Former Firelord Ozai Was alone in his cell when the guard bought him food the same terrible slop he had had for the past three months.

"You dare treat the phoenix King in this manner!" He yelled at the guard.

The guard looked at Ozai took off his helmit revealing five vertical scars.

"I got these scars while I was with the fourth," The guard said. "My brothers were not nearly that lucky and I assure you the other guards have even more reason to hate you." Then he heard the sound of a loud comotion comming from the cell block entrance. The guard put his helmit back on and grabbed his spear. The door burst open two other guards fell down infront of the attackers, a group of four people dressed in black robes, the first one, an increadably beautiful women, lept at him he speared her through the heart. Foot long claws grew from her finger tips and she drove them into the gap of his armours plate at the shoulder then threw him aside. She then broke the spear in half and pulled it from her chest. She faced Ozai and unlocked his cell door.

"Phoenix King it is time for you to rise from the ashes." She said.

"Who are you?" Ozai asked.

"I have many names," She answered. "But you may call me Seline."