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Friend Of My Enemy Is My Friend!

Alvin slowly, with difficultness opened his eyes. His whole body hurt him. He didn't remember at first, why, but he frowned when he did.

Ian kidnapped him. No, no kidnapped…but munknapped. Yeah, that sounds better.

But how, can be Ian so damn stupid, not to see, that this poor, little chipmunk can't talk? He think, that Alvin just kept ignoring him like, what he is used to do, but he never thought, that Alvin could really speak truth.

And now, he kept lying in cat cage, beaten by Ian. How can be some people so heartless?

He groaned, when he tried to move. He didn't feel anything else, than a great pain.

He slowly, with much difficultness sat up. He felt dizziness at first, but he successfully shook it off. He blinked few times and shook with head. But he soon regretted it, when his headache only increased. Alvin took a deep breath and slowly tried to stand up.

He was already standing, but when he put his right foot on ground he cried in pain and fell on floor, with loud 'thud'. Alvin felt tears coming to his eyes, and keep making grimaces. Red clad chipmunks looked at his tiny chipmunk leg, with teary eyes.

He wasn't Simon, or any sort of doctors, but he knew that something is wrong with his ankle. Alvin inspected himself a little and sighed heavily.

His ankle is probably sprained or worse…broken.

And that means, only one thing. Even if he will have a chance to run away, he couldn't... not with ankle in that state.

Alvin shook with head, slowly, not believing, that this hell is actually happening, and put both his paws on head.

He really, really wants to go home. Back to Dave, his brothers, chipettes and Brittany. Back to his family!

But the question is…how?

Ian will never let him go, and he also can't run away with ankle in that state. Not to mention that he can't talk!

Alvin felt tears coming down his cheeks. What horrible thing did he do, to deserve that?

How he wish, that his brothers would be here, to help him. Simon would probably help him with ankle, and he would probably find a way out of cage.

Alvin sighed. He only hopes that Dave and others, called a police, and started searching him. Without any help, he will be stuck here forever!

Alvin looked around. Well, he really couldn't see anything, because a blanket was put over cage. And he also assumed that the lights in room are off.

Alvin sighed and let a single tear fell down his cheeks. He doesn't mind it.

He just kept sitting in cage. Well, it leaves him no choice to do anything else…He can't stand. Can't walk. Can't talk. And he can't get out of this cage.

He closed eyes and suddenly found himself thinking about their happy memories. Memories before that concert…before he lost his voice. Memories full of happiness and love.

But his thoughts were interrupted, when his sensitive ears hear someone walks in room. He then heard a soft 'click' and saw that lights turned on. Alvin crawled, back a little.

"It's probably Ian. I will be beaten again!" Alvin thought worried. He was actually scared for his life. You never know what Ian can do to you. He was such a heartless monster.

He could probably kill him, if he wants so. You never know what he will do next.

Alvin closed his eyes, when the blanket was put off the cat cage.

"This is it!" yelled Alvin in thoughts. He hung down head, and still kept eyes closed.

"Hello, buddy. Are you alright?" asked a voice that certainly didn't belong to Ian.

Alvin was confused. If that wasn't Ian, then who was?

He opened eyes and quickly looked up.

And the man, who was standing in front of him, certainly wasn't Ian.

The man in front of him had a light blonde short hair, ice blue eyes and was wearing an orange T-shirt with 'Make Art, Not War' sign on it, and long black jeans. He was in his twenties, Alvin assumed.

Alvin just kept looking at him, bewildered, not knowing what to do. Well, actually there is nothing, what he can do.

The man just smiled.

"Don't worry, lil' fella. I won't hurt you." He said in trustworthy tone. He smiled warmly at Alvin.

Red clad chipmunk just gulped and kept looking at man. His voice was somewhat soft and warm. Totally opposite of Ian's. And his eyes were remembering him so much of Brittany. So trustworthy...

"I know what ya think." Man chuckled. "I'm not going to hurt ya. I promise that. Ya can trust me." He said and looked at trembling Alvin.

Alvin just kept watching him. His heart was telling him to trust this man…but can he? He did trust Ian. And he regrets it! He regrets it so much! But really... This man was looking so trustworthy.

"I know ya can't talk…I read in magazines." He said and sent him a comforting smile. "I know how this is hard for ya. I mean…ya were singing for a whole life and now ya can't even talk…I feel really sorry for ya." Man said and looked at Alvin who just lay down his ears.

Then there was silence…no one spoke for a while.

Alvin thought…but who this man actually is? And what is he doing here? At Ian's?

He quickly confused looked up at man who was watching him the whole time.

The man looked confused but then smiled and smacked his forehead.

"Oh my…I forgot to introduce myself, didn't I?" said smiling. On Alvin's face crawled little smile. That guy is funny.

"Hy, my name is Joe." Said Joe and burst into laughing fit. Alvin couldn't help but smiled ear to ear.

When Joe finally stopped laughing for a while…

"Okay…In case ya didn't notice, I used to be Ian's friend." Muttered Joe and made Alvin frown at that. "But I don't trust him. I told him, that ya can't sing and he just beat ya. I still can't believe that ya were out for a whole week…" said Joe and worriedly looked down at him.

Alvin was just listening, but when Joe said the last part, he froze and quickly looked up confused. Did he just say 'one week'?

Joe noticed Alvin's sudden confusion.

Alvin, still confused, only mouthed 'What'.

"You were unconscious for a whole week! How are you feeling?" asked Joe, in no accent.

Alvin just gulped. He…He was unconscious? For whole week?

That…This mean…?

His eyes went huge, when he thought about his family. He is missing for a whole week!

Alvin felt sudden change of emotions…he was worried…but not only for himself….but for others too. But, he strangely doesn't know why.

Red clad chipmunk only looked down, and slowly shook with head.

Joe understood.

"Where do you feel pain?" he asked, worriedly. He really can't stand, and just look at poor chipmunk in cat cage. He just wishes that Alvin would trust him.

Alvin slowly pointed at his right ankle. He looked up at Joe, who had blank expression on face.

Alvin sighed and closed his eyes.

"He doesn't understand…." Eight inch tall chipmunk though in head.

He tried to stand up, to show Joe, what he means.

Joe just watched him carefully, unknowing what is he doing…or what he should do.

Alvin slowly, tried to stand, and was very successful, but he crashed down on ground, when he put his right foot on ground. He cringed and threw paws around himself. The pain just doesn't want to go away.

Joe this time understood.

"You can't walk?" asked Joe and looked closely at him.

Alvin sighed and shook with head sadly.

"Not even stand?" Joe asked again.

Alvin rolled with eyes and shook with head.

Joe put both his palms on head and sighed.

"How will you then run away?" he more asked than said.

Alvin quickly looked at him.

"Does, he want to help me?" thought Alvin, not believing his ears. But he is Ian's friend…wait! He said that he is not his real friend…does that mean he can trust him?

"I know what are you thinking…but I promise you that I'm nothing like Ian. I want to help you out of here." Joe said and looked around. He only hopes that Ian is not here.

Red clad chipmunk just kept looking at him. He was in such big doubts… His heart was telling him to trust Joe…but what if he was wrong…No, No! He is sure. This time he IS SURE!.

Joe was still looking at Alvin, in hopes; he will make a right decision.

" I promise…I won't hurt you. You can trust me. Please." Pleased Joe. " I only want that you run away from here."

Joe said this and hung down his head.

Alvin smiled and rolled with eyes.

He was looking at Joe who was still looking away from Alvin. He waited…

…and waited…

…and still waited.

Alvin just rolled with eyes, again.

He faked a cough just to gain Joe's attention.

Joe, looked at him and only found Alvin smiling at him.

"So, I guess this means 'yes'" smiled Joe.

Alvin only nodded few times. His eyes sparkled. Maybe he still has a small chance to get out of her. And to find a new friend.

After some time…

"Look, I have a plan." Started Joe. Alvin looked at him, waiting for next part. He listened carefully, not to miss any part. " I will try to…" began Joe but was cut off, by someone…

"Now, now, Joe." Started Ian and walked in room.

Alvin narrowed his eyes and growled. It was a little hard, because of sore throat, but he was SO mad.

Joe, on other hand, gritted with teeth and closed his eyes. He sighed. He hopes that Ian hasn't heard anything.

He slowly turned around to face Ian.

"Didn't I forbid you from talking to this rat?" asked Ian and walked closer to cage.

Alvin backed off a little…his gaze followed Ian, but then he looked at Joe. He was mouthing something to him, while Ian wasn't looking.

"I-I was just checking if everything is okay…he was unconscious for a whole week and I…I was worried…what if something was wrong…h-he was in coma! He can't stand!" said Joe, defending Alvin.

"So?" shrugged Ian.

Alvin just narrowed his eyes. He was frantically looking at Ian.

"Don't you feel bad because of that!" asked Joe loudly.

Ian just looked at him in disbelief.

"Why are you now defending that rat…" he said and leaned down to look at Alvin eye-to-eye. "…that stole everything from me. And now I will stole something from him…but first…I would appreciate if you stop ignoring me!" Shouted Ian and shook cage.

"Stop! Ian! You're hurting him!"yelled Joe. "He can't talk! I told you that!"

"Oh,come on…" sighed Ian. "He is ignoring me…" said Ian "But he will pay for that." Said Ian.

"What! Ian, stop torturing him! He is in enough pain already! He can't talk! Why don't you understand!" yelled, now angry Joe.

Ian turned to him.

"Joe, Joe, Joe…" he shook with head and sighed. "Out."he said calmly and pointed towards doors. "I want to talk to him…"

Said Ian and looked down at trembling Alvin.

"Alone." He smiled evilly.

Alvin gulped. He knew what was going to happen.

"No, Ian. Please" said Joe and looked at Ian. "Stop torturing him. He doesn't deserve it…" he was cut off.

"Oh course he deserve it! Now…out!" he said loudly.


"I said OUT!" shouted Ian and pointed at doors.

Joe turned and started walking. But then he stopped and walked back at Ian, and looked him, with much hate, deep in eyes.

"If you only touch him…I promise it wouldn't be good, for you!" he said and looked at him, with pure hate.

"You wanna say that you don't believe me? Oh come, on. Who do you think, you're talking to?" smiled evilly Ian.

Joe kept looking at Ian, who kept smiling at him, in strange way. He looked at Alvin, who was really scared, and was keep mouthing him, not to go.

'Everything will be okay. I promise that.' Mouthed Joe to Alvin, when Ian turned away.

Alvin nodded, with teary eyes.

Joe hesitated, but turned around and walked towards door…

"So, it left us, only you and me…" said evilly, and somewhat smartly Ian, when Joe left.

Alvin backed off, and growled now he had to cough after that. His throat was still burning. He only wants some water…and food…cheeseballs…toaster waffles…and most important – to be home. In secure and safe place with his family. Not to be here, locked in that stupid cat cage, scared for his life.

"Will you talk?" asked Ian and looked at Alvin with much evilness in eyes.

"Gosh, he is the stupidest human (is he a human? – better – monster) in whole universe!" thought Alvin, and his eyes widened.

"Still don't want to?" asked Ian. "Too bad, cos you know what is the punishment for this behavior." Said Ian and smiled evilly, before unlocked the cage and grabbed Alvin…


So here it is! Chapter twenty of Threequel. Poor Alvin! I want to kill that monster! J-Just look, what Ian is doing to him! But, will Joe help him? Did Joe earn Alvin's trust? Is he a good guy? What is about to happen in next chapter? I can tell you only that, there will be one unexpected twist…So, keep reading.