish this some other time."

"Bye." Michael said laughing as he left the room.

Morgan opened the door, and raised an eyebrow as he stared down at Jack Hotchner who was nervously fixing his jacket. "Hey Jack, what are you doing here?"

"Uh... Hi Morgan. Is Jason here, he didn't answer his cell and we go-... Can I come in?" Jack asked running his fingers through his dark hair.

"Sure. Jason's up in his room, hasn't come out since he got home from practice though." Morgan said moving aside so that Jack could come in.

"Thanks." Jason said and was half way up the stairs before Morgan even closed the door.

Morgan looked up the stairs and raised an eyebrow when Michael quickly came down the stairs.

"Hey Pops, mind giving me some advice?" Michael asked, throwing a nervous glance over his shoulder.

"About what?" Derek asked.

"Well.... okay... uhm-"

"You're just like your dad when you're trying to ask for help, or when you're trying to distract someone. What's going on between Jay and Jack?" Morgan asked.

Michael blushed a bit and looked up the stairs, a few seconds of silence was broken by the sound of something being thrown against a wall. Morgan raced up the stairs with Michael racing up behind him, trying to stop his father from going into his twin's room. "Wait dad d-"

Morgan opened the door, then froze.


Jason was laying on his back on his full size bed with Jack straddling his hips, Jason's button up shirt ripped open and Jack's pants were unbuttoned.

Morgan was a bit lost for words, but reacted like any father did. He grabbed Jack by his collar and hauled him off his son and down the stairs.

"Dad! What are you doing to him!" Jason and Michael both ran down after their father and Jack.

"You're underaged, and he's twenty-one." Morgan said calmly.

"We weren't doing anything!" Jason protested.

Morgan held up his hand then rubbed his temples. "Sit down, and be quiet. All of you." Jason and Michael sat at the same time on the couch while Jack sat nervously in the chair that Derek had pushed him into.

"Sir." Jack started and Derek glared at him, and further words were left unsaid.

"I'm calling your father." Derek finally said and all three boys exchanged looks.

"Ours or Jack's?" Michael asked.

"Both." Derek growled grabbing his phone.

"Dad took Natasha to ballet." Jason reminded.

"She's done in twenty minutes." Derek grumbled leaning back against the wall while he called Hotch.


"Well, this is... awkward." Spencer said setting Natasha down as he entered the house to see his sons, his lover, his boss and his boss' son all sitting in tense silence in the living room. "Nat, why don't you go upstairs and change." He said bending down to take his daughter's coat.

Natasha nodded quickly then ran up the stairs.

"So, what happened?" Spencer asked.

"Dad assaulted my boyfriend." Jason said bitterly.

"Hey now." Derek growled glaring at his son.

"Hush." Spencer snapped preventing further argument. "Jason, Jack, you're both aware that any form of sexual relationship between the two of you is currently illegal. I am sure that is all Derek is upset about. We have no problems with the two of you being together, at all. Right Derek?"

Derek looked at Spencer, who raised an eyebrow. "Right."

"Now if you have had sex before, th-"

"We haven't I swear." Jack blurted out, looking quickly between his own father and Derek.

"Good." Spencer said. " The twins' birthday is in a few months now, and yes it would be... acceptable for you to then, have sex. However, this is a very big leap and none of us want you rushing into this because you are now able to. Understand?"

Jack and Jason both nodded, both red in the face from embarrassment. Michael was silent as a mouse, avoiding eye contact with all the other members of the room.

Spencer sighed. "Hotch, Jack. Would you two like to stay for dinner? We were planning on ordering pizza and watching a movie tonight, but you're more than welcome to stay."

Hotch sighed and looked at his son. "I suppose if you're asking." He said brushing the front of his suit jacket. "It would give us all enough time to talk."

Spencer looked at Derek. "I'm going to go check on Natasha, why don't you guys all think of where we're ordering from, and well, order." Spencer said smiling.

"Am I in trouble?" Michael blurted out.

Spencer snorted. "Not yet, but I can think of something to ground you for."

"I'm grounded!?" Jason yelled.

"Do you want to be?" Derek asked.


"Alright then." Spencer shook his head and headed upstairs.


"Pops?" Michael leaned through the doorway that separated the kitchen and living room. Morgan was sitting at the kitchen table with a file in front of him which he closed instantly.


"Got a few minutes?" Michael asked.

"Always." Derek said and Michael smiled.

Michael came in and sat down. "I got a scholarship." He said and Derek grinned.

"That's great." Morgan answered and Michael ducked his head and smiled a bit. "Where too, and what for?"

"It's a full ride for psychology." Michael said pulling a letter from his pants pocket. He unfolded it slowly and looked down at it. The pages were wrinkled and the edges bent, it looked like he'd been reading it repeatedly for a while now, one of the pages even had a circle from where a cup had probably been set on the edge.

"Your father would be really excited about it." Morgan said.

"He is." Michael said smiling.

Morgan frowned. "What's going on Mikey?" He asked.

"Well, you said that you really didn't want me and Jason going to far for school, but I really want to go and it's a really good school an-"

"Mikey, just tell me where." Morgan said.

"Oxford." Michael said. "Jason got one too, but since he wants to play pro-football he declined it and took the scholarship for Cal-Tech instead. But I don't want to play pro-sports I wanna go into profiling like you and dad, so this would be a really good thing." Michael said. "And it would only be for a year and a half, then I'd transfer to Cal-Tech just like Jay."

Morgan smiled and ruffled his son's hair. Michael looked up at him. "Mikey, I know I said that I didn't want you going far for school, but it's just because I love you. But this means a lot to you, I can tell, you're really excited about going to Oxford aren't you?"

Michael smiled. "Yeah."

"Then I want you to go." Derek said. "But if you ever just want to come back home, you're more than welcome to."

Michael smiled again. "Thanks Pops."

Twenty-Four Years Old

Jason's now playing professional football for the New England Patriots as the team's first string wide receiver and the team is doing very well, currently in the playoffs. He and Jack were still in a relationship and very much in love, which gave Michael more than enough to tease his younger twin with.

Michael is working at the B.A.U. on the same team as both of his parents, which always made introductions rather amusing. Michael was also in a relationship with a boy he met in England named Nick, who had moved to America last year.

Natasha is now fifteen. Just as beautiful as ever, her hair had gotten even blonder and curlier and she liked to keep it long and often held back with a few clips. She had taken a great interest in both martial arts and ballet which had given her a very lean body type and she was taller. Like her brothers she did very well in school, but like her father, Morgan she also wasn't afraid to get into a fight.

Spencer is also expecting the forth and swearing that this was the last child in the Morgan-Reid family. Derek was a very proud father, and now as the leader of the B.A.U. since Hotch's promotion to the head of the F.B.I.

Spencer made a face as the cold gel was put onto his round stomach and he turned his head so that he could see the Ultrasound screen. Derek was standing next to him, holding his hand and watching the screen with the same amazement as the first time. Spencer couldn't help but smile.

"Alright Spence, let's take a look and see what we're dealing with." The nurse, Heather, the same one they had met the first time they came into the hospital twenty-four years ago. She hummed softly as she moved the probe slowly over Spencer's stomach. "Look, there they are." She said.

Derek's eyes went wide and he looked at the nurse. "They?" He asked.

"Congrats, twins again." Heather replied.

"Your mother is going to be thrilled." Spencer said.

"Who knew you were so damn fertile." Derek teased and pressed a kiss to Spencer's forehead.

"It's a girl and boy from what I can tell." Heather added.

"Son-of-a-bitch." Derek said with a nervous laugh.

"Congrats." Heather said taking several pictures.

"If you say so." Spencer said then squeezed Derek's hand. "You okay?"

"Yeah." Derek said and smiled sappily at Spencer. "I love you."

"You'd better you bastard." Spencer said.

Four Months Later

"What are we gonna name them?" Derek asked running his hand carefully over his newborn daughters head.

Spencer looked down at his son and sighed. "I like the name Adam." He said and Derek looked at him.

"Adam and- what?" Morgan asked.

"You can name her. I named Natasha and Jason, you only got to name Michael." Reid answered.

Derek smiled as he looked down at his youngest daughter. "Ciara." He said and Spencer smiled.


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