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Chapter Twelve



It was beautiful.

It wasn't massive but it was definitely a house large enough for a few kids. It was in a very good neighborhood and Kenta would actually be attending the private school there. Hinata hadn't wanted to go that far but Sasuke had insisted, he wanted the boy to have the best. She loved how he really tried to dote on Kenta, how he tried to give him the life he had wanted as a child. The two boys had a very strong bond that only grew with each passing day.

Inside the house had a rather 'cabin-ish' feel to it, with their furniture and everything else it would look and feel just as homey and cozy as her other little house had. There were three bathrooms, one upstairs, one downstairs and one in the master bedroom. The movers would be by tomorrow but she was…she was so excited and happy. It was a rather expensive home but Sasuke took care of the finances and expensive or not it was what they had both wanted the moment they had stepped inside.

She found him out on the back patio, looking out at their backyard. When he heard her he turned, a brief smile emerged. "Hey." He greeted "Where's Kenta?"

His girlfriend giggled "In his soon-to-be room." She answered "He's so excited by how big it is. He's also looking forward to school, even if he has to wear a uniform." He held out his hand for her and she closed the distance between them. Putting an arm around her shoulders he looked down at her briefly.

"Wanna get a dog?" Hinata blinked up at his rather random question. A dog?

"Um…I guess?" she tilted her head "I thought you didn't like animals."

A small blush graced his features and Hinata giggled, realizing what was going on "Kenta wants a dog, doesn't he?"

Turning his head away from her he put his other hand in his pocket "Yeah. I mean, it's not like the back yard isn't big enough or anything. And it doesn't have to be a huge dog."

She put her arms around his middle "Are you trying to convince yourself or me?" she asked, her smile bright "You don't have to talk me into it, I'm fine with having a dog."

There was a small grunt from him but he didn't say anything else. She loved how shy he could be when it came to things like this; personal, family things. Family. It was still so difficult for her to believe that the three of them would be living in this beautiful home. There was one thing that had her confused.

"It's not that I don't love the house," she looked up at him when he gave her an inquisitive look "but I mean…why four bedrooms? I-I mean if it's j-just going to be the three of us…"

"Maybe one day I won't want it to be just the three of us." He said blandly, as if he didn't care one way or the other. With a small sigh he looked straight ahead "I'm already technically a father right? Besides, I think Kenta would like having a sibling or two one day."

His confession socked her. He wanted to…have children with her? Perhaps not now but he actually wanted that? This was a huge change from when he had first brought up them purchasing a house almost six months ago. Resting her head against him she put a hand on his chest.

"That would be nice." She admitted. "I…I always have wanted to have a child, even though I had Kenta. You would think since I took him at a young age I wouldn't ever want to have children but –"

"Hinata." He cut her off and she looked up at him. His gaze was intense and she found herself feeling a little worried. Was something wrong? He looked so serious. "Marry me."

She blinked at him rapidly a few times. "What?"

Nervously, he put a hand through his hair "Look, I know back then I said I felt weird about marriage but I took this time with us looking for a house to really think about what I wanted. We're going to be living together. We're going to be a family. I actually want to have kids with you. I love you and Kenta and the only thing that had been keeping me back was fear. I don't like being afraid. I actually decided I'd ask you a month after we decided to move in together but I wanted to wait until we actually had the house to ask." He looked very uncomfortable "I know you're not really into fancy jewelry but…" he pulled out a small black velvet box, opening it to reveal a simple diamond ring. His discomfort increased but he looked at her "Marry me, Hinata." He said again "You're the only woman I've actually held real feelings for, there's no one else."

Still stunned, she could only look up at him as he nervously placed the ring on her finger. Blushing, she tried to form words but she felt her throat close up and her eyes water. So instead she merely nodded and buried her face in his chest. She felt all of the tension in him drop as he put his arms around her. Then he kissed her, short but passionate, looking at her.

"Did she say yes?"

Pale eyes flew up to her new fiancé as he shot the sliding door a glare, smirking slightly "You were supposed to wait till I said something, brat."

The boy rushed out, slamming into the adults' legs as he tried to hug them. He gave his mother those huge doe-like eyes children were so good at imitating "Did you say yes, mom?" when she nodded he looked up at Sasuke "See? I told you she'd say yes." The older man gave the boy a mock glare.

"You're lucky I like you," he said, poking the boy's forehead. Kenta made a small noise and rubbed the spot "Oh yeah, she said we could get a dog too."

We? Hinata smiled, he made it sound as if they had been conspiring against her. Well, if it was going to be like this she wouldn't mind it at all.

"Really?" the boy's eyes widened "We really can? I promise I'll take good care of it."

"I think having a dog would be wonderful." She told her little boy "Are there any more conspiracies I should know about?" she sounded amused.

"Well," Kenta began matter-of-factly "Dad's been talking about me getting sib –"

Putting a hand over the child's mouth, Sasuke lifted the boy over his shoulder "You talk too much." He told the boy who was giggling "I told you I gotta work on her about that one. Stuff like that takes time."

Hinata watched as he placed the boy down and crossed his arms when a million questions at once came out of the boy's mouth. Her eyes warmed as she listened to the low pitch of his voice as he answered the child's questions, his love for the boy obvious in those dark eyes of his.

Slowly, she put a hand over her stomach. Well, at least he wouldn't be upset when she finally told him…but she'll wait until tonight for that revelation; there had been enough pleasant surprises already.