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Previously on Glitter:

"So there's the slight problem of me and Tyki. So I've made a plan. The three of us- me, you, and you-" (he gestured to Allen and Tyki)"-are going to pretend nothing happened last night. We're gonna clean the sheets in your room- we already did these ones- and we're going to pretend like you guys needed space so you moved to the other room and fell asleep immediately. And by the end of this mission, you, Allen Walker, are going to have made up and out with Kanda Yu. Again, got it?"

Allen nodded.


Chapter 7: She's got a ticket to ride... but she don't care.

The four all enjoyed a nice buffet together, and spent the afternoon touring their hotel. After discovering the existence of a lounge, they spent most of their day there, playing billiards and sipping drinks. Nothing too alcoholic, of course, and they made sure to subtly keep it away from Kanda. Allen didn't want a repeat of last night...

At the moment, the four of them, Exorcists and Noah, were all crowded around a billiards table as Allen attempted to play pool.

He bent over the table, and lined up the cue with the white ball. He paused and then shot it forward with precision and confidence. However, the stick didn't extend fully, and the ball barely moved at all, not even scratching the tip of the triangle.
"Bloody hell," muttered the British Exorcist.
As he leaned over the table to try again, the collar of his shirt fell forward, and Kanda's eyes narrowed.
"What's that?" he asked, pointing.
Allen blushed, and laughed. "Oh! Some crazy dancer at the bar last night tried to give me a hickey. Don't you remember? Lavi had to pull her away!"
Nice save, shounen, thought Tyki. The Noah looked over at Kanda, who now looked distinctly irritated (more so than usual.) Interesting... Maybe this Kanda guy has a possessive side.
Tyki walked around the table. As he walked past Lavi, he whispered in a voice so low that only the redhead could hear, "Let's make Kanda jealous."
Lavi nodded ever-so-slightly.
The Portuguese man walked over to the epically-failing-at-pool Allen, and said, "Here, let me help you, shounen. You see, if you aim it like this..."
He positioned himself around Allen, so that his arms were behind the boy's on the pool stick. He took the opportunity to glance up, and saw Kanda watching, a small frown on his face. "Okay, so you put one hand here, and the other here." He guided Allen's hands so that they were in a different position. "And then, you aim with your eyes."
"What?" asked Allen in confusion.
Tyki leaned closer to the boy, and spoke into his ear, "Look with your eyes where you're aiming. Don't look at the stick, just at that white ball. And then, you shoot."
Allen paused, and then he moved forward, hitting the white ball head-on. Tyki straightened up, and laughed as the balls began to disperse throughout the board. A green ball entered a hole. "Perfect!" said the older man.
Lavi said in a voice filled with awe, "Wow, Allen! That was amazing! Good job! Heh..." His expression changed to a smirk. "I'd let'cha land a ball in my hole anytime."
Allen smiled, shaking his head. "Lavi, you perv! It's just pool."
At the other end of the table, Kanda smirked. Tyki noticed it, and mused silently, Maybe Kanda's not that possessive...
Lavi continued in that same seductive voice, "But it doesn't have to be..."
Kanda and Allen both laughed. Suddenly, Tyki felt a small pang of something easily recognizable as jealousy. He said quickly, "Um, rabbit, didn't you say you had to go to the bathroom earlier?"
Lavi paused, and then snapped his fingers. "Yeah, actually! I'll be right back-" He was stopped by Tyki's outstretched hand.
"You can't go to the bathroom alone in Vegas," said Tyki. "It's not safe. I'll come with you."
Lavi nodded, and the two walked off to the bathroom.
Allen looked up, and said questioningly, "What's wrong with you, Kanda?"
Kanda bit his lower lip, and said quietly, "Nothing."
Allen walked around the pool table to complete a shot, and aimed his pool stick towards the white ball at an odd angle. Kanda stammered out, "Ah-" and then winced as Allen pulled it back in the wrong way.
"No, no, no! Fucking retard, that's wrong!"
Allen raised an eyebrow, turning to Kanda. "What?"
The Japanese man said angrily, "You've been doing it wrong the entire game! So was that damn Noah, in fact. Here's how you play real pool." Kanda stepped behind Allen, and reached around him, holding the stick. He took the British teen's hands in his firmly, and moved them to a different position than Tyki had put them on. He then shot the stick forward, knocking a red ball into a pocket and thrusting his hips forwards into Allen's.
Allen breathed out, and in again. He involuntarily moaned a little as the older teen released his body. Even if he thought he was just showing me how to shoot, it felt... good.
Allen flushed, and said awkwardly, "Kanda?"
"I, uhh... Can you show me again?"

Lavi said to Tyki as soon as they were out of hearing range, "What did you want to talk about?"
The older man said, "I guessed wrong."
"Huh?" asked the redhead in confusion.
"Kanda doesn't have a possessive edge to him at all."
Lavi said, "Oh well, that's too bad. I'm sure we'll find one of his flaws thou-"
"But I found something else out." The pair entered the bathroom, which was empty.
"Hmm? What was that?"
"I do."
Lavi blinked, and repeated, "What?"
The Noah placed a firm hand on the boy's shoulder, and pushed him gently into a cubicle, opening the door. Once inside, he locked it behind them, and then advanced on the boy, smirking oddly. "I guess you could say I got a little jealous, watching you back there."
Lavi flushed, realizing the situation at hand. "Tyki, don't."
Tyki shrugged with one arm, pinning Lavi's shoulder to the door with the other. "Why not?" he asked in a low whisper, his voice dark. "Apparently you'd let Allen sink his ball in your hole anytime, but I guess that doesn't apply to me."
Lavi trembled at the voice on his ear, and said, "That was a joke, and you damn well know it-"
Tyki smirked evilly. "I know. I'm just," he drew out the word as long as Noahly possible, "teeeeasing." A hand reached up, and began to caress down Lavi's cheekbone, running along his jaw.
"Nn-ngh-m-mmn-" Lavi began to make a string of similar incoherent squeaks and shudders as the older man's hands managed to get down and under and inside his shirt, touching and squeezing and pulling the perfect places. Lavi moaned out quite loudly as Tyki's hand brushed a certain spot on his spine, shivers running up and down said bone structure.
The Noah's smile grew. "Now, now, naughty rabbit," he whispered into Lavi's ear, "don't be too loud or someone might hear you."
Lavi began to retort, "If I'm loud, it's your fault!" but Tyki cut him off at "your" by pressing two lips to his.
The kiss was needy, and Lavi felt a tongue poking at the edge of his lips. He clamped them shut tighter, determined not to give in.
Tyki, sensing Lavi would not easily open his mouth, moved his leg in-between the Exorcist's legs, and forcefully ground a knee against his groin.
Lavi moaned in pleasure, and Tyki took this as an invitation to explore the inside of Lavi's mouth once again. His tongue slipped inside easily, and he scraped it painstakingly over the redhead's tongue, causing him to produce another extremely sexy moan.
Tyki stepped back, and smiled. "You're adorable. It just makes me look forward to tonight even more. Also, Cheating Boy A and his friend will get suspicious if we're in here for too long."
Lavi looked distinctly disappointed, and said, "O-okay."
The older man reached forward, and pulled Lavi into another kiss, their lips gently brushing. This one was much more chaste than the last kiss, however, and Tyki broke contact first, green staring into gold. A slight blush came to Lavi's cheeks.
"What's wrong, rabbit?"
Lavi reached up, and touched his bottom lip in wonder. "That may have been the best kiss we've ever had."
Tyki reached around Lavi, opening the door. He laughed. "Well, I'll give you more like it later." He held the door for Lavi, who did an awkward sort of bow and slipped out from the bathroom cubicle.