Prompt 026. Teammates.

The ball was heading straight for Oishi.

But something had gone wrong in their team work. Eiji had no idea what, but Oishi had apparently been under the impression Eiji was going to get the ball. Sprinting as fast as he could across the court, Eiji began to panic as the ball hit the ground and bounced back up.

Oishi wasn't ready, and the ball was going seriously fast. He was going to be hit with it at this rate.

Jumping in front of his stunned doubles partner, Eiji threw his racket up in front of his face, catching the ball just in time. It wasn't a return, the ball hit hard against his racket strings spinning in the middle, breaking a few strings loose. Eiji grimaced as one broke free and curled backwards cutting his cheek.

When the ball lost it's extreme spin it fell to the ground. Everyone watching had been completely silent but cheered as a time out was called and Oishi lead Eiji off the court.

Eiji sat down on the bench, allowing a first aid team to look at his face. After it was cleaned up the medics placed a single white bandage over it. Oishi frowned at Eiji, apologizing. Eiji grinned back at Oishi saying he didn't mind. They were a team after all.