This poem is for my friend Shanowa, she has asked for a poem about Obi-Wan a long time ago… Err, sorry for that!


Always the calm and composed one

A Master in Negotiate, and so says your famous nickname

Although I have to say; that they couldn't make up something more unique is quite a shame

You are Qui-Gon's living legacy

Since that horrible accident with the Federacy

Yes, you had a very hard time

Yet, you pulled through, it was a great climb

With the help of a 9 year old boy

Who fell in love with Padmé, the 'decoy'

First, you didn't like him, now you do

Because of all you both have been through

You can now call yourself a Jedi Knight

But is was so sudden, and covered in the night

Then your struggle, when Anakin was engulfed by his hormones

It has cost you a lot of desperate moans

Currently, he's the Knight and you're the Master

Everything now goes a whole lot faster.

Your haphazard escapes can proudly called 'a miracle, a wonder'

Still, you won't admit that, ever the calm breeze, never the thunder

Although after your tricky tricks, you do end up in the healers quite often

I'm sure they're quite fond of you, when they see you, they soften

Why? Well that's simple; you're their main money-maker

Furthermore, on a lot of planets, you're the peacemaker

While Anakin makes a mess of it behind your back

Follow Yoda's advise, and give him a whack

Probably you won't, you love him too much

Until you end up once again with a crutch

In the Clone Wars, you'll have to fly

You don't like it, especially when it's Anakin. You even wonder if he's still your ally

After that, you need rest, and maybe a cup of tea?

Yeah, I think on that you would agree

In your life, you've had many losses, and they still haunt you

Qui-Gon, Cerasi, Siri, they're something you can't subdue

What can I say more?

You're the perfect Jedi to the core

Except for one thing, and it became your end

You loved Anakin, your best friend

You didn't saw his mistakes, or his love for Padmé

Well, you did interfere, but only to one degree

Oh, and the biggest one of all:

Palpatine, the big gall

Now you know, but it's too late

Your dear Padawan was all the time used as bait

For a greater thing; Darth Vader

Still, you couldn't kill him, not even Yoda, the persuader

Not only you, but the Galaxy paid dearly for that action

It has lead to a chain reaction

Not that you could help it all, of course

You're only one source

For the fall and rise of the Empire

The conclusion; you had a hard life full suffering, but you never let fall your Jedi attire

Tadaaa! Hope you like it!