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Chapter 2

Mizuki's betrayal and Shiro's Confession,

Three days after Graduation

Okamikaze Dojo

Shiro and Narumi were sparring in the Clan dojo honing their swordmanship skills. The Okamikaze Clan Kenjutsu, was a style which the sword was held in a reverse grip, instead of the normal grip. It might seem weird to other sword wielders, but in the case of the Okamikaze it caught the enemy off-guard, and off-balance. The two were using bodken (practice swords), because they did'nt want to hurt each other. It might leave a bruise and a sore spot, but not as worse as a cut or lost two have been practicing since 8 AM and now it was almost 1 PM as Shiro made a jab at Narumi's gut, who dodged with ease, and then made a left upward slash, that was blocked by Narumi's Bodken. She then countered with an upward slash that made Shiro bend back ward to dodge. As they were about to continue, someone clapping got their attention.

"Ah, impressive, impressive. You two are really getting better," commented Shiori as she came in her lime green Kimono.

"Hello okaa-san, what time is it?" Shiro asked his mother as he and Narumi walked up to her. Shiori just smiled at the two of them. Narumi was a hard worker when it came to training, she mastered 4 Fuuton jutsu, since she has a affinity for Wind, and was was inventing her own Kenjutsu Style. Shiro has a Raiton & Earth affinity, and already mastered 6 jutsu, and is learning Narumi's Kenjutsu style. Not like the Okamikaze Kenjutsu, but good nonetheless.

"It's almost 1:05, you two have been training since this morning. So you can stop for today." She told them and they nodded with small grins. It was then Shiori looked at Narumi.

"Oh, by the way Narumi, you have a guest," Narumi was confused for a moment.

"A guest?" it was then a pair of arms wrapped around her. She eeped as she was lifted off the ground.

"Hello there, Narumi-chan! Congradulations on becoming a Genin!" said a voice she recognized. She turned her head and looked at the person who picked her up. The person was 5'12", with red hair tied in a pony-tail, yellow brown eyes that showed kindness, generosity, and experience. He was wearing a standard Jonin unfiorm with a red vest, and wearing his Hitai-ate on his forehead, and a Ninjato strapped to his back. It was a person that Narumi knew all too well.

"Hachi-Niisan!" she said excitedly. Hachi Tachibana was Narumi's former ANBU guard when she was just 5 years old, his mask was that of a Kitsune. Many ANBU asked why he wore it because after the Kyuubi attack, many ANBU did'nt want to wear a Fox mask, his response was to honor the memory of the Yondaime and his legacy, and says such talk about Narumi being the demon were lies meant to sully the legacy of the Yondaime. Hachi had become a big-brother figure to Narumi, and if anyone ever tried to harm Narumi they would regret it. The last Narumi heard from Hachi, he left ANBU to take command of a team of Genin, because the Jonin-sensei was killed while out on a mission. Hachi then put her down and then was hugged by Narumi.

"Whoa, easy there Narumi-chan. I'm just as happy to see you, too," he said as he hugged her back. He then turned his gaze toward Shiro who smiled at the exchange.

"Hey there, Shiro. I trust you've been taking care of Narumi while I was gone?" he asked as Shiro pretended to glare daggers at him. Shiro and Hachi had been friends since Hachi was assigned to protect Narumi.

"Come on, Hachi-san. You know me better than that." He pretended to retort. Hachi chuckled at that as the four had a conversation of what they were doing during the week before the Team Assignments. Narumi told Hachi when she used the Kage Bunshin Jutsu and the reactions of Iruka and Mizuki, which of course Hachi laughed at. The four continued to talk and reminice about what they were doing for the next hour until Hachi decided that he had to leave to meet his team at the Training Grounds. He promised Narumi that he'll come see her again if he does'nt have too much to do, which Narumi understands. After Hachi left, Shiori decided to leave the two pre-teens to their training.

After exiting the Dojo Shiori made her way to the main building of the compound. That is, until a voice caught her attention.


Shiori turned towards a tree and saw a member of the Okamikaze's personal Security/Commando/Spy force. The man was dressed in black armour, including a helmet that had the Leaf Spiral symbol of Konoha on the front that covered the upper neck and ears, and a howling wolf's head with two katana crossing behind it on the shoulder armor, a combination resprirator mask and red tinted goggles, black gloves, armguards, and leg-guards over a black version of the Konoha Jounin uniform, with black shinobi sandals. The Shinobi was crouching on a tree branch with a Katana on his back as he looked at his superior.

"Report," Shiori ordered, her tone professional. The Special Shinobi nodded as he began giving his findings.

"It appears Mizuki is up to something. I followed him after Narumi graduated. When I reached his home I found something most, unusual," he said, his voice altered by the mask.

"What did you see?" Shiori requested. The man she was taliking to belogned to the Ookamikage (Shadow Wolf) Black ops, the Okamikaze's private armed force since the time of the Nidaime Hokage. They specialized in almost all fields of the Shinobi Arts, including infiltration. During the Iwa-Konoha War, the Ookamikage struck fear into the hearts of the enemy Iwa forces, and the Iwagakure Council issued orders that if they are to see any large concentration of Ookamikage, they ordered to flee on sight.

"It looked like he was getting ready for something, possibly a mission. But what had me suspicious was the look he had on his face," The Okamikage continued, Shiori could tell the man's voice was a little strained, with a hint of anger.

"Continue," Shiori requested, wanting to know what he saw.

"He had a sneer across his face, and I can tell from the way he was moving his lips, he was not happy that Narumi passed," the Shinobi said, the anger still evident in his voice.

"I see, continue with your observation. Let me know if anything changes. That is all," Shiori said with finality.

"Hai, Shiori-sama," and with that, he left, leaving her to think.

'I had always known Mizuki was a prick, especially after what Shiro told me,' she went her way, and made a note to send a messenger to tell the Sandaime what she heard.

Later that night

Mizuki was jumping from tree to tree with the Scroll of Sealing on his back. Getting into the Hokage tower was easy, and he found the scroll with no problem, now he was making his way to hide and wait a while until the heat died down. In his mind he was thinking evil thoughts of a certain red-head.

'It's too bad I did'nt have a chance to break that demon bitch's spirit. Oh well, right now I just have to stash this thing and wait a while. Orochimaru will give me power for handing this scroll over to him,' he continued on unaware that he was being followed. When he reached his destination which was a abadoned cabin he smiled with sickening glee at who he saw sitting against the wall. 'Well now, Kami must love me! Looks like I got a second chance after all!,'

Narumi and Shiro were sitting against the wall of the cabin after doing some training. Shiro was having thoughts about the redhead. He had feelings for her ever since they first started at the Academy, at first it was like being siblings, but overtime a new feeling arose.

'I wonder what she will say', he thought nervously. Then he decided to go for it. "Hey um, Narumi?"

"Yes, what is it Shiro?"

Shiro started to blush which did'nt go unnoticed by Narumi. "Well, um, y-you see. We've known each other since we were little, right?" Narumi nodded and gestured him to continue.

"The thing is, over time, I-I started to like you, even more than just a sister, since your father is the Yondaime Hokage (A/n: Yes, Narumi told him about the letter) and our families have been friends with each other since before we were born," Narumi was starting to get the picture to what Shiro was saying and now she just wanted him to spit it out.

"Shiro, what? Spit it out already!"

"The truth is,... I really am in love with you," he closed his eyes tightly as his body tensed waiting for the yelling and the physical abuse. But nothing happened. Narumi stared at him with wide eyes for a few minutes, until she smiled one of her rare genuine smiles.

"You know, Shiro," she said as she sat beside him as he opened one eye, "I feel the same way you do," and with that she kissed him on the cheek which overloaded the poor Okamikaze's brain and his nose sprayed a fountain of blood and he fainted. Narumi giggled as she held the unconciuss Shiro's head in her lap and started stroking his hair.

Up in a tree watching the scene play, Mizuki could only blanch at the two now official lovers. 'Oh for Kami's sake! He's fallen for the Demon Bitch. Tft! No matter I'll just get rid of them both, do the village a favor,' He thought in disgust.

Shiro just woke up from his massive nosebleed knockout as he and Narumi stood back up and prepared to go back to the compound when a new voice caught their attention.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" they turned her heads and saw Mizuki standing a few feet from them with the scroll laid against a tree. They immediatley noticed the smile on his face, and they both knew it was not the friendly smile he normally used. This one spelled trouble. They stood up and sheathed their swords as they looked as she looked at Mizuki warily.

"What are you doing out here at this time, Mizuki-sensei?" Narumi asked in a calm tone.

"Well, I'm stealing the Forbidden Scroll and hiding here it until the heat dies down. Unfortunately for you two, since you know what I'm up to, I'm afraid I have to kill you," With that Narumi and Shiro drew her swords back out and got into a stance.

"Not a chance in hell, teme!" Shiro shouted, both of them sending off Killing Intent. Mizuki was intimidated but he was'nt about to let acouple of little Genin ruin his plan. He decided to put his phsycological plan into action.

"You know Narumi, have you ever wondered why the villagers treated you the way they do?" he asked, the smug grin never leaving his face. Narumi knew what he was playing at, so she decided to play along. She already told Shiro, with permission from the Hokage of course. She just wanted to suprise Mizuki.

"Why is that?" she asked not letting her guard down, while giggling in her mind. Mizuki smirked thinking he got her in his net.

"Almost 13 years ago, the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked our village and it was said that the Yondaime defeated the demon by using a special jutsu. But, how can you kill something that is made of pure chakra? You can't! The only way to stop the Kyuubi was by sealing it into a infant. And do you know who that infant was Narumi-chan?," he asked adding insult to the honorific. Narumi did'nt waver since she already knew of her burden as she waited for him to finish. Shiro was grinning like a madman on the inside because of Mizuki's stupidity.

'Hmph. Baka, if only you know,'

"That infant was YOU! YOU ARE THE KYUUBI THAT ATTACKED OUR VILLAGE AND KILLED MANY OF OUR PEOPLE!," He announced to the world as it echoed across the woods. The reaction was not as Mizuki had expected. He heard chuckling coming from both Narumi and Shiro, then it evolved into full blown laughter, it went on until both of the Genin composed themselves as they glared with feral grins which caught Mizuki off-guard.

"Nice try, asshole! But I already know the whole story from Jiji! And Shiro already knows because I already told him the whole story, and he accepts me as the Kyuubi's Jailor, not the Kitsune itself. You wasted your time trying to break my spirit for NOTHING! And because of that the ANBU and the Ookamikage are definitely searching for you as we speak!" She finished all the while smiling at Mizuki's expression.

Mizuki paled when he heard Narumi's words and she was right. He wasted too much time trying to break her spirit, and now he will pay for it, BIG time!

'Shit! I've hate to even admit it, but she's right! I've spent too much time!' he thought angrily as he pulled one of the fuuma shuriken off his back. "At least I'll kill you before they get here!"

Before he can throw it however, two black blurs came out of nowhere and slammed into his gut, knocking the air out of him. He fell on his ass as Minato and Sango rejoined their partners all the while snarling and growling at Mizuki. The traitorus Chuunin was getting back as he was not expecting that ambush from the two wolves. Not giving him any chances the duo struck fast. Shiro took his Nodachi and slashed from the right corner of his forehead to the left side of his chin. While Mizuki was holding his face he did'nt see Narumi come from the left and severed his left hand off making him fall on back crying in agony.

"AAAAUUUGGHH! YOU FUCKING DEMON BITCH!" he yelled clutching his severed hand as he struggled to stand back up. Narumi just gave him a cold look of indifference.

"Tft! And you call yourself a Chuunin? You're a disgrace to the rank!" she scolded all the while glaring daggers at him.

"You little...! I'm going to rape you, nice and slow! And when I'm done with you I'll-!"

"I think not," said a cold but firm voice that made Mizuki's face pale and his blood freeze, as he slowly turned around and saw the one person he did'nt want to cross. Shiori stood in her female version of the Okamikage uniform with six others of the unit, three males and three females. The look in her yellow eyes had a murderous glint in them as she shot a wave of Killing Intent that would've put him 8 feet under, pushing up daisies.

"No...Not you! Anybody but yo-," before he could finish one of the male Okamikage shot forward and slammed his fist into Mizuki's face knocking him out.

"Take this trash to Ibiki. He'll have loads of fun with this one. I'll make sure Narumi and Shiro are alright and return the scroll to the tower," she ordered and the 6 shock troops carried out their orders and took Mizuki away. Narumi and Shiro went over to Shiori, and were a little afraid at first.

"We're sorry Shiori Kaa-chan," She said with her head a little low. Shiori just put her hand on Narumi's shoulder making her look at her adoptive mother. Her voice was firm and understanding as she spoke.

"There's no need to apologize Narumi-chan. You two stopped a traitor from getting away with a Forbidden Scroll, and you both handled the situation perfectly. I'm very proud of the two of you," hearing that made Narumi a liitle teary-eyed and Shiro smile proudly as Narumi hugged her adoptive mother.

"Come. Let's return the Scroll to the Tower and then go home," she told them as she went over to the tree and picked up the scroll. "Ready?"

"HAI!" came the reply as they shot off to the Hokage Tower.

Unknown Location

A shadowy figure behind a mahagony desk was looking through some files when another figure wearing ANBU gear and a white mask with the Kanji for Root appeared and kneeled before them.

"Report," came the order from the shadow person.

"It appears that Mizuki Touji failed in his attempt to steal the Forbidden Scroll and deliver it to Orochimaru, Danzo-sama,"

The figure moved his head into the light to reveal the bandaged face of the Head of Root, the Leader of the Warhawk Faction, and the founder of the Foundation, Danzo himself.

"What happened?" Danzo ordered. The ROOT ANBU continued.

"Apparently he had been found out by one of the Ookamikaze's personal Black Ops troops. He manage to sneak into the Tower, grab the scroll, then left, without knowing that a squad led by Shiori-sama was following him. He then ran into the Ookamikaze Clan heir and the girl. With some help from their wolves, they managed to injure the Chuunin, until Shiori-sama's team arrived. What intrigued me was their impressive display of teamwork." The ROOT stopped as he allowed his master to take in what he just said.

"Anything else?" he asked the operative.

"No, Danzo-sama," he reponded.

"Good, then you're dismissed," with that, the Root operative left in a shunshin, leaving Danzo to his thoughts about this latest development. Over the years since the Kyuubi was sealed into the girl, he tried multiple times to get the Kyuubi Container and make it into his Ultimate Weapon. Frustratingly, all attempts to aquire the girl ended in failure, beginning with the Okamikaze's adoption of the child.

His thoughts reeling in anger at this 'Curse that Shiori and her damn Clan of Wolf users! They thwarted my attempts time and again to have the Jinchuuriki. If they were'nt such good friends with the Yondaime Hokage and his wife, I would've have my Ultimate Weapon by now. But I'll have her in my grasp soon, and not even the Okamikaze and their pet wolves will not deny me, I swear it,"

And with that last thought he continued on with his plan to take Konoha for his own, and his plan for world domination.

Author's Afterword: And voila! I'm sorry this took so long I ran into a stumbling block and got lost on the road of life. Coming up next chapter, Team assignments! Now here is the profile of the Okamikaze's Okamikage Black Ops:

Okamikage Black Ops:

Group Name: Okamikage (Shadow Wolf)

Type: Special Ninja Corps.

Speciality: Infiltration, tracking, body-guard, attacker, stealth fighter, weapon-specialist

Allegiance: Konohagakure, Okamikaze Clan

Current Commander: Okamikaze Clan Head: Shiori Okamikaze

Current Lt. Commander: Byakuya Okamikaze

Abilities/Skills: Masters at stealth, the average Shadow Wolf Shinobi is able to infiltrate an enemy fortress and get out without being seen. They excel well almost in every weapon style from the Bo-Staff to the Katana. It is noted that current Konoha Ninja Academy Teacher, Iruka Umino, was and still is a member.

Profile: The Okamikage were the Elite Special Troops, besides the ANBU, who take extreme risks at what they do. Founded and funded by the Nidaime and the Okamikaze Clan Head at the time, as a back-up unit should the ANBU become overwhelmed, the Okamikage are professionals at infiltration, tracking, stealth fighting, weapons, and battle hardened troops. Their attire is a black Jonin uniform under lightweight body armor made of a material that absorbs chakra, making it stronger, a battle helmet with the Leaf symbol that's designed to protect the ears and upper neck, with a gas mask with special goggles that gives off a dull eerily glow which is meant to scare their opponents, also included are black arm-guards and leg-guards, gloves, and black shinobi sandals. The Okamikage are organized into 3 50 man platoons, in a over-strentghed company, despite being called a Corps. Their loyalty is to the Okamikaze Shinobi Clan of Konoha and the presiding Hokage. Members are not just from the Okamikaze, and becoming a member is'nt easy. The Okamikage dont just ask for volunteers, they choose them.