Giamoco ducked a stream of acid as he sprang forward and wrestled to the ground something that greatly resembled a flying stomach. A protruding eyestalk on the top turned to glare at him angrily; the eye started glowing blood red as it charged up a ray of scorching energy. Before the eyeball could discharge the energy, Giamoco deftly stabbed it with one of the wands that he was holding, puncturing the organ and causing the creature to shudder violently. He ripped the wand out and tumbled behind the cover of an upturned table as the creature exploded, showering the room with acid.

"Sir!" An acolyte in torn robes greeted him from behind the table. "We're losing this battle. The rift still grows, and the creatures are legion."

"Then start the evacuation!" Giamoco ordered, shoving the man out of the room. "Get the initiates and relics out first. Tell all ordained members to stand their ground until it's done."

An unnerving howl echoed through the room, signaling that more monsters were closing in on him. Giamoco pulled out a wand of Divine Power activated it, hoping that the power of his god would see him through this next encounter. Hextors blessing flowed through him and incited a rage the likes of which he had never felt before, pushing him on despite his wounds.

It had been several weeks since the guild mage and her patsies had ruined the Fountain of Unlikely Chance. Ever since strange occurrences and disturbing dreams had been plaguing the monastery's inhabitants. No one had wanted to obey Torquemada's orders to reopen the fountain chamber, but they could only stall him for so long. The cleric was determined to have access to the magic of the spring once again, and the power of his office was not to be denied.

Giamoco personally supervised the excavation, hoping that the magical disaster had worn itself out and that it would be safe again, but not even in his most terrifying nightmares could he have imagined what would emerge from the sealed room. The workers were snatched up instantly into the darkness by a terrifying mass of tentacles, and all manner of grotesque creatures poured out to ravage the land. Not even the wards Hextor's priests soon placed around the monastery could stop them. the best the priests had managed to do was to delay the enemy's progress.

It bought time, but it would only serve to prolong the inevitable unless they could banish the monsters and seal the rift. Unfortunately, from what Giamoco could tell, they did not have that capability. He could hear the more enemies approaching; their maddening gibbering gave them away long before their foul stench did.

"By the inexorable will of Hextor, you will all die!" He yelled as he leaped towards the most recent group of enemies pouring out from the bowels of the monastery.