100 prompts, 100 stories. I couldn't contain my excitement. I was going to start this a week from today.. But, that didn't work out so well. I've decided that I'm going to limit myself to Seigaku, Hyoutei, and Rikkaidai. Because they're the only schools I'm familiar enough with to feel comfortable writing.

I don't own anything. Sadly.

Prompt 001. Beginnings.

It's funny how the best people in your life can come in with a bang. Oishi smiled to himself as he looked over at his sleeping doubles partner, realizing that was quite literally what the red head had done two years ago, when he had come crashing right into Oishi.

It made Oishi laugh, to think of how bothered Eiji had made him when they first met. Eiji had been so sure of his own abilities, and in their first match against each other, he had actually referred to himself as 'Kikumaru-sama'.

But yet, Eiji had done so much for him. If he hadn't of played that match against Eiji, he may not have come to notice his own skills until much later. Eiji had been good. He had been really good… but Oishi had won. And apparently also ended up giving the energetic twelve year old a reality check. He had been such a brat. It had shown that he was the youngest of five children, he was certainly spoiled enough to believe he was one of the best. Well, okay. It wasn't that bad, Oishi decided. But it was still pretty bad. It was a little funny to look back at now, that their relationship had begun as it had. Eiji had been so demanding of him, and for some reason, it had made his blood boil.

Who did he think he was, anyway? Telling Oishi to say whatever he wanted to his Sempai? Didn't he know it didn't work that way?

Oishi shook his head, and sighed. Reaching over, he ran his fingers through Eiji's soft red hair. The two of them had had an interesting past. They had gotten off to a somewhat rough start, but they soon became the Golden Pair. It was funny how at the time it had just been a declaration. Eiji asking to be his doubles partner. But neither of them had known that on that day, the agreement they had made to play doubles together had only been the beginning of something much more wonderful.