Story Our story begins in the wonderful world of Brooklyn. A city where tall buildings reach from the toxic rivers to the polluted skies. A city of charm, and horrific traffic jams. A city of crime, violence, and……… leaky pipes. Which is where our heroes enter…...


"Got the mail!" shouted Mario as he entered their apartment/office.

"Ah, I never get the mail," grumbled Luigi. "Let alone any letters."

But Mario wasn't listening. As he went through the mail, he called each one out loud. "Bill, Bill, catalog, Bill, Bill, Bill…… ." He stopped suddenly.

"Man, if Bill writes to you anymore...whassup, Mario?"

Mario, looking rather pale, said, "You've got mail."

"WHOOOHOOO!!! Oh yeah!! Who's the plumber? Come on, who is the plumber? BYOB: bring your own boo-yeah!!!" Mario didn't answer.

"Sheesh, there's nothing like brothers celebrating together. Whats up with you?"

Mario gulped. "It's from the… National Bureau of Plumbing."


Mario handed the letter to Luigi, who only opened it quickly. His eyes scanned the sheet, then his eyes rolled back and he fainted on the floor.

"My brother: the wimp," mumbled Mario as he picked up the fallen letter and read:

From The National Bureau of Plumbing

Dear Sir,

Your request to be upgraded from apprentice plumber to professional plumber has been denied. We did not receive your grade report and diploma from The Northern School of Plumbing. Do not hold us accountable. In result, you must go back to NSP for your last semester. With this letter we've enclosed your train ticket to NSP and your list of supplies. The term starts next Monday. Enjoy!

Driplessly Yours,

Mr. Rooney Totten

President of the National Bureau of Plumbing

"Oh boy," Mario said as he tried to wake his little brother with a plunger.


Later that Week....

"But I don't want to go back there!"

"Tough nuggets, Weegee! And don't be a whiner! Hurry up and pack."

"But you don't understand! If I get Lieutenant Leaks again, I'll come back with my plunger in two pieces!"

"That's your problem if you get on Leak's dark side," retorted Mario

"Heck, bro, that guy is the dark side!"

"Will you just SHUTUP!?"

At that last statement, Luigi looked hurt, and Mario sighed, mentally kicking himself.

"Look, " he began as Luigi resumed silently packing. "You know you have to go in two days, the letter says so. If you don't, you'll never be a pro plumber. It's just, that, I'll……. I'll miss havin' you around," he said quickly.

"Really?" Luigi looked up, surprised.

"Yeah, well…… I won't have any one to beat at 'Koopapoly', that's all."

Luigi grinned a little. "Thanks Mario. But I still wonder what happened to my diploma. You and I both know that I already graduated from NSP."

"I know, Luigi. They probably just lost it. Let's just finish packing."


That Following Monday...

Mario and Luigi were at the train station bidding their farewells.

"You have everything you need, right?"

"Of course," answered Luigi.

Mario eyed him cautiously.

"No fire-flowers, right?........ Right??"


"You have enough underwear?"


"Sorry, sorry."

The two of them stood awkwardly for awhile, then they embraced.

"Don't worry," said Luigi. "I'm sure when I come back I'll be just as good as you."

"You mean, IF you come back….. "

"Shut up, will ya?"

A train whistle blew shrilly.

"That's yours, little bro."


"So go on already!"

"Right. See ya!" Luigi got on the train.

"I better be seeing more letters from you than Bill!"

"You will!"

"And you better come home with a diploma with your name on it!"

"Sure will!" Luigi grinned.

"Is that a promise?" Mario shouted as he tried to keep up with the moving train.

"Sure is!"


When Luigi arrived at the Northern School of Plumbing, he had a feeling of dejavu, which overcame his recent feelings of love. He had met a girl on the train, who had taken the wrong one by mistake--

[Hey! Butt outta my personal life, buddy!! I oughtta sue…]

Right, sorry, sorry.

Luigi picked up his duffel bag and walked straight to his fate. When he reached the main lobby, he saw a sign that said NEW RECRUITS, but he didn't see anything about returning plumbers. He went to ask the lady at the front desk.

"Excuse me," he started, "I'm a little lost, and--"

"New recruits to the left!" she croaked.

"Uhhh, actually, I'm returning for a semester."

The receptionist looked him up and down. She must have been 100 years old; she had glasses pushed to the end of her nose, and a gaudy drop chain attached. Her hair looked sort of blue, and Luigi felt bad for her husband…… if she even had one.

"Ahh, I see." She finally quipped. "Your kind is over there, at that little door to the right."

"Uh, thanks," Luigi walked away quickly, but he could still feel her piercing eyes staring through him. "Man, this place sure has changed, I miss the old receptionist."

"Me too," said a voice in line. "She was pretty hot, wasn't she? Unless that's her now."

Luigi turned to face the stranger, and found himself looking at a man smoking a cigarette and hadn't shaved in a while. This seemed like the kind of guy who, once you got to know him, would give you wet willies and noogies.

"How ya doin'?" he asked in a thick New York accent. "Name's Riley. Riley Banks. And you are?"

"Luigi Mario."

"Yeeaah, I remember your brother! Still in the plumber business, eh?"

"Umm, yeah, hence my presence."

"HA! Nice vocabulary! I always knew he'd bring you up good!"

The line moved, and Luigi followed the loud Riley into a long hallway where they were assigned rooms and given their class schedules. Luigi looked at his key. "32," he said to himself as he searched for his room. When he walked in, he felt right at home. The dorms were spacious enough, 2 bedrooms with 2 beds in each, a study room, and a bathroom. No sooner had he set his bag down when a man behind him said, "You wanna choose a different bed, bean pole? I've already claimed this one!!"

Luigi turned around and faced the biggest and meanest looking plumber he ever saw. He was tall, even taller than Luigi, and his muscles rippled with power. Obviously he's in good shape, Luigi thought nervously. But raised his eyebrows and got his cool back.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," he said over-apologetically. "I didn't know there were such immature plumbers at this school!" The stranger walked closer, till he and Luigi were face to face. "You'd better watch your step, flunker."

"Takes one to know one," Luigi answered calmly as he stepped into the study room.

Before the stranger had time to answer, a superior addressed Luigi.

"Mario, Luigi!"


"Take your bags to room 13!"

"Yes, sir!" Luigi willingly obliged, ignoring the other plumber's smirk as he left the room. Much as I'd like to stay in here with Mr. Clean, um……no, Luigi thought. At least now I'll have a room without him.

He slowly entered room 13 and his shoulders drooped sadly. It was nasty! The room was twice as small as the previous room. The carpets were moldy, the mattresses had holes, there were cracks in the ceiling where water could leak through.

"What? He screeched. "Leaks in a plumbing academy?! Now I've seen everything." Aside from that, there was an irrepressible stench floating around the room.

"Great," Luigi said as Riley came to greet him. "Unlucky number 13." He heaved a sigh and began to unpack.

**Author's Notes** This was my very first fafiction EVER, for ANYTHING, let alone SMB. So please be kind when reviewing. I know it seems a little stupid. I got some inspiration from one of those SMB Super Shows. Anyway, it should get better. Adios!