Chapter Thirty Two

As the months and years continued, not much changed in the Potter household. The kids got older and much cheekier, more daring and intelligent. Harry and Hermione, but particularly Harry, were astonished by how clever they all were. With regards to both muggle schoolwork and starting to learn how to cope with their magic abilities.

Emma was without a doubt the cleverest of all four Potter children. She could walk by six months old; she was speaking sentences by fourteen months. She even managed to potty train herself within three days. Emma was the absolute spitting image of Hermione in every aspect, apart from her hair which was blonde, but it was still curly. Emma had Hermione's chocolate brown eyes and she had a real desire to read books.

Emma developed into a stunning looking girl; however she was extremely shy and was only really talkative to her parents, her brothers and sister, aswell as the close family friends and her grandparents. She was especially close to her older sister, Lily.

There was around a seven year age gap between the two sisters, yet they were so incredibly close. Harry and Hermione would continually find Lily in her bedroom, with Emma sitting on the bed, and Lily would be brushing Emma's hair and putting it into plaits. They read books together, and read aloud to eachother. They played with their dolls house, dressed up in Hermione's clothes and messed about with the little make-up their mother owned, something Hermione was not too pleased about. The two sisters were also very creative, as together they created their own make believe stories and Lily would often read the stories (as Emma was too shy to do so) to their parent's, brother's and grand-parent's.

As Lily went off to Hogwarts, not long followed by James, Emma and Daniel became persistently upset at losing their older siblings and not seeing them everyday. It was gut wrenchingly painful for Harry and Hermione too.

Emma cried for weeks at missing her sister, who was like her best friend, and also her big brother who she looked up to immensely. Daniel and Emma became even closer during this time; they always had been because Daniel was hardly that much older than his younger sister, yet there were definite differences between their two personalities. They were total opposites, as Daniel hardly had an interest in his studies and was very enthusiastic about his quidditch and muggle sports, just like his older brother James.

Lily had come to like quidditch a lot more, she did play family quidditch matches with her dad, brothers, the Weasley's and Lupin's family, but she preferred to stay on the ground and watch with her mother and sister. Completely the opposite to Emma who would never get on a broom, she was too scared, just like Hermione.

Hermione was continuing to write books for Hogwarts year groups, which was brilliant as Harry had now quit his job as Head Auror at the Ministry, and was currently working as Defence against the Dark Arts teacher in Hogwarts.

He was by far Hogwarts's favourite teacher, as Harry was so easy going and friendly, yet he got great homework and exam results from his students. This showed Harry that he must be doing something right.

The kids did poke fun at the fact that Harry was teaching from the very books his own wife had written, and the students found it even funnier when Harry was teaching his own children in the classrooms whilst using Hermione's books.

Harry found the funny side to this aswell, and did make jokes about it to his students. Harry was glad he could see his children everyday in school aswell, to check on how they were doing, mainly to clear Hermione's mind of any worry. This was extremely evident when all four of the kids had left for Hogwarts and Harry and Hermione found themselves to be on their own in the house.

The two of them were glad to hear that all four siblings were looking out for eachother during their time at Hogwarts. James and Daniel in particular were very protective of their baby sister Emma who was still very shy and insecure around people. The four Potter children had, expectantly, got some hassle and problems (as they were of course the children of the infamous Harry and Hermione Potter).

Harry was so glad to be a teacher at this time, as he could sort out a lot of the problems, and he was there to help out all four children, but in particular Emma, whenever they felt ostracised or lonely. Emma was always his special baby girl. Lily was very independent and was still a daddy's girl, yet Emma was still so vulnerable and nervous and she just wanted to be comforted by her father and mother.

Lily had stayed on to do an eighth year in Hogwarts (which had never occurred in the school's history, until now) as she had passed all her NEWT exams with flying colours, and the other optional subjects that she had not taken for her NEWT's, she wanted to do too. So essentially Lily was taking every class at the highest level that was available in Hogwarts, which was just remarkable. This also gave Lily chance to spend more time with Emma as her younger sister was just starting her first year at Hogwarts. Lily was still Emma's best friend and their sisterly bond just kept on growing from strength to strength.

Harry and Hermione also had to deal with the issue of Lily, James, Daniel and Emma becoming moody teenagers and getting boyfriends and girlfriends for the first time. Harry was extremely protective over Lily and Emma; although after a while Hermione eventually persuaded him to not be so protective and to let the kids get on with their lives and to learn from their own mistakes.

Unsurprisingly, over the many years of all the kids in the Weasley, Potter and Lupin families spending so much time together, it did generate feelings between some of them as adolescence kicked in.

Victoire Weasley was dating Teddy Lupin in the later years of Hogwarts.

James Potter fell for Ron and Luna's only daughter, and youngest child, Ella. James was almost two years older than the Weasley girl but this did not bother them in the slightest. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last longer than three months. The two of them knew that it could no longer work, and they just continued to stay very good friends.

Remarkably, the biggest romance and most shocking, to come from the clan was between Lily Potter and Artie Weasley who were in the same year and same house (Gryffindor of course) together.

They had been the best of friends ever since they were little. And Harry and Hermione, and Ron and Luna for that matter, were beyond surprised at seeing their two children falling deeply for one another in their second year of Hogwarts. Lily and Artie continued to date for the remaining years of Hogwarts and became inseparable. Even when Artie left after doing his NEWT's and Lily continued to stay on for another year, they kept their relationship going by numerous visits and writing letters continually.

When Lily finally left Hogwarts after gaining high grades in all her exams, she returned home to Harry and Hermione, and Artie continued to stay with his parents, yet they still saw eachother on a daily basis.

James Potter was the lothario of Hogwarts and went out with numerous girls during his time in Hogwarts, but never seemed to commit long enough to any of his relationships. He went on to become a very successful seeker in Gryffindor (something Harry was extremely proud of) and even though his studies weren't to a standard as high as his older sister, he still did very well.

Daniel became Keeper for the Gryffindor team and was very good as he had very quick reflexes, and the two Potter brothers worked magically (pardon the pun) together on the quidditch pitch. Daniel's grades in school were not up to the benchmark set by his older siblings, as academics were not his strong point; he was much more interested in his quidditch.

The two Potter brothers always caused trouble in school; they were coming to match that of the Weasley twins. Fred and George had been influencing the two boys too much; and when Hermione found out she was not at all pleased, and did not send her son's cookies for a whole three months as a punishment.

Emma had a troubled time through her Hogwarts years; her only true friends were her sister, brothers, the Weasley kid's and Teddy. All her other friends did not stay friends for that long. Emma's studies and academic capabilities were beyond extraordinary, and she excelled at every single subject available. Professor McGonagall had been stunned by Lily's achievements, but was even more astounded by that of Emma's. Emma never failed a test and got full marks most of the time. Many students envied Emma because of this, which explained her lack of stable friendships with other people outside the close nit family group.

Emma was indeed a beautiful girl, her blonde hair turned a light brown by her mid teens and she attracted a lot of attention from the boys. She was the ultimate package; she had the brains and the beauty. However, Emma was still insecure about her looks (like she had been all her life) and she was very sceptical about relationships. It was not until her 5th year that she opened up her heart to Christopher Weasley.

As the decades grew on, all four of the Potter children got married and had children of their own. Lily and Artie's marriage five years after Hogwarts, brought the Potter and Weasley families together properly for the first time. Three children followed within ten years of the marriage. Just sealing the link between the now joint large family.

Emma and Christopher married when they were thirty years old and had a daughter, Chloe. Lily became an extremely successful Healer in St Mungos hospital, finding cures for wizarding illnesses and curses (inspired by wanting to find an antidote to cure the spell that had caused her father's two month coma, nearly two decades previously).

Emma followed in her mother's footsteps and became a successful writer, but Emma steered away from academic books and divulged her writing talents into awe-inspiring fictional stories.

James became a successful Auror, just like his dad, and Daniel became a thriving keeper for various quidditch teams, the two brother's each married other people outside the Weasley family, and both lived contented lives with their spouses and each went on to have a son and a daughter.

As Harry and Hermione's lives progressed, their marriage became even stronger and the love they felt for eachother still burned brightly. They continued to be as they always were, and enjoyed eachother's company even more so as they grew older and as each year went by.

They had successfully raised four children who had now all left home, and were living their own lives. Yet Harry and Hermione continued to live in the same house, Potter's Place, but they were never short of company as they had eight grandchildren to fuss over. Harry and Hermione always thought that having grand-children would make them feel really old, but the two of them ultimately laughed it off, as they were both lucky enough to still be fit and healthy enough to do everything with them.

The four Potter children still came to Harry and Hermione for advice on a regular basis, and the two of them saw at least one of their children, everyday. They were still a close nit family. David and Joanna had now become great-grandparents and had retired from their dental practice and sold it on, thus allowing them to spend more time at Potter's Place. Something Harry and Hermione were only too happy to let them do.

Harry Potter's life was always a very hectic one. His job could be quite stressful at times, as he was still teaching very cheeky kids at well past the age of fifty. He had two beautiful daughters, two amazing sons and eight wonderful grand-children which kept him and Hermione busy all the time.

It definitely was difficult sometimes to juggle all that the world threw at him. However, none of this worried Harry in the slightest. Essentially because he knew that however hard life was, he always had Hermione to come home to.

Hermione would be there to comfort him, to listen, to love and be a tremendous support; even though she was the one who, admittedly, did the majority of the work of keeping everything going as it should be, without hardly any complaint.

Harry gave a chuckle to himself.

Some things never change, and do you know something?

They never did.


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