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Chapter One: Party at a Rich Dude's House

"Come on Lils, please,"

"Oliver, I already said I don't feel up to it," I told him as he came over to sit beside me on the bed.

"Lilly, you haven't left the house for weeks now, except for school. You need to get over him – he was a dick anyway. A party's just what you need to clear your head,"

"Clear my head? By getting blind drunk? Yeah that'll give me some real clarity, Oliver,"

"You don't have to get drunk Lilly, just have a good time… maybe even a little harmless flirting to show Lucas how stupid he was. Come on Lils, I hate seeing you like this,"

"Okay fine. But only to shut you up," I reluctantly agreed and got to my feet. Oliver stood too; clearly satisfied he'd managed to win a fight with me.

"Hey, I don't care about the reason – I just want you to stop being a morbid bitch," he grinned which quickly turned into a grimace as I punched his arm. "Hey, that's no way to treat your best friend,"

"It's exactly how to treat a guy though," I chuckled dryly as I grabbed a towel out of the cupboard.

"That may be but not all of us are complete tossers like Lucas. All the nice guys get ignored because girls are attracted to the bad guys who'll break their heart and then they go complain that there are no nice guys in the world. Sucks to be me these days,"

"Yep… girls can act pathetic sometimes,"

"I didn't mean you," he said, "I just meant in general,"

"I know. Go get something to eat downstairs if you want, I'll be down in about half an hour," I told him before heading into my bathroom and closing the door. I took a deep breath before getting into the shower – I knew I needed to go out at some point and I deserved a good time but I had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach that something big was going to happen tonight.

"Ready?" I asked as I jumped the last few steps of the staircase making Oliver jump.

"Yeah, I…" he stopped mid sentence as he turned to face me.

"What? Have I spilt something?"I asked and quickly checked myself over for whatever had got his attention.

"Nothing. Y-you look … well… hot," he chuckled softly.

"Well you mentioned making Lucas see what he's missing," I grinned as I adjusted my tight black top to show slightly more cleavage.

"No kidding," he laughed before pulling his eyes away and heading to the door.

"Where is this party anyway? Actually, who's party is it?"

"It's at some rich dude's house, up Kensington Street,"

"Kensington? Are you fucking kiddin' me? They won't be having a party it'll be tea and finger sandwiches!" I raised my voice slightly in annoyance.

"Nahh it's not. It's some kid's birthday and it's like a huge thing. My mom's on security – that's how I know about it… plus nearly our whole school was invited anyway,"

"So do they go to our school or something?"

"Apparently… My mom only knows the surname: Stewart, but there's loads of Stewart's and most of them are pretty well off so I can't figure out which one it is,"

"Hmm... guess we'll find out when we get there,"

"Yup. My car or yours?" he asked his hand on the door knob.

"I'm not being the designated driver again – it's less safe than if I were wasted with you throwing up everywhere,"

"Sorry. I want to get drunk though…" he almost whined.

"Cab?" we both said at the same time then laughed. Cab it was.

We pulled up at the gate some twenty minutes later. Security tapped on the window and the cab driver wound it down.

"Name?" said a gruff voice from underneath the security cap.

"Mom, it's me. Let us in,"

"Name," Oliver's mom repeated in that same deep voice. Oliver sighed before giving her our names. She checked them off her clipboard and flicked a switch which swung open the huge iron gates and the cab driver chuckled before heading up the long driveway to the huge house – no, mansion. There were parked limousines on the driveway and I could see people around the outdoor pool across the huge lawn. These were people were ridiculously wealthy.

"Why was your mom using her 'man voice'?" I asked Oliver as we climbed out of the cab and he sighed again.

"It's her 'work voice'," he responded, obviously embarrassed, "She thinks that it'll 'confuse the enemy' or something,"

"Oh… right," I said slamming the door shut and trying to stifle a laugh. "Oh my God!"

"What? What is it?" panicked Oliver. I simply pointed at the huge banner adorning the entrance to the house: 'Happy Birthday Miley!'

"Shit. I shoulda guessed it was that Stewart,"

"Yup," I agreed as I continued to stare at the banner. Miley Stewart. I was at Miley Stewart's house and at her birthday party. Without Oliver's mom getting us in I wouldn't have even known there was a party. The skaters like me and Oliver were hardly best friends with the cheerleaders… we were practically sworn enemies but without the whole murder thing – although I wouldn't put it past a few of the cheerbitches. And Miley was the head cheerleader and therefore was the Queen of the school, dishing out shit just because she could. Brilliant.

"You wanna leave?" asked Oliver, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"We're here now and I did not dress this slutty to sit at home," I said and grabbed his hand, "Come on." I pulled him towards the door and into the house which was simply heaving with people. Bloody hell, he wasn't kidding when he said most of the school was invited. It looked like most of several schools had been invited – minus the skaters and the other minority groups like the goths, emos and nerds. So basically all the people who were here were either 1) a cheerleader, 2) popular, or perhaps most importantly 3) unbelievably hot. After all, the cheerbitches never went anywhere with out a fit guy by their side. And by going by the hierarchy of popularity that would mean the hottest and/or most popular girl has to date the hottest and/or most popular guy in order to keep the whole school in check – and in Sea View High that meant that the 'power couple' was none other than Head Cheerleader Miley Stewart and famous actor Jake Ryan. And there he was being his usual egotistic self, surrounding himself with beautiful girls and his girlfriend nowhere to be seen. Oh well, I wasn't complaining.

"Hey, Oliver! Lilly! Dudes, over here," we heard someone yell and we headed towards the kitchen and to Johnny Collins who shouted us over. The music wasn't as loud in here.

"Hey JC," greeted Oliver giving the boy a high five.

"Hey J," I smiled and fist bumped him.

"How'd you guys get in? Skater's weren't invited,"

"Oliver's mom's on security. So how'd you get in then?" I asked him, a fellow skater.

"My mom and Miley's dad are getting kinda friendly," he shuddered at the final word, "And I thought 'Hey, free booze,'" he laughed and handed Oliver and me a bottle of beer. I took a deep swig of the delicious liquid.

"Sorry about your mom and Mr S dude, that's harsh," Oliver told him.

"It's cool. I mean have you seen this place? I wouldn't mind living here at all,"

"True, it is a pretty sweet crib," I said as I took in the island counter topped with what seemed like hundreds of bottles of alcohol, the huge aga cooker and the other three ovens, the huge double doored fridge… they even had one of those televisions which appeared from under the cupboards.

"Hey Lilly," I heard a familiar voice say. I turned to see Lucas stood with some girl I didn't know from Adam but I immediately hated her. How could I not? The ten inch thick makeup, a skirt which covered no more skin than what a belt would, the orange skin and the bleached blonde hair. Not really someone who strikes you as the intelligent type.

"Hi Lucas, how's it hangin'? Same as usual?" I asked indicating with my finger that it was 'hanging down'. His face was a picture – mixture of anger, fear and utter embarrassment.

"Oooo, burn!" laughed Johnny and Oliver in sync and proceeded to high five each other.

"Y'know Lilly, I was about to come over here and apologise for how things ended with us but you've just made me realise that I made the right decision,"

"Right decision? Since when is shagging some bleach blonde whore the right decision?"

"You wanna say that to my face, bitch?" Said the blonde who took a step towards me.

"Oh is that supposed to scare me?!" I mocked her before focusing back on Lucas, "Y'know what Lucas? You can just go fuck yourself – or anyone else for that matter because I don't care. You are nothing to me. Oh and Blondie, you might want to reconsider who you shag because knowing him, he's probably got every disease going," and with that I turned my back to them. They never responded and after a moment I heard them walk away.

"Nice one, Lilly!" shouted Oliver, clapping me on the back causing me to stumble forward.

"That felt good," I smiled, my voice trembling slightly from the adrenaline which pumped around my body. I hated confrontation even if it did make me feel slightly better.

"Good? Try bloody brilliant!" laughed Johnny, "He's a dick and it's about time someone said something to him."

"I need a drink," I muttered and grabbed my beer and downed the rest of it in a few gulps.

"Take it easy Lils," Oliver said but I dismissed his comment with a wave of my hand.

"I've done what I came here to do and now I wanna forget all about it for at least a couple of hours," I responded as I popped the lid on a can.

"Well alright, just don't do anything stupid," he warned before heading off towards the thumping music.

It didn't take me long to make the room spin. I'd downed several bottles I felt fucking fantastic.

"Dance with me?" I said, swaying slightly on my heels as I placed my hands on the hard muscles of Johnny's chest. I watched in awe as the red blush swept across his face.

"Sure," he nodded furiously. I knew Johnny liked me; he had done for as long as I can remember. I just couldn't see him as more than a friend - don't get me wrong, Johnny was unbelievably attractive, but he just didn't do it for me.

I took his hand which I noticed grew sweaty in my cool palm, and led him into what I presume was the living room but for all intents and purposes it was a dance room tonight. I could feel the music vibrating in my chest and the rhythm of the night was pulling at my body; I needed to move, I needed to dance. I wrapped my hands around Johnny's neck and began swaying my hips slowly and gradually picking up speed as I threw in some other moves. The alcohol was burning through my veins but I still had some control over my body as I turned around and pressed into Johnny. His hands went to my waist and guided my hips in time with his. I closed my eyes and put an arm over my head and snaked my fingers lazily into his hair. I could feel his heart beating – no, racing against my back… or was that just the beat of the music. I couldn't tell, I was getting lost in the movements. I turned back around to face him and opened my eyes. I tried to focus on a stationary object but could find none in the swirl of dancing bodies. Dizziness made me stumble slightly by Johnny kept me up right. I rested my head against that hard chest and saw Lucas dry humping that blonde bitch and I couldn't help the spasm of jealousy which overtook my body.

I watched as Lucas happened to glance my way and grin in his smug little way. I returned the grin and added a wink before I pulled on Johnny's neck and brought the taller boy's lips down to mine. After a moment's initial shock he gladly began moving his hot lips with mine, his hands greedily grasping at my ass. His tongue moved against my bottom lip and I almost reluctantly complied and allowed his hot tongue to wrestle with my own. Despite the intoxication of my senses and my desire to make Lucas jealous… I couldn't help but notice how much I wasn't enjoying this. His hands were too large as they groped at the flesh exposed between my top and jeans. His lips were chapped and his tongue was close to choking me. He seemed to be taking what he wanted from the kiss rather than allowing me much enjoyment. Well… I can't really blame him considering I only initiated the kiss to get what I wanted – payback. I pulled away from that mouth and saw Lucas was staring at us. I winked again and he continued to dry hump the blonde whore although obviously rattled by my show of affection to one of my best friends. Ugh – one of my best friends. I just made out with Johnny Collins – ew. He's like a brother to me.

"Um I need another d-drink," I said as I returned to the kitchen, stumbling along the way. I grabbed whatever was closest and drank it all. Anything to take the taste of him out of my mouth. By the time Johnny came back in to join me, there were two empty bottles beside me.

"Hey," he practically growled as he grabbed my ass, making me jump. "Wanna get out of here?" he asked huskily. I took all of my remaining self control not to throw up at that proposition.

"Um… l-later," was all I managed to say before I escaped back into the madness. Too many people. Too hot. Too loud. I need to escape… too much. I saw the stairs and headed for them, climbing them carefully and avoiding various people who were making out on the steps. It was still full of partying people up here. It was way too hot. I needed to splash my face or something. Bathroom, where's the bathroom?

"Hey are you okay?" I heard someone say and I turned to see Oliver.

"Bathroooooom," I said and started to stumble to one side. Oliver grabbed me.

"How much have you had Lilly?"

"N-nothing muuuch," I said and giggled at how my voice wouldn't obey me.

"Yeah right. I can smell it on your breath anyway. The bathroom's down there," he pointed, "Go sort yourself out,"

"Pfft," I scoffed and I made my way down the corridor to the bathroom. I knocked on the closed door, "Hellooo?" I said happily. My grossed out mood quickly disappearing and being replaced with sheer giddiness. "Helloooooo? Anybody in there? I'll come in anyway… Okey-dokey, don't say I didn't warn you," I laughed before pushing open the door. My laugh quickly disappeared as I saw none other than Miley Stewart sat on the edge of the bath, tears running down her face.

"Um… sorry, I did knock though," I told her before turning to leave.

"No, it's okay. I didn't respond anyway," she said still not looking up as she wiped her eyes.

"Are you… it's a stupid question but are you okay?"

"Sure, of course I am. Why wouldn't I be after I just caught my boyfriend shagging some slut from Derwent High? Why would I come in here and break the fucking lock in my desperation to be cry in peace if I weren't okay?" she managed to spit out before a fresh bout of sobbing shook her body. I looked to the floor and saw the broken lock…

"Um… is there anything I can do?" I asked her. She may be Head Cheerbitch but I couldn't exactly ignore a crying girl… especially not on her birthday.

"No. I just want to be able to cry in peace,"

"Y'know, crying doesn't help. You can't let him know how much you hurt – it only makes him feel more important,"

"I can't help it y'know," she retorted and looked up at me for the first time. "Truscott?"

"Yep," I said and gave her a small wave.

"Hmm… I'd of thought a skater like you would have stood and ridiculed me after finding me in a bathroom crying at my own party," she scoffed.

"Give me some credit at least. I may be a skater but it doesn't define me as a person – I'm still human you know," I retaliated back.

"Sorry. It's what usually seems to happen," she said just before someone burst in to the bathroom brandishing a red cup which spilt its contents as they stumbled through the door. It seemed to go in slow motion as the liquid headed straight for Miley and subsequently drenched her.

"Fuck!" she yelled and stood to her feet, "What's you're problem? Hasn't enough shit happened to me today?" she screamed as more tears fell from her eyes.

The guy just stood there and stared with glazed eyes at what he'd done, not even apologising.

"Hey buddy," I said and he turned to me and I delivered a swift right hook to his jaw and pushed him out of the way. "Come on; let's get you some dry clothes,"

"Why are you being so nice?" she asked after a few moments as she held the wet fabric away from her skin.

"I honestly don't know," I told her, "Come on."

"I can't go out there – look at me. I look awful,"

"No you don't, just wipe the mascara from your cheeks and it'll be fine,"

"But my dress is drenched," she complained.

"Okay fine," I groaned and swiftly whipped off my shirt and held it out to her. "I'll wear the wet dress and you wear this until you can change. Okay?"

"Um… thanks," she said as she proceeded to pull up the fabric of her dress. I turned to face the opposite direction as we switched outfits.

"Ready?" I asked with my hand on the door handle. She nodded and I opened the door and allowed her to lead the way to her room which was up another flight of stairs and at the very end of a very long corridor.

She opened the door to her room and let me go in before closing the door behind her. "I'll be two seconds," she said before heading into her closet. I just nodded as I took in the huge room. It wasn't all pink and princess-y like I would have imagined, it was decorated tastefully in creams and whites with accent colours of reds and turquoises in the curtains and on the sofa which was set against the back wall. Wow… I wish I lived here.

"Um … here," she said startling me. I turned to see her now dressed in a causal t-shirt and jeans and holding out my clothes. I took them and said thanks. "You can change in the closet."

I proceeded into the big walk in wardrobe and took a moment to admire the sheer magnitude to clothing and shoes she had in here. I wonder what her dad does for a living to be able to buy his daughter all these gorgeous things. Once dressed again I headed back into her room to see she was sat on her bed and hugging a large bear as tears fell down her face.

"I guess you're not going back to the party," I said and she simply shook her head. "It's your birthday Miley, you shouldn't have to hide just because you're boyfriend did the dirty on you,"

"Oh please, as if you have any idea how I'm feeling!" she yelled at me.

"Whoa, calm down. As a matter of fact, I know exactly what you're feeling," I retorted and went to sit on the edge of her bed. "You know Lucas? Yeah well I was with him about three months then I found out he'd been shagging another girl behind my back. So you see – I know what it's like. I bet your thinking about what you did wrong to make them want someone else… am I right?"

She nodded and just stared at me as if she couldn't believe that the skater and the Queen of the school actually had something in common.

"Miley!" shouted some nasally girl before the flung open the door, "Someone's pissed in the Dom Pérignon!"

"Not now, Traci!" Miley yelled at her and practically flew across the room to slam the door. She then pushed a chair under the handle to prevent anyone else coming in uninvited. "Okay. So what did you do? About Lucas?"

"To tell the truth I reacted just like you – I cried a hell of a lot and tonight is the first time I've left the house, other than school, in about four weeks,"

"Can't wait," she mumbled.

"I came here thinking I could have a few drinks and maybe flirt a little to get some revenge but… I got bladdered and ended up making out with one of my best friends. That's why I went to the bathroom – to try and calm myself down. Then I saw you and I sobered up,"

"Yeah I was pretty wasted before walking in on Jake," she told me as she looked under her bed for something. "Here we go," she pulled out a bottle of wine and handed it to me before sitting on the bed with her own bottle. "Here's to guy's fucking us over and us drinking to forget," she said holding up her bottle in a toast.

"Here, here," I chuckled and clinked our bottles together before pulling off the top and taking a gulp of the wine.

Fuck. Shit, that's painful, I thought as I opened my eyes a crack. It was way too bright for my eyes and my head felt like it had been steamrolled and then filled with thousands of crickets which were bouncing off of the walls of my brain. Anything louder than my own shallow breathing made my head pound; even the movement of the sheets was too loud. I kept my eyes tightly shut as I swung my legs out of the bed and grimaced at the too-loud nose my feet made as they made contact with the carpet. Oh that's odd… my carpet never normally feels this soft.

I walked slowly and quietly towards my door, my eyes still closed to the painful light of day. I needed to get a drink because my mouth was all fuzzy and tasted like…. I don't know… just not like how my mouth should taste.

"Shit," I cursed then cursed myself internally for being too loud for my own ears. I opened my eyes just a slither and saw the wall in front of me. What the hell? Where was my door? I'd walked in a straight line from my bed to the door like usual so…. Where'd it go? I opened my eyes a bit more and saw the door about a metre away from where I was stood. Who the hell had moved my door and stuck a chair under the handle?

"No," I whispered in disbelief at the thought that ran through my mind. "It can't possibly," I said just as quietly as I turned slowly and saw what I didn't want to see. This wasn't my room. I scoped the unfamiliar room slowly and carefully… racking my memory to try and remember who's room I was in. I couldn't' remember anything from the previous night. I took in the cream rug and stared in disbelief as I acknowledged that the black top on the floor was mine. I glanced down and saw that I was stark naked. How the hell had I missed that? Oh fuck… I'm naked, that means I've shagged someone. I returned my gaze to the rug and saw my other clothes tossed haphazardly alongside someone else's. Wait… there are two bras on the floor and only one is mine.

"Please God, don't let it be a girl. Don't let it be a girl. Don't let it be a girl," I chanted softly before looking at the bed. "Fuck me," I breathed in shock. I couldn't quite see their face but I'd recognise that wavy brunette hair anywhere; Miley Stewart. I'd fucked Miley Stewart. If I were a guy I'd be punching the air but I wasn't so I didn't. I was a girl – a straight girl! And I'd fucked none other than Miley Stewart. Fucking hell.

"What do I do?" I whispered to myself. What could I do? I didn't want to wake her - that confrontation could wait till another time. I crept forward and scooped up my clothes and hastily pulled them on, avoiding the empty wine bottles which had rolled out from under my jeans. Fuck me, I was already wasted beforehand never mind after downing another bottle – no wonder I'd lost all sense and fucked her. Oh god – stop thinking about it Lilly.

I pulled my cell out of my jeans pocket and saw I had several texts from Oliver. The first were concerned with my whereabouts and the last said he was getting a cab and going home. I couldn't complain – I'd have done the same if I couldn't find him but I couldn't help but feel slight resentment at him not coming and finding me before I… before that.

I checked the time: 13:06pm. I'd come to the party last night at about 8ish and here I was only just waking up at one the next fucking afternoon. I quietly edged the chair from under the handle and let myself out. Shit, this house is like a labyrinth, I thought as I finally found the stairs and quietly padded down, my heels held securely in my hands. I found the next set of stairs slightly quicker than the last and paused to look down at what I'd called the 'dance room'. It was a complete and utter tip. There were drinks cans, bottles and cups scattered all over. Bits of random paper on the floor and there was a split cushion with its feathered insides spilling out onto the floor. Wine stains on the sofa and something which looked particularly repulsive seeping out from under the door of the closet. Pure mayhem.


I span around quickly and regretted it immediately when my head felt like it would implode. A middle-aged Latina woman descended the stairs with a mop and bucket in hand. She stood by my side and surveyed the chaos in the room below.

"Dios mío," she said before giving me a brief smile and descending the rest of the stairs and began cleaning up. They have maids? My Spanish was a little rusty but I think she said 'My god' …. But 'Hola' is defiantly hello. My god indeed, I thought as I hurried out of the house and ran towards the gate.

"Hey Mrs Oken," I said as I approached the gate.

"Lilly? What are you still doing here? Oliver said he was heading home about 12 hours ago," she said in her 'work voice' which killed my head.

"Um… I forgot my phone,"

"Okay," she said gruffly before flicking the switch and opening the gate for me. How long was she paid to be here for? Once I was out of sight of Oliver's scary mom I fell to my knees and let those tears fall.

What had I done?

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