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Author Note: Just a quick note for people who aren't brushed up on their geography, San Jose is the neighbouring city to Palo Alto where Stanford University is located.

John slumped down into the motel chair and let his bag drop beside him as he let out a sigh. He shut his eyes and breathed in and out slowly for a minute before he heard Dean come out of the motels bathroom.

"Alright son?" he asked his eldest as he opened his eyes

Dean just nodded not looking in his dad's direction like he had been for the past two days since they arrived in San Jose, California. John was getting sick of his oldest son's attitude but couldn't find the energy to tell Dean as such. He was tired and stiff from the hunt plus he was getting too old to keep doing this.

Dean walked over and scooped the keys off the table in front of John, "Where are you going?"

"Bar, you wanna come?" Dean paused before opening the door, he turned towards his dad but didn't meet his eye.

"Go ahead without me" John answered. He could use a drink but he could tell from the way Dean held himself that he wanted to be alone.

As Dean started the Impala, John let out a sigh in the motel room and wondered to himself when it would get easier without his youngest.

Dean turned off the engine across this street. It had been a quicker drive than Dean expected to get to Palo Alto but he knew it was because he was driving in a zombie state. He smiled as he looking at the building across the street and felt his heart lighten as he saw Sam through his window.

Sam was safe and smiling and eating dinner with his blonde girlfriend. Dean let out his breath slowly as he watched his brothers smile grow at something the girl had said.

Dean watched his brother for about 20 minutes before he started the engine and started the drive back to San Jose. John was asleep when he got back to the motel so he entered as quietly as possible before falling asleep on his bed, fully dressed, within seconds.

John opened his eyes and saw that Dean had fallen asleep. He snuck out of bed and silently grabbed the keys from where dean put them on the table. He got in the Impala and drove to the same place he knew Dean had just come from.

Dean wasn't the only one that missed Sammy.