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Narumi Uzumaki & the Ookamikaze


The Kyuubi no Kitsune advanced further to the village as the valiant Shinobi did everything they could to stop it. And it was not going very well. Nobody knew why the Kyuubi was attacking them, but right now they just had to hold it off until the Yondaime Hokage came to help them. Among the Leaf-nin were a group of Elite Jounin wearing black uniforms with their Jounin vests, with swords strapped to their backs and standing at their sides were their canine partners, but unlike the Inuzuka who raised dogs, these were pure-bred wolves, raised since they were just pups. The most peculiar feature about them was their eyes. They were the same yellow as their trusted partners, and showed that if anyone messed with them; they would be in a whole world of hurt. The leader was a woman with dark brown hair shoulder blade length hair that she had in a high pony-tail, an athletic build, pale skin, and had yellow eyes just like the others. She stood at 5' 8" and had an aura of leadership, kindness, ferocity, and love. She and the other members of her clan were known for their cunning, skill, honor, and ferocity in battle. But nothing could prepare them for this.

"Shiori-sama! The Kyuubi is getting closer!" shouted one of the other Jounin as they tried to hold the Bijuu from getting any closer.

"Damn it! Hold it back until the Yondaime arrives! Don't let it get near the village!" she barked to her men as they did everything they can to keep it away from the village. 'Where the hell are you, Minato!? We cant hold on much longer!' she thought as the Shinobi of her home village of Konoha fought valiantly to hold it back. It was then they heard rumbling coming from the other direction and they turned and saw a large red toad about the size of a large building come into view. It was wearing a purple blue jacket, had a smoking pipe in it's mouth, and had a sword at it's side.

"I hope you know what you're doing, Minato," said the toad as he and his passenger looked at their adversary. Minato Namikaze was 5'10, had blonde spiky hair, Cerulean blue eyes, and was wearing a white short sleeve trenchcoat with orange flame trim over his Jounin uniform and flak vest.

"I know, but as Hokage it is my duty to protect the village, even at the cost of my life," Minato said sadly as he looked at the bundle in his arms. 'My little angel, I'm sorry you have to be part of this, I only hope that the village would recognize you as a hero, not as a demon,' he thought as he moved it to a more comfortable position. 'Kushina, I hope you're alright. I dont want Narumi to grow up without a parent,' and as he finished a voice caught his attention.

"Minato! Thank Kami you're here! I thought I lost all hope!" he turned his head and smiled as it was his old childhood friend and classmate at the Ninja Academy.

"Shiori, you alright?" he asked the woman who appeared before him. He and Shiori Okamikaze had been friends since childhood and fought together in the Third Great Shinobi War along with her clan. She nodded her head in confirmation as she gave her report.

"I'm fine, but the situation is chaotic! We've got nothing that can stop that thing!" she pointed to where the Bijuu stood waving it's massive nine tails. Before he could give his opinion, a soft cry came from the bundle, causing the Clan Head to look at the bundle in Minato's arms. " that...?" Shiori asked almost in a whisper. Minato nodded with a sad smile as he showed the content of the blanket. It was a baby, with red hair and blue eyes.

"Shiori, meet my daughter, Narumi," he said with pride and love for his little girl.

"And Kushina?" she asked with concern for the red-haired kunoichi.

"I don't know. But she's strong and I know she'll make it through," he replied as he thought of his lover and would've been future wife. Shiori nodded her head in understanding, it was then she got back to the topic at hand.

"So how are going to stop the Kyuubi? No oridinary jutsu can kill it. It's just too powerful," she asked as the Kyuubi was still being slowed by the Shinobi of the Leaf.

"There's only one other way. I have to use a dangerous Fuin jutsu and put the Kyuubi into a host as a jailer for it," that shocked Shiori as she knows what jutsu he was talking about.

"You're going to use the Shiki Fuin? And seal the Kyuubi inside Narumi!? Minato, if you use that kind of jutsu...!," before she could finish Minato cut her off.

"I know, but there's no other way. Shiori, I want you to swear something to me," he said as he looked at her straight in the eye.

"What?" Shiori asked, already knowing the answer.

"Please take of Kushina and Narumi. I know your clan is known to take in orphans into the clan out of kindness. Therefore, I want you to swear to take care of my love and daughter. And also, please have the villagers see that Narumi is a hero, not a demon. Would you please swear it? Not as an order from the Yondaime Hokage, but as a request from a friend" he pleaded hoping his friend would accept. Shiori just smiled, as tears leaked from her yellow eyes.

"Of course I will. I swear I will look after both Kushina and Narumi. After all, I do owe you BIG time for saving me." she promised as her voice cracked a little. Minato smiled at her, grateful to have such a good friend, and fellow ninja.

"Arigato, Shiori. Now hurry and get away from here, it's going to get a little rough around here!" he warned as the Kyuubi looked at them.

"Hai, Hokage-sama!" she said as she leapt off the toad.

"Let's do it! Gamabunta!" he shouted to his trusted summon as they charged at the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

1 hour later

Hokage Tower

Council Meeting Room


'Damned Fools! They are so blinded by their hatred of the Kyuubi they blame the girl for it! Cant they see she's the container and not the demon itself!?' Shiori thought with unimaginable fury as the majority of the civilian council wanted the child dead, while the majority of the Shinobi Council were against it. Hiruzen Sarutobi, now back to wearing the Hokage robes was holding the infant in his arms as she slept peacefully unaware of the heated argument around her, she now had three whisker like scars on each cheek, and the Fuin Shiki seal on her belly. Shiori could only smile at the little girl. How could any one hate this child!? Can't they see she's a hero for keeping that damned fox from escaping!? Stupid, bigoted, idiots!

'Kushina...what happend to you?' she thought about the red-haired kunoichi with concern. When she brought Narumi back with her to the hospital to give back to Kushina, one of the medic-nin came and informed her that Kushina had vanished from her room and was nowhere to be found. She immediatley ordered her best trackers along with the Inuzuka Clan's own trackers to look inside and outside the village. So far they found nothing, but the Okamikaze Clan was not one to give up so easily. It was then she heard Sarutobi Hiruzen shouting for order.

"THAT IS ENOUGH! It was Minato's final wish that this child be treated as a hero! And yet here you are, blaming this child for the damage done to the village caused by the Kyuubi! You are all incompetent idiots if you dare believe that! She is only the container that holds the demon at bay, not the demon itself!" he shouted leaking off some killing intent that made the civilian council uneasy. It was then that little Narumi woke up and cried in protest to the loud noises as Hiruzen comforted her.

"I agree! I have complete faith in Minato's Fuin Jutsu capabilities!" growled Inuzuka Tsume, a wild looking woman, with brown wild hair, 5' 8" tall, and two red fangs below her eyes.

"You people must be out of your minds if you think that this girl is the Kyuubi!" said Sarutobi Asuma, son of the Sandaime as he glared at the civilians who wanted the poor girl dead.

The arguing went on, until one of the civilian council decided to take matters into his own hands and drew a hidden kunai knife and lept on the table attempting to kill Narumi. But he did'nt get far as he stopped dead in his tracks and saw the point of a katana inches from his throat. The weilder of the blade glaring at him was none other than Shiori as she sent a hateful glare at him, yellow eyes burning with rage.

"Dont. Even. Think about it," her voice was low but still had a deadly edge, as she moved the sword a little more closer to the jugular. The man gulped as he knew better than to mess with the Head of one of the most famous clans the Elemental Lands have known.

"ANBU. Take this bastard away for attempting to kill a child under the protection of the Hokage. Take him to Ibiki for interrogation. It is now an S-Class secret about what the child carries inside her. To speak of it to the younger generation is punishable by death! Now, everyone except the Shinobi Clan heads, leave this room immediatley," with that the Civilian Council left the room, not wanting to invoke the wrath of either the Hokage or the Okamikaze Clan Head any further.

"What do we do with the child now, Hokage-sama?," asked Hyuuga Hiashi as he looked at the daughter of his best friend. Hiruzen just gave a tired sigh. It was then that Shiori spoke up that caught her fellow clan heads by suprise.

"I will take of her,"

THAT made everyone's eyes go wide the size of saucers. And four of them were not happy with that. "You can't be serious! She should be moulded into a weapon! Such a thing is too dangerous to..." Uchiha Fugaku protested but was silenced by the Okamikaze's hard glare and her chilling reply to that remark.

"DONT you DARE say that Uchiha! You've always been jealous of Minato because he was better than you, and you will do anything to get back at him! I swore an oath to him before he died to watch over Kushina and Narumi! Even though you all presume her to be dead, I refuse to accept that! I will look after Narumi as if she were my own daughter, until Kushina is found and brought back home to Konoha safe! She will be happy with us, and if you try anything, ANYTHING, to harm her, I'll slice you into little pieces with my katana, and feed you to my wolves! Not even the Hokage himself will be able to protect you! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME UCHIHA!!?" she pratically roared the last part causing Danzo the head of Root and the Hokage's Advisors Homaru and Koharu to flinch and made the Hokage himself and the other Clan Heads smile in amusement, and made the head of the Uchiha Clan red with anger and embarassment.

"Y-you...YOU LITTLE..!" he stammered with rage.

"Little what? BITCH!? I've been called that many times before Fugaku, from you most of all!" she snapped causing the other Clan Heads including her friend/rival Tsume, to laugh at the furious look on the Uchiha's face. When he was about to make a retort, it was in that time the Hokage intervened.

"That is enough Fugaku! I agree with Shiori's proposal! The Okamikaze will raise Narumi until Kushina is found! That is final! Now, leave," he said the last word in a low voice as he glared at the Head of the Uchiha Clan, who snarled as he left the Council Meeting Room, along with the advisors and Danzo. That was the cue for the rest of the Council to leave, but the Hokage gestured for Shiori to stay.

"Sorry I went overboard there Hokage-sama," she said sheepishly as she scratched the back of her head. Hiruzen just waved his hand at that as he gestured for her to take Narumi who, amazingly, was still asleep after all that yelling, and she gladly took the infant into her arms, who smiled with content.

"On the contrary, I was planning on giving Narumi to you. She will need a family to watch out for her, and your clan is the best choice. But are you sure you wish to continue looking for Kushina? It will probably take a very long time," he asked with a grave look on his face.

"I know. But I can't just accept the fact that Kushina might be dead. She's a strong woman and Kunoichi. Minato told me himself" she said as a tear rolled down her face. The old Shinobi nodded at that, Kushina was a strong and proud woman, and a damn good Kunoichi, it will take more than a few assasins to kill her. Then a thought came to him.

"I understand you have a son, Shiori?" the Sandaime asked the Wolf Tamer. She nodded her head with a smile.

"Yes, his name is Shiro. He was born just three weeks ago. Me and Jin are happy to have him in this world," she then decided to ask the Hokage something that had been bothering her, "Sandaime, what about the Namikaze Estate? I dont want that bastard Fugaku getting his hands on Minato's Jutsu Scrolls. Not to mention he'll turn the Estate into the new KMP headquarters just to insult Minato's memory." she said with great hatred for the Uchiha. The Okamikaze and the Uchiha had always been bitter rivals in Konoha, especially the part of having Uchiha Clan members only in the police force. There were also a few fights that broke out between the two clans shinobi, luckily no one was killed in these clashes, and the Clan Heads got in the middle of the fights before they escalated.

"Don't worry about that. I took care of it. Jiraiya told me that before Minato died he asked him to tell me to have the Namikaze Estate put under your Clan's control until Narumi comes of age. He trusts you a lot," Shiori sighed in relief at that, knowing that things were under control.

"Thank you Hokage-sama. I can rest a little easier now." she said relieved that her friend's property and legacy are protected from the wrong hands. With nothing further to add, Shiori left the Tower by Shinobi express to the Okamikaze Clan compund, near the west gate right next to the Inuzuka vetrenarian hospital. Tsume along her ninken partner Kuromaru stopped Shiori for a while and chatted with her, grateful she putted that cockbite Fugaku in his place.

"I wish I had a camera! That look on his face was priceless!" Tsume exclaimed as the women laughed at how red and pissed the Uchiha got, and it gave the rest of the Shinobi Clans something to joke about.

"I know! That perhaps was the greatest thing I've ever done!" Shiori replied as she fell into another a fit of laughter. After the two women calmed down Tsume took a look at the little girl who was fast asleep.

"She looks so much like her mother, I kid you not," she said with a gentle smile. Shiori nodded her agreement and it was then she remembered something. She dug her hand into her pocket and pulled out a gold hair clip. It was the only thing that they found in the delivery room after the attack.

"I'm going to hold onto this until I find Kushina, or give to Narumi when she gets older," she told Tsume and her friend just sighed.

"How do you even know she's still alive, Shiori?" Tsume asked knowing that it is possible that Kushina that died.

"Because I can feel it. Nothing is going to stop my search for Kushina. I'll won't go overboard, but I swear I will find her. I promised Minato, and I kept it," Tsume just smiled and shook her head at her rival and friend. The Okamikaze phrase is that 'No Matter what happens, we will bring a member of our pack back home.'

6 Years later

"Come on Shiro-kun! We're going to be late!"

"O.K. Narumi-chan!"

Narumi Uzumaki & Shiro Okamikaze, now six years old were racing at high speed like one of the Bijuu was hot on their heels. They dodged people and carts that were in the way. The people they avoided shouted and glared at Narumi as the two made their way to the Konoha Ninja Academy. When Shiori told the rest of the Clan that they will be taking care of Narumi until Kushina is brought back, they were more than happy to accept her. They decided it was best to have her name just as Uzumaki, and they also plan to have the Hokage speak to her personally when she graduated from the Academy. During the past six years the Okamikaze made sure to train her and to get her ready for when she went to the Academy with Shiro. They even gave her a wolf-pup to raise and take care of, just like any other member of the clan. She named her wolf-partner after her idol, Minato, and the two became inseparable. She was 3' 8" tall, had her brilliant red hair in a low pony tail, with her mother Kushina's hair clip to the right side bang. Just like her mother she was talkative, tomboyish, and quite the prankster. She wore a red t-shirt with the Uzumaki Swirl, blue shorts and black shinobi sandals.

Shiro Okamikaze was 3'9" tall, an inch taller than Narumi, had the same brown hair as his mother, and also, like Narumi, played pranks on the villagers with her. He was wearing a dark green t-shirt, black shorts, and black Shinobi sandals. He also went through the same training as her and also got his wolf-partner, who he named Sango. The two wolves were both black in color the only difference they have a grey sock pattern on different feet. Minato's was on his left foot, while Sango's was on her right foot. The two pups, who they had for a year now, kept up as they and their partners zipped through the Streets of Konoha.

When they reached the school they were in luck that the students were still outside. They went into the Academy and checked to see which they are in.

"Alright! We're in the same class!" Narumi shouted in glee as Minato in her shirt howled in agreement.

"That's good. I was worried they were gonna seperate us," Shiro agreed as Sango gave off her own howl. The two went into the classroom and could tell it already had some students inside. There a girl with pink hair and a girl with platinum blonde hair crowding a boy who's black hair was shaped like the butt of a duck. A girl with indigo colored hair and white/lavender pupiless eyes. A kid with an afroo, sunglasses, and a jacket, that obscured the lower part of his face. A boy with his hair done in a pineapple, and who appeared to be lazy, sat in the corner of the room looking out the window. Next to him was a kid who was munching on some chips. Another boy with black hair sat a few feet away from the one who getting pounced by the two other girls. Another boy was one they recognized.

"Hey guys! What's up!?" said Kiba Inuzuka as he waved them, he was good friends with Narumi and Shiro since they live close together. He had the same appearance as his mother, as do all other Inuzuka.

"Hey Kiba! How you doing!?" said Narumi as she and Shiro and their wolf-nin sat beside him and his canine partner Akamaru.

"Not much, mom is off on a mission with Kuromaru and Hana is at the Vet with the Haimaru brothers and your cousin Ren and the Kiyohime Sisters" Kiba explained. Ren Ookamikaze is the same as Hana at 18 has jet black hair with side cut and is 5'10 with an Athletic build. His wolf-nin partners are known as the Kiyohime Sisters. They are white with different color patterns. The two seem to have a crush with each other but both are unwilling to their parents.

"So do you know who our teachers are, Kiba?" Narumi asked and Kiba just shook his head. It was then the door opened as soon as all the students entered the room. One was a 5'8 tall man with heavily tanned skin, a scar across his face, black eyes, and his hair was in a high pony-tail. The other was a man who stood at 5'10, had shoulder length white hair and also had black eyes. Shiro got one look at him and could tell something was off about him.

"Good morning class! My name is Iruka Umino, and this is Mizuki Touji. We will be your instructors for the next 6 years here. We wish good luck while you are here. Now, let's start the class," with those words the beginning of Narumi's journey to become the greatest Kunoichi like her mother has begun.

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