I didn't remember to have ever seen something more beautiful. Something more…magical. Incredible. It was just like I imagined fairytales when I was a little girl. Even more beautiful.

I have to admit it, I really thought Edward was crazy when he stopped the car in the woods and told me to get out. This was the date he was planning? A walk in the woods? Maybe he hadn't noticed that I was wearing a dress and high-heeled shoes.

I didn't say a word, though. I tripped a few times, but I was way too curious were he was hoping to get at.

And here we were. Into the most magical place I didn't even dare to dream of. A meadow, under the stars, full of little candles and music was playing. In the middle, there was a blanket with a basket on it. It was perfect. A picnic under the starlight.

"Please, say something."

I winced at Edward's voice. I had even forgotten that he was next to me. The background had impressed me too much to even remember my name.

"It's…wow." I mumbled, and he seemed to be pleased with my answer.

He took my hand and he led me to the blanked. We sat down, and I couldn't help but look around again and again and again. I needed someone to pinch me. This must have been a dream!

"Do you like it?" Edward asked shyly.

I smiled widely and kissed his lips quickly. Silly him…

"Of course." I said. "It's…the most perfect date I have ever been at."

He raised and eyebrow and I chuckled.

"Okay, it's the only date I've been at, but that doesn't mean it's…the most perfect!"

We both laughed, then we kissed again. Gosh, how much I loved his perfect lips! They were soft, and the way they moved with mine was driving me insane! I could kiss him forever and ever and ever…

We broke the kiss when we both needed air. Then, he looked into my eyes intensely.

"May I have this, Miss Swan?" He asked me softly.

My smile disappeared and he frowned as he saw fear into my eyes.

"Have I said anything wrong?" He asked slowly.

"No." I assured him quickly. "Of course not. It's just… I can't dance. And if you care about your legs, you won't do this."

He sighed.

"That's the problem?" He asked me incredulously. "Bella, anyone can dance."

"Not me." I shook my head stubbornly, and he sighed again, exasperatedly. Then, he took my hand and pulled me up.

"Come on. It's all about the person you're dancing with."


"Shhh." He put a finger on my lips. I hated when he did that. He knew so well he was distracting me from my main purpose. "Come on. It's not that hard."

He led me to the middle of the meadow, he pulled me to his chest and we moved slowly as the music kept playing. I felt like I was dreaming. Then, he leaned in and kissed my lips again, making me forget about all my fears about dancing, even forget my name…

"I got you something." He whispered over my lips.

I groaned.

"I hate presents." I mumbled, and he chuckled.

"I know. But you'll love this one."

He let go of me and went to the blanket, when the picnic was waiting for us. He looked for the present, I supposed, for a while, then he slapped his forehead.

"I must have let it in the car. Wait here." He said.

Before I had time to say something, he disappeared in the woods.

In normal circumstances, I would have been really scared to be alone, here, at night. But these weren't normal circumstances. I wasn't alone, in the woods, at night. I was at the most perfect date, in the most perfect place, with the most perfect guy. It was everything a girl could ever wish for.

I winced as I heard a phone ringing. I frowned. I didn't own a phone, so it must have been Edward's. I looked for it, but just when I found it, the ringing stopped, and I heard his velvet voice.

Hi! It's Edward. I can't answer right now, so leave your message after the beep.

"Cullen!" I heard Alice's voice and my eyes widened. Why would Alice phone Edward? "Rosalie and I had thought the whole week. We won't let Bella with you."

I shook my head incredulously. I had a very bad feeling about this.

"Listen, you asshole." Rosalie said, too. "Bella must know the circumstances you two got together. We'll tell her the truth and you can't avoid this. "

I was shaking, and my eyes filled with tears. What on earth was going on here? I bit my lip as I answered the phone.

"Rosalie? Alice?" I whispered.


"Bella?" The both asked finally.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, my voice croaked.

Silence again.

"What are you talking about?" I asked again, angrier this time.

"Bella?" I heard Edward's voice behind me."Is that my phone? Who called?"

"Rosalie? Alice?" I said into the phone, ignoring him. "I want the truth. Now."

It was clear that they had hung up. Chicken.

"Edward." I turned towards him, and a tear rolled down my cheek. "Tell me the truth. What are those circumstances that got us together?"

Edward shook his head, and panic was obvious into his head.

I had no idea what truth I was asking for. In fact, my mind was shouting that she didn't want to hear that truth. And so did my heart. I knew it was bad, but I still wanted to know it. And if Edward really loved me as he said he did, then he would tell me.

"Edward!" I shouted, and closed my eyes, waiting for him to say something.

"It doesn't matter my love. I love you and…"

"It does matter to me!" I cut him off. "I need to know, I need something to prove me that you won't hurt me! That you are different!"

I opened my eyes hesitantly, just to see that his eyes were in pain.

"Please." I whispered exhausted. "Tell me."

He took a deep breath, then came to me and took my hand into his.

"Bella," He whispered, his voice croaked. "I want you to know that I love you. And I always will, no matter what. Even though these…freaking circumstances were not what I had expected to meet the love of my life."

He took a deep breath again. I knew it was bad.

"Alice and Rosalie blackmailed me to date you. To break your heart."

Blackmailed me..To break your heart…To break your heart…To break your heart…

Something inside me died. Something broke. Maybe my heart. I wanted to get out of there. I wanted to go home and get some sleep. If I were lucky enough, I would realize it was just a dream when I woke up.

"Take me home." I mumbled.

"Bella…" Edward whispered.

"Take me home." I repeated determined. "I want to go home. Now."


They did it. Alice and Rosalie reached their purpose. They had taken Bella away from me.

I was driving slowly, hoping that in the end, she would understand that I really didn't want to hurt her. That I had really fallen for her and that the bad guys here were her so called friends. But it was like she had put a wall between us, like every move I made to get closer to her was making her hate me even more. And it hurt like hell.

Deep inside me, perhaps I knew this day would come. I couldn't hide it from her forever, but I wanted to do it in my way. It would've been easier if I had told her. And I had had more chances to be forgiven.

"Bella." I tried again. "Please say something."

As I expected, she remained silence. I had begged her to say something even since we left the meadow, but she refused.

"Can you drive faster?" Her voice made me wince. "I want to get home."


"No, Edward." She turned to me, and her eyes were fierce. Full of hate. It was killing me. "I don't want to hear a single word. Mission accomplished, can't you leave me alone now?"

I clenched my hands into fists on the steering wheel.

"There was no damn mission, Bella." I hissed. "I'm not the bad guy here, can't you see it?"

She sniffed.

"Yeah. Right."

I sighed exasperatedly.

"Bella. I love you. Your so called friends really tried to break us apart when they realized it, but…"

"What part of 'I don't want to hear a single word' don't you get it?" She cut me off angry. "I don't care. About anything. You hurt me just like them, and there is nothing else you are supposed to say. So cut the crap."

I sighed. I was not giving up, but I had to have my mind clear, to think about a way of getting Bella back.

I stopped the car in front of her house. Of course Chief Swan was watching us through the window, but this wasn't my biggest problem. The thought that Bella was going to leave now, that I might have lost her was extremely painful.

"Bella." I begged again. "At least, let me explain. I don't want to lose you."

"Too bad." She answered bitterly. "I don't want you to explain anything. I don't want to ever see you again. Good night, Mr. Cullen."

And she got out of the car, almost running to the house.

And still, I promised her and myself. Even if it was the last thing I did, I would gain her back. I would prove her that I loved her with all my heart and that she could trust that I would never hurt her again.

Because now I knew –Bella Swan was the love of my life.

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