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Chapter 25 - Flying From The Nest


Five-year-old John awoke to the feeling of George slobbering all over his face, purring contentedly. He sat up, petting the alien cat dog as he checked the clock - 8am. Perfect.

He set his teddy down on the pillows and clambered out of bed, and made his way to the door, sneaking out and across the corridor into Rose's room. He quietly pushed open the door and tiptoed inside, over to the bed where the child Rose was sleeping. He shook her gently and she blearily opened her eyes, dazed.

"It's 8am!" John said excitedly, grinning from ear-to-ear. Rose was up in an instant, the both of them sneaking out the door together, hand in hand into the living room.

John stopped Rose, peeking over at Jack lying snoring on the sofa, arms and legs splayed under a duvet that was intended for a double bed. John turned to Rose, putting his finger on his lips and slipping into the kitchen. He returned moment later with a glass of water, still grinning widely as he tiptoed forward, clasping Rose's hand.

They arrived next to the sofa, Jack still snoring at a severe decibel level with no signs of stirring.

"Ready?" John whispered to Rose, who nodded happily. "3... 2... 1..."

"RAAAAAAAARGGGGH!" both children screamed as John threw the water over Jack's face. Jack bolted upright, screaming in shock.

"AGH! AGH!" Jack yelled, throwing off the cover and jumping onto both feet. He was plainly panicking as he spun around in alarm, trying to find the source of the commotion...

Then he saw them.

"Why you little...!"

John and Rose bolted back across the living room whilst in the midst of laughter, running hand-in-hand into John's room where the door slammed shut, leaving a very stunned Jack standing in the middle of the living room.

Week One

"Ah! Ah!"

Eleven-year-old John awoke to the feeling of George slobbering all over his face, purring contentedly. He petted George for a moment, listening intently for the sound of anyone else awake in the flat.

Sure enough, Jackie was apparently awake, making a racket in the kitchen. John hoped she wasn't about to call him. Not yet. He wanted to lie in...

"John!" Jackie yelled moments later. "Breakfast is nearly ready!"

John quickly jumped out of bed, pulling on his clothes and almost running out the door so Jackie wouldn't get mad at him. He arrived in the kitchen to find Jack and Jackie already eating waffles. He grabbed a plate and some waffles, practically drowning them in maple syrup.

"That's not healthy for you, y'know love," Jackie said gently. "You'll get big spots on your face!"

John's spoon stopped halfway to his mouth, staring at her in disbelief. "Really?" he asked, his voice suddenly dropping an octave midway through the sentence.

Jack smirked. "Someone's reached puberty!" he said, laughing.

"What?" John quite literally squeaked.

"Oh, my little boy's growing up!" Jackie said in a 'that's so adorable!' voice as she clapped her hands together, moving to press a kiss to his forehead. "They grow up so fast!"

Jack couldn't quite work out whether she was joking or not.

Week Two

"Hey, hey, what...?"

Seventeen-year-old John awoke to the feeling of George slobbering all over his face, purring contentedly. He checked the clock next to the bed - 8am. With a sigh he pushed George off of his face and turned back over, pulling the covers over his head before quickly sinking back into the land of nod.

It wasn't long before Jackie started making her morning cutlery symphony in the kitchen, singing joyful tunes and clashing mugs and washing dishes. It didn't take long for John to wake up again, groaning as he realised she was the reason for it.

"John! John!" she suddenly shrieked for outside his door. "Get up!"

He blinked to try and clear his vision, looking down at the piles of clothes next to his bed. There he spotted something small and silver, and stretched out to reach it. He grasped it in one hand. He'd found it in Rose's bedroom and thought it looked pretty neat, and she said he could borrow it.

Sticking in the earphones he took the iPod off of hold, putting it on shuffle before putting the volume to maximum. He flopped back down exhaustedly onto the pillows, spread-eagled as the sounds of The Prodigy filled his ears and he fell back asleep.

Week Three

"Not now..."

25-year-old John awoke to the feeling of George slobbering all over his face, purring contentedly. Turning his head he sleepily looked at the bedside clock - 8am. Yawning widely he sat up, stroking George for a few moments before he finally got out of bed and got dressed, ready for the day. He found Jackie in the kitchen, evidently preparing a full English breakfast as various dinvine smells wafted up his nose.

"Morning," John said, waving.

"How did you sleep?" she asked, smiling in return.

"Like a log, thanks," John replied, pulling himself a mug down from the hooks.

"I'll finish that off, love," Jackie said, taking over for him. "Can you go wake Jack and Rose up?"

John stared at her. "After last time? He chased me and Rose with broom for twenty minutes."

"Well you were young," Jackie replied, still smiling as she ruffled his hair. He gave her an indignant look, patting down his hair before turning and making his way to Rose's bedroom.

He gently rapped on the door, waiting for a response. He got none. He tried again. Nothing.


Utter silence.

"Rose, I'm coming in, okay?" he said, and opened the door. Restored back to her nineteen-year-old self Rose was practically drowned in her own cover, her blonde hair splayed out on the pillow as she quietly slept. He moved forward, perching on the bed and shaking her shoulder gently.

"Rose, wake up," he called gently, and slowly but surely she opened her eyes, gazing up at him.

"Mornin' already?" she asked, yawning.

He nodded. "Breakfast is nearly done. I've got to wake up Jack."

Rose snorted with laughter. "Good luck with that."

Pretty soon all four were gathered around the television eating breakfast, drinking tea and watching the early morning news. The headline today was the announcement of the cure for people affected by the 'volcanic gases' - Rose noticed that UNIT were efficient. Within three weeks they had diluted all the egesta and had it shipped out to every Medical establishment across the world for a free cure to the effect of the "gases". The best thing was, no one could be aged to more than they were before. Rose was back to her normal age, the world was safe, and the Saeculornex were free to feed as they pleased on another planet. It truly seemed like everything was wrapped up.

Well, except one thing, Rose couldn't help but think as she glanced at the youthful Doctor currently being smothered in a hug by Jackie.

But it wouldn't take long to get the Doctor back.

Week Four

"Jack! I told you no! Get off!"

The Doctor awoke to the feeling of something slobbering all over his face, purring contentedly. He blinked in surprise before realising it was actually George, and eventually he managed to recall why exactly why he was lying semi-naked in the spare room of Jackie's flat.

He jumped out of bed practically throwing George three foot into the air, quickly aiming an apology in George's direction before stumbling over to the mirror across the room.

He ran his hands down his face... There he was, sideburns and all. He was him again!

He found his pinstripes and coat lying on the chair and very quickly got dressed, running into the kitchen where Jackie was already up.

"Jackie! I'm me again!" he yelled in delight, bounding forward to hug her tightly. She hugged him back, pressing a kiss to his forehead.

"My little John!" she said happily. "I'll make you your favourite breakfast!"

"Thanks, Jackie!" the Doctor replied, drawing back from the hug. "Are Rose and Jack still asleep?" She nodded. "I'll wake them up."

It was hugs all round as the Doctor revealed to them all he had reached his proper age. They all ate breakfast together, deciding that today would be their last day in the flat before they set sail for brand new worlds. Jackie was miffed, but she couldn't argue - after all, they all have to fly from the nest eventually, right?

They spent the day together cleaning up the house and checking they had everything as Jack and Jackie told Rose and the Doctor stories of their temporary youth, much to their embarrassment and delight. Soon it was time to leave. Jackie was practically in tears as she said good bye to Jack, Rose and the Doctor. Once she had hugged and kissed Rose to death she moved onto the Doctor, hands on hips.

"Have you got everythin'?" she demanded to know.

"Yeah," the Doctor replied, checking his pockets. "Should have."

"Oh this is breakin' my heart!" Jackie exclaimed, brushing him down to get rid of the creases. "You will be careful, right?"

"I'm always careful!" the Doctor answered, laughing as Jackie licked her finger and rubbed off a mark on his face.

"Make sure you come back and visit me!" she said, kissing his forehead and hugging him tightly not letting go for a while as the Doctor accepted her embrace. It was a few minutes before they parted and the three time-travellers and the newest companion, George the cat-dog, made their way into the TARDIS, Jackie waving and crying and blowing her nose into a hanky as she held the teddy John had become very attached to over his stay.

The TARDIS faded out of existence. For a couple of seconds Jackie stood there, staring at the spot it had been before turning to leave.

Suddenly the sound of the TARDIS materialising rang in her ears and she turned in surprise just in time to find the Doctor coming back out of the TARDIS, looking a little lost. His eyes fixed on the teddy in her arms and he shuffled forward, extending his hand.

"Can I... umm..." he paused, trying to find the right words so that he could retain every ounce of his manhood and dignity. "... Have my teddy, please?"

She held the bear out to him, and he took the teddy and hugged it possessively.

"Thanks," he replied and disappeared back into the TARDIS, not quite ready to be a grownup yet.

The End

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