Aang was nervous he had been pouring over the scrolls at Ba Sing Se university for days and still found nothing to reference the two empire's from his dream.

"Aang," Katara said. "You have been looking over these scrolls and tomes for weeks. I don't think places called Reight or Rome exist."

"But they have too, If I don't figure out the meaning to this nightmare I'll go crazy" Aang said as he opened another scroll and read it over furiously then paused. "What language is this one even in?" The beleaguered librarian, an old man with a long white beard took the opportunity to check the scroll and clean up a little.

"That scroll is written in Sanskrit," The librarian said. "It is an obscure and ancient dialect that very few people are able to read."

"Can you?" Aang asked.

"I'm afraid not," The Librarian answered. "Now please be more careful many of these scrolls are antiques and very fragile."

"I'm sorry it's just I need to find out what I can about that symbol those circles and that poem." Aang said.

"Poem?" A women said from behind them. "What poem?"

Aang, Katara and the librarian looked back and saw the most sensually beautiful woman, She had long cinnamon brown hair and deep green eyes she was wearing the clothes of a state official. The librarian was shocked to the point that he couldn't even talk.

"Who exactly are you?" Katara said.

"My name is Xingjiao Emo," She explained. "I am the head of the Triad."

"The who?" Katara asked.

"The Triad is a new security and police organization," Xingjiao explained. "We are dedicated to preserving justice, truth and freedom in Ba Sing Se. I came here bringing news that I thought would be of interest to the Avatar, We have found other surviving airbenders."

Aang looked so happy he couldn't have stopped grinning if his life depended on it. "What where?" he asked excitement filling his voice.

"The other survivor of the massacre was a young girl who hid in the wilderness, she is very old now her only daughter went missing during the war and her grandson unfortunately shows no sign of being able to airbend."

"Oh," Aang said slightly disappointed.

"But her three great-granddaughter's all show much promise." Xingjiao explained causing Aang to perk up right away. "We have also discovered an orphan girl who has shown what we think might be talent for airbending but we cannot be sure. They are waiting for you at the Eastern Airtemple."

"Wow other airbenders," Aang said. "This is so increadable, but I need to find out what this dream is about."

"You can't allow your culture to go extinct," Xingjiao said. "I will see to it that all the research you are doing is carried out by my top agents, now run along and teach those airbenders." She started shooing Aang and Katara out the door.

"Wait don't you need to hear what the dream was?" Katara said.

"I'm certain you told the Librarian every thing," Xingjiao said. "He should be more then able to assist me." Aang and Katara left the library and mounted Appa to head to the Eastern Airtemple.

"Would you like me to tell you what they were looking for?" The librarian asked with a goofy grin on his face.

"Actually," Xingjiao said as she looked him in the eye and her own eyes started to sparkle. "I would consider it a great favour if you would forget that this ever happened."

"Okay," The librarian said unable to stop grinning.

Xingjiao left the library waited until she was alone then took a small radio out of her robes. "Agent twelve calling command," She said into her radio.

"Go ahead twelve." the voice on the other end said.

"The avatar had been sent to his students to distract him from world affairs as planned, but I have new information." She answered

"Proceed," the person on the other end said.

"He is dreaming of the poem that Dragon Knights used to say when warning people of the Emperor."

"This information will be passed on to the Director, continue to place or own people in key positions in the city. Over and Out."

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