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Palm trees flew by along the side of the road, and Lavi looked up at the clear blue sky. He smiled, and turned to the other occupants of the car. "God, I love Vegas already and we haven't been here for an hour! This has to be the best mission ever!"

Allen nodded in agreement. His face was brightly lit up, and his grey eyes reflected the thousands of neon signs at the side of the road. "This is great! I've seen the word 'casino' at least twenty-four times now!"

Kanda made a small scoffing noise, and replied scathingly, "Yeah, good luck, beansprout. I don't think minors are allowed, let alone twelve-year-olds."

Allen frowned, and pushed Kanda's arm annoyedly. "I'll find a way to get in, just you watch! And I'm not twelve! And I'm not a beansprout!"

Lavi ignored the bickering of his companions as the taxi-cab pulled up to the curb. The redheaded Exorcist was the first to jump out, looking around. "Ah! It's amazing!"

Allen and Kanda had to agree. The hotel was, indeed, amazing. It was shaped like a giant glass pyramid, and the bright sun of Las Vegas was reflecting off the hundreds of windows. Allen got out of the car, and looked up at the giant building in awe.

"Boring," Kanda commented drily from behind him.

Allen turned around, arms crossed. "Boring? What are you on? This place looks great!"

Kanda shrugged. "Italy was better."

The shorter of the two glared up at him. "Assassins tried to kill you as soon as we landed in Italy."

A smirk graced Kanda's lips, and he replied, "Exactly."

Allen sighed, and rolled his eyes. Yuu was impossible to reason with. He turned back to the hotel, and then immediately noticed a huge neon sign, his jaw dropping comically.

"ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BUFFET? Lavi, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's-"

Lavi laughed. "Hold it, Allen. Let's get a room first."

Allen nodded reluctantly. The trio went inside the entrance to the hotel, and marvelled at the fantastic lobby. Well. Lavi and Allen marvelled and Kanda made some disgruntled noise.

Lavi went over to the desk. There was a young girl sitting behind the desk, spinning on a chair boredly. As soon as she noticed the attractive redhead, she spun to face him. "How can I help you?"

Lavi shrugged. "We ordered a room here... Under the name of Bookman Jr., I believe?"

The girl checked her book. "Bookman, Bookman... Ah! Lavi, is it?"

Lavi tipped his head acknowledgingly.

"And your three friends..."

Lavi said, "Um, no, the room was booked for four... One of us cancelled..."

Allen had a flashback of Komui yelling at Lenalee, "No, you can't go! What're you, crazy? I'm not letting you elope with Allen!" Lenalee had kicked Komui where it hurt quite a few times, but he had been relentless. Eventually, Lenalee had given up, and declined Allen's invitation.

Lavi said to the girl, "Huh. Well, I guess we'll just have an extra bed then!"

The girl smiled, and then frowned. "Actually, the room you booked comes with only two king-sized beds..."

Turning to Kanda and Allen, Lavi shrugged apologetically and then laughed lightly. "Haha, sorry guys... I guess I'll be sleeping alone then?"

Kanda's eyes flicked to Allen and back before he retorted angrily, "Over my dead body."

Lavi weakly joked, "I guess I'll be sleeping with Yuu, then?"

The girl behind the counter interjected before Kanda could kill Lavi, "Well, there was another person who seems to be signed up to stay in your room..."

Lavi turned back to her, shocked. "What? You mean- who?"

The girl shrugged. "I don't know. I just know that four people are going to be in that room tonight, and three of them are you three. That's all it says in the reservation chart... I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, I'm afraid I'm new here."

Lavi waved his hand dismissingly to the girl, and said, "It's fine. Thanks anyway." The redhead walked over to Kanda and Allen, who both gave him glares.

The Bookman in training threw his hands up in the air. "Hey! It's not my fault! So some stranger's gonna sleep in our room, so what? They can't be that bad!"

Kanda and Allen exchanged a glance, and then both looked back to Lavi.

"You're sleeping with them," the two said in unison.

"What?" Lavi exclaimed annoyedly. "This isn't my fault! I just... Guys! Don't make me sleep with them! I don't want to! I could get molested or something, make Yuu-chan sleep with them!"

Kanda began to draw Mugen, and Lavi raised a hand, trying to calm him down. "Whoa, whoa, okay! Fine! I'll sleep with a stranger. And for the record, you guys suck. Worst friends ever."

Allen shrugged, and smiled. He took his suitcase, and got into the elevator, with Kanda and Lavi following with their bags.

When everyone was in the elevator and they were speeding to their floor, Lavi looked at his two companions and sighed audibly. "Whatever. Let's just all keep smiling! We're in Vegas, right? Woo-hoo! Gambling! Women! Yeah!"

They reached the sixth floor and Kanda was the first to get out, silent and stoic as ever. Lavi followed, and Allen came after, gaze lingering on the posters on the walls advertising the buffet.

Lavi unlocked the door with the room key, and pushed it open. He saw bags neatly lined up by the door. "Hey guys," he yelled over his shoulder, "I think they're already here..."

Lavi went into the bedroom, followed by Kanda and Allen, and his jaw dropped.

Sitting on the far bed, reading a book about the Fibonacci sequence in nature, was Tyki Mikk.